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message 1: by Jada (new)

Jada Stuart (JadasArtVision) | 52 comments Mod
What are you reading and do you like it? is it for an assignment or just for fun?

message 2: by Sarah (last edited Jun 16, 2012 05:20AM) (new)

Sarah | 8 comments I just finished the 2nd book in the Skin Hunger series Sacred Scars (AMAZING!) Now I have to go through my reader to see what is next. I need to start Rapture, because I have a weird thing with finishing a series even if it is not my favorite. I am going to the library to pick up the 3rd Gemma Doyle today!

message 3: by Leora (Dances With Books) (last edited Jun 17, 2012 10:19AM) (new)

Leora (Dances With Books) I just finished The Dirty Parts of the Bible. I wasn't too sure about it at first. It was free for the Kindle, so I tried it. I am glad I read it. Really enjoyable. Now I'm on the hunt for what to read next.

message 4: by Jada (new)

Jada Stuart (JadasArtVision) | 52 comments Mod
I'm reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and I love it! :D Very creative and suspensful! I love the historical content, especially the ART! :) Can't wait to read the Da Vinci Code and then the Lost Symbol next.

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