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Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 133 comments Mod

Adults have just disappeared, life as you know has ended.
*cues action*

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 133 comments Mod
While humming along to a favorite tune playing on her Grooveshark page, Helena flipped through a fun sci-fi book(she had already finished her schoolwork for the day) as her mother watched some boring mystery show.
It took her a little while to notice that something was wrong. Her laptop was quiet, but she just assumed that Grooveshark was being glitchy or her laptop was being slow. But when she realized that the tv wasn't making any noise but static and she couldn't hear the sounds of her mom tapping away on the keyboard, she looked away from her book. Her lovely, safe book. So much better than reality.
The first thing she noticed was her laptop screen showing that there was some sort of error connecting to the internet. The next thing she noticed was the room as a whole. The buzzing, staticy tv on the wall with the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, the stack of books by the empty, plump black couch, the dark blue curtains covering the bay windows, and her lovely Black Russian Terrier running around the room and looking somehow confused.
"Come here, Circe." Helena leaned over and grabbed her dog gently by the collar. "What's wrong, girl?" She asked the dog and gave it an affectionate pet. "Let's go find mom."
Tossing her book to the side, she got up and turned off the television. With the soft padding of Circe's footsteps following her she made her way through the house. "Mom?"
Nothing but silence replied to her. Where could her mom had gone? She probably just missed her wander off... maybe she had to go somewhere?
"Come on, Circe." Helena crossed the dining room and walked back into the living room, crossing the soft carpet to get to the spot on the couch her mom always seemed to claim.
Worry started to creep in when she noticed the phone on the couch and the laptop running with the pages still open and not saved. That was so not something her mom would do if she were planning to go anywhere. "Mom?" She called out once more, uncertainly. When nothing but silence replied again, panic started to creep in.
She found herself gripping her mom's phone and typing in the password to check past calls and the calendar. No... nothing recent enough. Where was she?
Just as she started shutting off the phone, she noticed that it didn't have any coverage at all. No cell phones? They always could call people in their house with the cell phone!
Normally Helena was a very calm, understanding, level-headed person. Normally she could think things out. She rarely freaked out over anything. Very little upset her. But something... something was wrong. Something had happened, and the shock of it gripped her with a cold, dark fear.
Panic sent her sprinting towards the door. She bolted out and stopped abruptly at the sight of a car drifting along slowly with no driver, and a car wreck at the end of the road by the stop sign. Someone's baby stroller lay abandoned in the middle of the crosswalk, the baby left crying inside.
A part of her recognized the stroller as belonging to her neighbor. No way on earth would that stern lady leave her baby in the middle of the road like that. Forcing her mind to block out the fear and panic swelling up in her, she pulled the cart out of the road and set it in the shade. She'd get back to it....
For now, she needed to see what was going on elsewhere. Something was very, very wrong, and she wanted to find out what.
With a quick call for Circe to catch up, she sprinted off towards the town hall. That would be where more answers could be found, right? Maybe? Hopefully?

Glinda the Gallifreyan Elizabeth sighed as she heard little Claire crying again. Bending over to pick her up, it only took a couple of moments before she inhaled and knew someone needed a diaper change. Again, for the second time in the past hour and a half. Elli sat her down on the changing table as she went on the quest for more diapers-- they had just ran out with the last time Claire went. There weren't any diapers in the usual spots, so she went to look for the woman who was in charge here. "Olya? Olya?" Elli called out. Odd, she thought to herself, knowing that Olya would've responded. Elli would've searched harder if only she hadn't been drawn back by a chorus of cries back in the main room. Seeing a package of diapers on top of one of the cabinets where she couldn't see it before, she grabbed that on her way back to Claire. Hopefully Olya will turn back up. I don't want to be the only one trying to calm all these kids...

message 4: by Leonela (new)

Leonela Serrano (leonela_serrano) | 4 comments Amethyst held her baby sister, Crystal, next to while trying to warm her bottle. Crystal kept crying and whining. Amethyst had enough of it and set her in her baby playpen and gave her her favorite toy, Marty the elephant. Crystal stopped crying and began to chew on Marty's head.
Amethyst turned around and put the bottle in the mircowave. 1 and 1/2 half later the mircrowave beeped and she grabbed the bottle. Spilling a little onto her wrist she grabbed Crystal and walked into the living room with her. She moved Crystal to her feeding position and put the bottle in her mouth. Amethyst grabbed her iPhone from the coffee table and unlocked it. She had a new text from her friend Maylee.
Soo ready for the sleepover 2nite??? She decided that she would reply after she asked her mom.
Amethyst felt Crystal fall asleep in her arms and took the bottle out of her mouth.
"Shh." She said while putting the baby on the couch. Amethyst walked into the kitchen and poured the rest of the milk down the drain. She washed out the milk left over on the sides and put it to dry.
Feeling tired she grabbed Crystal and carried her up to her room. Inside, Amethyst laid down on her bed and put Crystal next to her. She glanced at her alarm clock seeing that her mom would come back in 3 hours. She pulled the duvet up and feel into the deep abyss of sleep, something she had lacked at for the past week.

message 5: by Lyndsey (new)

Lyndsey ((Are we starting before the Fayz, or after?))

Glinda the Gallifreyan ((The adults just poofed, if that helps at all. =] ))

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod

Perfect... Silence.

As hard as Shane tried to listen, that was all he could hear. Aside from his own breathing, a heartbeat that was starting to pick up and his footsteps crunching the graveled asphalt of the highway, there was absolutely nothing. It seemed like the birds had stopped chirping, the insects had stopped buzzing. As if everything had just shut up for once... Waiting.

Mom and Dad are just playing a prank. He tried to reason with himself. Like the one time on the Savannah, when they ducked into the long grass and made him hunt for them. Sure, it hadn't taken more than 5 minutes for his mom to burst out laughing and give them away, but it had already been 3. There was nowhere to hide out here in the hilly roadside, and he had only looked away from them for a minute... No. Not even thirty seconds. What had happened? Where are they?

It wasn't long until he saw a car. Shane couldn't tell if someone was in the vehicle or not, so he broke into a jog towards it, waving. There was no indication that the driver had noticed him, but the car wasn't reversing either, so that was a good sign. Maybe I can hitchhike back to town? Maybe that's what Mom and Dad did, I just didn't hear them... His stomach began to sink. There was no way that would happen, his parents wouldn't just abandon him completely. Could they still be back at the campsite? He wondered, nervousness starting to make him itch. He wanted to run, but he knew he had to conserve stamina. He was still a ways away from town. For now, he could just focus on a short-term goal.

Shane didn't stop when he didn't see someone in the car. He didn't even make a sound. He just followed suit of the silence and walked on. As he neared the green Volkswagen Van, however, he could tell a lot of things.

The engine was running.
The radio was on, playing static.
There was a drink in the cup holder.
There was a woman's wallet in the other.
There was no indication of them to have left.

He felt sick as he opened the door to the car. Predictably unlocked. The keys were still in the ignition, and when he put his palm against the seat, there was a lingering warmth. And it wasn't from the sun.

Shane's head was empty as he got in the driver's seat. No, he didn't have a permit. But he did know how to drive. Shutting the door securely and buckling up, he lightly tapped the gas and shuddered when the wheels revved in return. ...Gotta get back to town. There's gotta be... Somebody around, right? He thought, pulling off the road and turning around before flooring it.


Zachary was furious.

No... Not furious. Beyond furious.

He was terrified.

With a stick, the five year old was hastily scratching in the dirt, his chocolate brown eyes wide with fear and anxiety. The rest of the children in the park were oblivious. But he was completely aware.

There was a circle. A line was drawn from the edge of the circle, and then crossed through a little less than half way down. Two lines branched out shortly from the end of the line, and a smiley face was drawn in the circle. "Daddy". Next to it, another circle and smiley face. Some lines curled down out from either end of the circle, and then there was another line. Yet again, a line crossed through a little less than half way down the line, and two more lines branched out from the end, their ends connected by another line. "Mommy".

Two large X's were drawn through the figures.

Horrified, Zachary dropped the stick. He was nonplussed. He didn't know what to think at such a young age, with such a feeble mind. He understood exactly what he had drawn. He understood exactly what he had written. And he understood exactly what it meant. He raised his head from the dirt patch he called his drawing board, scanning the edge of the park. The two nice young people who had been sitting on a bench together peacefully. Gone. The girl's colorful knitted hat remained on the seat. The kind old lady who had been feeding the birds. Gone. The bag of breadcrumbs had landed on the pavement as if unwanted, spilling its contents in a heap.The daddy who had been pushing his daughter on the swing. Gone. She swung happily, not noticing the lack of hands on her back as she swung on her perch.

His parents, who had been watching him from afar from another bench.

Gone. And his mommy's favorite brown purse was sitting, abandoned.

It was building up in his throat before he could stop it. It had set into his gut and wormed its way out like a foreign alien that had finally hatched from an egg inside his intestines. He took a deep breath to calm himself down. Then another, and another. Then a third.

And then, he screamed.

He screamed as loud as he possibly could, causing all four of the other children at the playground to stop what they were doing and look. It was blood curdling. Toe curling. Hair raising. And it cried out pure anguish at what had transpired in the universe. He ran out of breath before long, panting as he recovered, but it wasn't long until he tearfully sucked in another lungful of air and started it all over again.

It wasn't long before he was joined by another child who had realized that their mother was no longer sitting under a tree on her cellphone. Then, two siblings joined in as they realized that their parents were no longer pushing the stroller that contained their two other siblings. The last child joined in as they realized that they were the only one left out, but it didn't matter. Zach just needed attention. He needed someone to come rescue them.

And so far, the streets were empty.

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 54 comments Mickey giggled, squirming in her seat and hugging her purple Beanie Baby teddy bear as the prince went up the tower on the screen. She was completely into the movie, and knowing this story, couldn't wait for the happily ever after that would come once the prince saw Repunzel. The prince went through the window. Gothel came up behind him... and stabbed him. Mickey stopped squirming abruptly, staring in shock at the theater screen. He died? That... No. That was wrong. She turned to her mom to complain and cry, but she wasn't there. She looked the other way. The whole row was empty. They'd probably went to get popcorn.

Mickey frowned and tried to hold back the tears as she watched the movie, cuddling the purple teddy against her face, she didn't want strangers staring at her when her parents weren't with her. She glanced over at the creepy fat man who had been behind her. Relief came to her like a blanket, he was gone. She went back to the movie, slightly content even though the prince was dying. A few seconds later, a scream pierced the air like bloody murder.

Standing to see what was going on, she looked down a few rows below her. She didn't really understand that all adults had disappeared, this was a kids movie, there weren't many in the first place. She tried to watch the movie, but the scream wouldn't go away. It was scaring her. Mickey went into the aisle and after going down a few steps she saw a little baby, maybe a year or younger, stuck between the folding seat, screaming and crying a few chairs into the row.

Mickey stared at it, then looked around. It's parents weren't there. She hurried over to it, dropping her teddy and pulled it from the seat and held it as she had seen adults hold babies. It was heavy, so she sat down on the chair and rocked the baby as best she could, telling it to look at the movie. When the movie was over and the credits started playing, her parents hadn't returned. Mickey had been trying to think of something to say to the parents of the baby she held, to say to her own parents. She knew she shouldn't be holding someone else's baby, but it had stopped crying, so everything was good.

A voice from somewhere in the theater whispered loudly. "Mama?" That set off the baby, and it whimpered, then began to cry again. "Shush baby." Mickey told it, not knowing exactly how to speak to a baby. A few seconds later, she realized her teddy was gone. Where'd it go? She panicked, then saw a tiny purple paw on her knee, then the head of the Beanie Baby teddy bear as it hauled itself up onto her lap, the it hugged the crying baby. The baby snatched it up after a moment and slowly stopped sobbing.

Why weren't her parents back yet?

message 9: by Lyndsey (new)

Lyndsey Nikita blinked rapidly the hot sun on Perdido Beach making her feet sweet even though they were wrapped in flip flops she had grabbed before leaving the house. The white sun dress she had on whipped around her legs as she stood there gaping after Mitch. His words repeated over and over in her head like some freak horror movie. You're not good enough for me Niki. I want someone less...Like you. I don't want some good little girl. Its over. Then he had walked away his sandy blond hair tossing in the wind. She had just stood there watching him walk away her heart splitting open like a cracked egg. She hadn't moved until in that space of a heart beat her world flipped over even more. She had blinked and then he was gone. Mitch was gone. He hadn't just walked away he had really vanished into thin air. She stood there in shock staring after him, then she started to run. Her feet dragged in the blistering hot sand and sweat beaded down her neck. She reached the spot where he had been and saw two indents in the sand where he had been. "Mitch?" She called carefully, her voice soft with emotion. There wasn't a single response aside from the hammering of the waves against the shore. Nikita took a step back then spun around dashing towards the road.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
Shane raced down the highway with little regard to traffic laws. It had been about 10 minutes since he got in the car and started driving, and in that time, his nerves had been successfully frayed.

A mile back he had passed by a line of cars. All of them were empty when he got out to inspect them, and all of them contained evidence that the people inside driving would have had no reason to suddenly drop everything and leave. Shane had had the option to switch cars and get a Mustang in that little window of time, but he figured that the van he was currently driving in was much more useful; especially if he found anybody else around here. Perdido Beach and the area surrounding it was usually quite an active place... Hopefully, there would at least be one other person, maybe a group of other people that knew what was going on, and he could take them out of here.

Shane's knuckles turned white when he saw a car over the hill in his lane. He figured he would just drive by it, but instinct got the better of him when he saw something on the window. As he got closer, he leaned forward in his seat to get a better look, but then immediately regretted it when he realized what it was.


Shane slammed on the brakes, cutting it all too close as his fender nearly rammed into the bumper of the next vehicle. He almost made a dent in the car's exterior as he shut the door with so much force, trembling violently. He really didn't want to know. He really, really didn't want to know. And yet, he had to. He had to know what they were up against.

When Shane looked into the window, his heart nearly broke in half. A little girl, maybe the age of 6, was face down in the space between the rear seats and the driver seat. There was blood on the window, where she had presumably smashed her head repeatedly out of some desire to get out, and blood was splattered nearly everywhere. With anguish, Shane bit his lip, examining the rest of the car. The doors were indeed locked, maybe because her parents hadn't wanted her to open the door and roll out onto the highway. Her name was Susie, as written on a cute pink backpack sitting on the seat opposite where she laid.

"This..." His voice hoarsely broke through the silence that hung thick in the air. "...This... This is so fucked up!!" His head dropped into his hands as he turned around, back flopping against the door of the car as he slid to the ground. His stomach churned as he was regrettably reminded of his low tolerance for gory sights, breathing none to calm as he attempted to pull himself together.

I have to get back to town... I have to find other people... If I don't, what's going to become of all this? Where the hell IS everyone?!


Zach had given up screaming at the playground, his throat sore as he walked away from the headache the other children were producing. Hopefully, an adult would come around and find them. With heavy steps, the boy trudged to the bench that his parents had been sitting at only minutes before, tears threatening to spill as he steeled his resolve. This only meant that the time had come for him to rise to his purpose. It only meant that he would have to help others help themselves. And it only meant that he had to get moving.

Zach got down to his knees and half-crawled under the park bench to fetch the blue backpack he always kept with him. Unzipping the bag quickly, he took out a large drawing sketchbook and fished out one of his pencils, sitting as he opened the book to a fresh page. He expertly redrew what he had traced in the dirt, then dated and signed the picture in the corner. He would need it as proof later, after all... Some of the people he needed to round up needed more logic than empathy when it came to trust.

Flipping his sketchbook to another page and slinging his backpack over his shoulder, Zachary gave a wistful glance at his mother's purse. He wanted to take it with him, to keep it at his side for when she would return, but... He knew he shouldn't. It would only weigh him down, and he had places to be, things to do! A firm nod towards the leather satchel was the five year old's only goodbye before he turned on his heel, marching towards the nearest street corner before he looked down at the page he had turned to.

It was a simple, unremarkable map of the town. Major streets and landmarks were placed erratically about, but it wasn't what Zach was concerned about. At the top of the page, "Follow the Rainbow!" was written in ROY G BIV, and the message was clear to the small boy. His finger gently hovered over a small red X centered in a building that was marked as the Theater, tapping it twice before he looked up to see where he was. Perfect. Just a couple of blocks away.

Tucking his prized possession away safely, Zachary started at a quick pace to his first destination. He knew he would get there in time... He just hoped that he would be able to find whoever he was looking for.

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 54 comments ((Just gotta say... SHANE! TAKE THE MUSTANG! DITCH THAT VAN! MUSTAAAAANG!.... Okay, I'm good.))

Glinda the Gallifreyan Elizabeth continued changing diapers, giving kids goldfish, and taking kids to the bathroom at rapidfire pace until it came upon naptime-- that blessed, peaceful naptime she had grown to look forward to and treasure. After giving everyone blankets and pillows, tucking them in with a smile, she relaxed with a sigh. Where in the world is Olya....? Elli walked out into the courtyard, where she could still keep an eye on the kids while looking for someone else to talk to. She was on edge, nervous, rubbing the claddagh ring on her right hand out of habit as she looked out, not really sure why she was nervous. Then she realized it-- she didn't hear any cars. You could always hear cars in Perdido Beach, at least during the day.... She kept looking around. Everything seemed oddly quiet and still, as if almost no one was there. Where's Olya when she's supposed to be here? I haven't seen her in, like, half an hour! And where's everyone else, besides the fact?

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
((Glinda, mind if Elizabeth sees Zach walking by? (Trying to find excuses to round everybody up, if at least into groups.)))

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 54 comments ((Well, I would've taken the Mustang cuz One; I have a weak sense of smell anyhow and Two, it's a MUSTANG it's WORTH IT. T-T ))

Glinda the Gallifreyan ☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ wrote: "((Glinda, mind if Elizabeth sees Zach walking by? (Trying to find excuses to round everybody up, if at least into groups.)))"

((Not at all. That's part of the reason why I sent her out into the courtyard type are, so she could meet some people. ^_^ Wanna post with Zach seeing her?))

message 16: by Leonela (new)

Leonela Serrano (leonela_serrano) | 4 comments Amethyst woke up and looked at her clock. It said 7:40 p.m. Shit, she thought because her mom would be home by know and she wouldn't let her sleepover Maylee's house because she wasn't taking care of Crystal. Amethyst rolled out of bed and grabbed her cell phone off the nightstand next to her bed. She quickly went into her tiny walk in closet and grabbed her sleepover bag that she had packed earlier that day. Amethst grabbed Crystal and lifted her up. She ran down the stairs to and noticed that the house was quiet. Huh? She thought to herself. She put Crystal in her playpen and handed her her favorite toy. Amethyst walked down the hall and knocked on the door of her parents' room. Nothing happened so, she opened the door. She looked inside and nobody was there.
Amethyst took her cell phone out of her bak pocket and texted her mom Are you working late tonight? Cause I wanted to sleepover @ Maylee's . She sent the text and walked out of her parents' room. Amethyst decided to do her homework and took out her social studies text book and set the paper next to it. She placed her phone next to it on the coffee table, waiting for a reply.

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 54 comments ((Greetings,

I was reliving past groups that had... well... died... and I realized how great this group could be if... done?... activated?... if activated.

SO WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!))

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 54 comments ((Well.... I guess we do have a lot of other groups that need to breathe before we perform CPR on this one.))

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 307 comments ((Haha true, too true!!))

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