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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
This RP is based on the book series GONE.

No characters from the book are included in this RP. Only originals :)

In an area of approximately 99 square miles, everyone over the age of 14 inexplicably disappeared. Gone. Completely gone. And as they disappeared, all communication with the outside world was cut off. Phones, Radios, and Televisions became completely useless as an unbreakable dome prevented anyone from entering or exiting. Chaos reigned while panic and confusion ensued.

The RP will start the moment that people disappear. We don't need to stick to any of the plot elements in the book too strongly (unless we want to?). Brainstorming for the cause of the FAYZ is in the Plot topic :D

List of Characters in the FAYZ:
-Elizabeth Brooks - (Glindafied)

1 Bars:

2 Bars:
-Helena Adams - (Lynx)
-Zachary Smith - (Lily Sokai)
-Tiffany Stevenson - (Lyndsey)

3 Bars:
-Michelle Monroe - (Dawn)
-Nikita Stevenson - (Lyndsey)

4 Bars:
-Shane Weathers - (Lily Sokai)


Name: (First and Last is preferred)
»Nickname: (Can also be considered a "title")
Age: (Must be 14 or under)
Location at Time of Disappearance: (Where was your character when all the 14+'s went poof? Perdido Beach, Coates Academy, another location in the FAYZ?)
Power: (Optional, many don't even have abilities)
»Bars of Power: (determines how strong the ability is. 4 bars maximum)

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
Name: Zachary Smith
»Nickname: Zach

Gender: Male

Age: 5

Zach has styled dirty blonde hair and doe-like brown eyes with a cute smile to match. He's of a regular body type for his age, though a bit on the lighter side, and has a lithe build.

Personality: Zachary is a quiet child. It's not that he doesn't have anything to say; it's that he has too much to talk about and doesn't know where to start. He is likely to react to things with less enthusiasm than the next child, though when it comes to thinking of how to help others, he is the hands-down winner. He is confident in not only his own abilities, but in the abilities of others; using the strength of the people around him to achieve the goals that he believes will benefit everyone. When it comes to helping himself, he can be selfish at times, and despite how mature he might act, he is still only a child. He can be easily influenced by those that are older than him, though he is resilient to people that try forcing him to do something. He reacts violently to being suppressed in any way, shape or form; and seeks attention through his ability (though only from the people he truly thinks will appreciate his talent once they realize what he can do.)

Background: Ever since Zach was a toddler, he had always loved drawing. His parents could never really explain it; he just knew where a utensil was and drew wherever he wanted. Sometimes on his bedroom wall, sometimes scratching it into the sidewalk with a chalk rock, sometimes painting with his own blood after picking a scab open. He would simply go into a trance that no one could shake him from until he was done. If he drew it on something he couldn't pick up, he would exactly replicate it on a page of his book as soon as he could. His parents had grown to accept their son's strange habit, as well as his startling level of maturity, though he has always been viewed as an outcast of sorts in his age group as he typically preferred sitting near the sandbox to draw rather than play with his peers.

Location at Time of Disappearance: Perdido Beach's Town Park Playground

Power: Envisioning the future through drawings. He keeps a sketch book of everything he's ever drawn, except from when he was really little, and always keeps it on his person, or with a very, very trusted person if he is preoccupied. He treasures all of his drawings and keeps them close for undetermined reasons. Zachary refuses to let anyone break him away from his sketch book unless he bestows them with it for a brief period of time; and only if he deems it appropriate.
»Bars of Power: 2

Skills: Because Zach is always drawing, his artistic abilities are superb (for his age). He has an extremely good memory, a keen eye for details and is very dextrous with his hands. He is surprisingly good at communicating exactly what he wants, be it verbally or through a pictogram, and is concise even at his young age.

Other: Very much dislikes it when people look down on him because of his age. Always has a small blue backpack on his person to carry his sketchbook as well as a container of crayons, a kiddie-set of watercolor paints, a packet of markers, an eraser and three regular no. 2 pencils.

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
Name: Shane Weathers
»Nickname: "The Weather Man" (by Zach)

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: [image error]
Shane has always been known as a wild boy with his cloudy blue eyes and creamy earthen complexion. His body is fit and lean from being constantly active. With a height of 5' 5", he's about average for his age, maybe a bit under, but he's fine with that. His skin is covered in cuts, bruises and scars; but he usually doesn't know where they've come from.

Personality: Shane is more subdued than one would believe upon seeing him without meeting him. His personality is that of one who wants to just get through life easily; and doesn't really worry too hard about many things. He's very tuned to nature, and speculates it's because he's spent so much time away from the city and immersed in the wildlife. He likes helping people, though a part of him contains animosity towards humans; believing that they are selfish creatures that are worse than any other. If someone was to question him further than he was comfortable, he would react with subtle hostility, though he usually chooses to simply run away from situations that trouble him for as long as possible.

Background: When Shane was young, he had always hated being indoors. He loved playing in the mud, whistling to the tune of the breeze, staying up late at campsites just watching the fire. His parents themselves were wanderlusts and took their son's preference of exploring to a whole new level when he reached the age of 7, after he expressed to them just how much he wanted to travel.

He was away from the city often, home-schooled and mostly on the move until he moved to Perdido Beach, California. He really liked it there for some reason, at the age of 12, and enjoyed the weather, the casualty, the openness. And the ocean. Oh, the ocean. The beauty of the scenery, how many biomes were just a 5 hour walk away, he loved it. And so he convinced his parents to stay. Within a 2 years of being there he had explored most of the entire region within a 10 mile radius, taking days off of school with his parents to see the sights and roam the area, constantly marveling at all that was available.

Location at Time of Disappearance: Southeast Bitterweed Valley. He and his parents had just finished a trip near Lake Tramonto, and they were hiking back.

Power: Manipulation of Elements. He is able to control the four major elements, ranging from lighting a fire in his palm, lifting water from a cup, moving clouds with wind by flicking his wrist or causing an earthquake when he's angry. He is aware of his abilities, but he has refrained from even thinking about the odd occurances in the past couple of months, choosing instead to skirt around them until they became an immediate issue.
»Bars of Power: 4

Skills: Shane is basically a wilderness explorer with plenty of working abilities. Over the years he's developed a natural survival instinct which he usually bases his decisions off of; though he is not without common sense. He's practical, a good listener, and has one of the best sets of puppy dog eyes you've ever seen.

Other: Becomes queasy at the sight of large quantities of blood. Feels ill if he stays indoors for too long.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 133 comments Mod
Basing this loosely on myself.... Just changing the past, age, last name, stuff like that.

Name: Helena Adams
»Nickname: Lynx/Lynxy
Gender: female
Age: 14
Appearance: She has long and layered, naturally curly, bronze hair with straightened angled bangs, along with large, blue/green/grey/brown eyes in color that occasionally show her emotions. Her skin is pale, but sometimes has a light golden tan. She comes to a good 5' 6" and is slender. Helena doesn't exercise as much as she would like to, but still manages to keep thin.
Personality: Helena is the kind who prefers to lead instead of follow. She's a bit of a control freak, and that is one thing that falls into that category. Helena is usually a quiet girl often described by others as mysterious, nice, smart, pretty, quiet, like a princess, and indecisive. When she breaks her spells of silence it's usually around those she knows well and trust well, though when she's not with those she knows she usually speaks after some thought and it's the kind of rare event that rooms will fall silent and everyone listens to her quiet voice. She often has very good things to contribute, and if she doesn't she is silent.
Background: Moved to the town a while ago from Vermont, and is homeschooled. She doesn't get out much.
Location at Time of Disappearance: At home in Perdido Beach while the others kids were at school.
Power: ((extreme adaptability/survival)) She doesn't know exactly what it is, but things don't effect her as they should. She first noticed she had "powers" when she was out for a walk and stayed out longer than she had expected. By the time she made it back, she realized that the streetlights were on, the sun had set, and the sky was dark with clouds. Yet she hadn't noticed. To her it was as bright as day. Even in the dark allies. Later, she tested it in the dark of her bedroom. She could see in the dark. She next realized something was strange when she was grilling and accidently brushed her arm up against the hot metal of the grill. Only it had not burned her. In fact, she barely felt it. She didn't know what was going on or why, or even the extent of what could happen.
»Bars of Power: 2
Skills: Problem solving, thinking logically, organization, cooling down tough situations, being a leader, knows some first aid, knows quite a bit survival stuff, and more.
Other: Has quite a few fears. Being on stage, heights/falling, deep water, stuff like that. Oh, and she has a pet dog named Circe.

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βεℓℓα のαωη  | 54 comments I took Lynx's idea of basing this charrie off myself. Age, full name, past and yeah aren't real. Probably personality too, hard to explain myself. :P

Name: Michelle Monroe
»Nickname: Mickey (She always loved Disney)
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Appearance: http://cdn.stylisheve.com/wp-content/... People think she looks like a Barbie doll. (((*pukes*)))
Adventurous; willing to do what she's told, doesn't think about the technical stuff and just sees things as they are, and believes she can take them all on when she has her friends beside her.
Innocent; too many people use the word sweet, including myself, so I'll say she's candy. Flavorful and pure, straightforward and always there. Wants to be loved, knows where she stands. You know how people think for kids, all they see is black and white? Evil and Good? They're sort of right, but it goes deeper than that. They see and understand it. Even if they don't know the evil inside and out like adults, they see it differently, in a more steady, sure way.
Thoughtful; despite her young age, she is a deep thinker, a quite observer, and she sees things that a lot of people don't. She was one of the peacemakers among her friends, she gave advice to strangers about a solution she felt she had the big picture of. She doesn't know everything, but she was there for them when they needed something like that.
Only slightly spazzy; Every kid has a sugar high, right? Mickey has sugar highs without the sugar. She has sugar highs on sunshine, mud, a new stuffed animal, or when she is bored. Especially around her friends, she starts talking really fast, her mind goes blank and it's like the whole world wants to fill it so she has all these different things to say and she doesn't even have to think about any of it. She's a happy, social ball of sunshine and glitter.

Background: She didn't go to school, her birthday was a few days after the deadline, so she didn't go to kindergarten. She was upset about it, so her parents bought her a little black toy poodle. She named it Screwdriver, it took her a whole day to think of a name, and when her parents told her to pick one already, she chose the next thing she saw, a Philip's screwdriver, and named the poodle Screwdriver, Driver for short.

Her mother wanted her to grow up on the good stuff, and she understood the innocence of a child and wanted to keep it that way. So Mickey couldn't watch anything that her mother hadn't already seen and approved of, which left her with Bambi, Winnie the Pooh, Lady and the Tramp, and all those good Disney movies. She liked them so much, every time she spotted a stuffed animal that resembled something in the the Disney movies she asked for it. Eventually her room got stuffed with stuffed animals, and she adapted the name Mickey. Not Minnie, because Minnie wore a dress.

Mickey loved the outdoors, always playing in the mud with her stuffed animals, liked to play in the park with her friends and tell stories about wolves in the park, daring each other to find them. She might've had the face of a Barbie doll, but she hated them. She wouldn't play with any dolls she was given, only her stuffed animals.

Like any child she was curious and asked lots and lots of questions, imitated her heroes, and followed her parents around. She was with them when they disappeared. At the movie theatre, watching Tangled in the dollar theatre. It was the moment Eugene(Flynn) got stabbed, that Mickey gasped and turned to her parents, and they weren't there. She's been waiting in the theatre ever since.
Location at Time of Disappearance: Dollar theatre.
Power: She can control her stuffed animals, and they become 'alive' like puppets. She uses her mind, and they talk to her telepathically, but no one else hears them. They can move around and do stuff like that, but other than that they don't do anything. That's just what she sees. What she can really do is control atoms with her mind, she has a strong, pure mental connection with everything. She could make metal bend or force another person to move like a puppet, but since she only wants her stuffed animals to be with her, and imagines them as her only friends, she just imagines them moving and they do. She pictures it like an imaginary friend, but it's real.
»Bars of Power: 3
Skills: Being sweet and innocent to get what she wants? Not being afraid of getting down and dirty or getting a scrape? I think those are nifty skills.

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Bars of power is basically how strong the ability is. I'd call it a 3.
Zachary's nickname for her is "The Doll Girl" :-) just btw.
Just realized that they're really close in age too o.o

Dollar theatre... not sure. I'd just call it a regular theatre. Perdido Beach is a fictional town in California, but it's modern so.... probably no dollar theatre, sorreh o.o;;

Looks good to me. Careful about power playing the ability, though. All in all, she looks puuuurty good C:

Lynx: Zachary's name for Helena: "The No-Ouch Lady" (When he pronounces it, sounds something like "nauch") He's just 5, give him a break XD

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Glinda the Gallifreyan Name: Elizabeth Brooks
»Nickname: Elli or Eliza, called Miss Lizzy by Zach

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Appearance:Something like the girl in this picture: long blonde hair, with blue eyes and straight white teeth. She stands about 5'8", on the taller side for her grade, and is fit from years of volleyball and swimming. http://www.sciencephoto.com/image/204...

Personality: Elizabeth, called Eliza or Elli by her friends, has always had a more outgoing, loud, friendly personality. She can be very stubborn-headed when she wants to be, which is only part of the time (thank goodness for her friends!). Elli's also naturally loyal, and if you need a shoulder to cry on, or anything really, she'll almost always provide it. She loves most kinds of music, though she'll tell you she has no musical talent at all. (She can play the cello as well as anyone.)

Background: Elli was born in New York City, and moved to Perdido Beach when she was 8 years old and her younger brother Dan was 5. Practically every day during the summer she was at the beach with her family. That's how she picked up swimming and volleyball-- she found she loved the water, and she was fascinated by the families playing volleyball on the sand.

At school, she never had to worry about friends, of whom she had plenty, and she was able to put full trust in them. She wasn't an spectacular student, but she wasn't horrible either, just your regular A's and B's student. She had a small moment of glory when the band for the school musical discovered that they needed a cellist, and all the local cellists either were already working or didn't want to take part in the band, so she stepped up and played the cello. She was probably the youngest person in the band by twenty years.

Location at Time of Disappearance: At the day care, volunteering.

Power: None, unless you count a talent with the kids at the day care a power.

Skills: Cello, taking care of kids, volleyball, swimming, and calming people down when they're upset, crying, and/or angry.


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Lyndsey Name: Nikita Stevenson
»Nickname: Know as Niki by her friends.
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Appearance: Ella Swanson Pictures, Images and Photos
Actually has blue eyes.
Personality: Kind, and takes charge easily. Though she puts on a confident face and looks as though she knows what she is doing she isn't very believing in herself. Most of this insecurity comes from her fathers abandonment of her and her twin sister when they were little. Nikita is very friendly and tries to take care of everyone in response to having her own personal life such a mess.
Background: Her father abandoned her and her sister when they were around five years old. Nikita grew up with her sister and mother struggling to make money and keep their small family going. When Nikita met her boyfriend Mitch it was like everything was perfect. Until that day on Perdido Beach when he broke up with her and as he walked away literally vanishing into thin air. She rushed home to find her terrified sister, shouting about their mom vanishing too.
Location at Time of Disappearance: Perdido Beach
Power: Fire..Can conger fire at her finger tips.
»Bars of Power: 3 bars.
Skills: Took martial arts for 5 years of her life, so she knows how to take care of herself. She also loves to read and write.

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 54 comments ☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ wrote: "Bars of power is basically how strong the ability is. I'd call it a 3.
Zachary's nickname for her is "The Doll Girl" :-) just btw.
Just realized that they're really close in age too o.o

Dollar th..."

- Ah, gotcha. 3 then.

- It's modern, there hasta be dollar theatres, I've got'em. ^-^ Sure... they're run down, little old brick buildings... but they're cute and cheap. :D

- Don't have to tell me. ;D I know, because powerplaying is soooooo boring and nothing happens. Besides, she's a six year old girl, she doesn't even know what she can really do. All she wants is her stuffed animals to be real friends for her.

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Lyndsey Name: Tiffany Stevenson
»Nickname: Goes by Tiff as well.
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Appearance: lily collins Pictures, Images and Photos
Also has blue eyes.
Personality: Sweet, a bit shy. But also has a rebellious streak that can turn her from a well behaved school girl into a sort of girl most parents would disapprove of.
Background: Her father abandoned her and her sister when they were around five years old. Tiffany had always been the social girl before the fayz. She always had a group of girls around her. Her dads abandonment hurt her, but she never held onto that. Instead preferring to strike out and take charge of her own life, rather then wallow in sorrow.
Location at Time of Disappearance: Her house, with her mom.
Power: Has the abbility to bring drawing to live, literaly transformng them from paper into a real substance. For example the first time she found she had the power she was drawing a portrate of a horse...after staring at the finished drawing for a while she got up to get some milk and when she came back her paper was blank and there was a life size horse in her living room which matched her drawing to the smallest detail.
»Bars of Power: 2 bars.
Skills: Loves to sing, as well as create things. Her real skills lie in drawing though, and she can bring her drawing to life.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
Dawn: Yaey <3

Elizabeth: Looks good to me.
"Miss Lizzie" from Zach :P

Nikita: Also looks good.
"Smokey" ...lmao...

Tiffany: Her ability, I think it's closer to a bar level of 2 than 3. My way of describing the bars of power was... not entirely accurate? It's more of how prevalent/powerful the ability is; so drawing abilities usually would go under 2.
"Copy Cat"
All approved C: just make sure to edit.

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Leonela Serrano (leonela_serrano) | 4 comments Name: Amethyst Mornica

Nickname: Gem, Am


Age: 12

Appearance: Amethyst has chocolate browns eyes that can look like the color caramel, it depends on how the lighting in the room is. She has wavy/ curly brown/blonde hair. She is about 5 foot 3. Her body is fit and muscular from ice skating, gymnastics, and swimming.

Personality: Amethyst is very nice and kind but also deathly shy. When she is around new people they always think she is kind of mute because she hates to talk. She has a few friends, she has known them since she was a tiny baby. Amethyst also loves helping people, she babysits for most of her neighbors.

Background: When Amethyst was born her dad was in the army and was critically hurt putting him in a coma. He woke up when she was 2 and he had a case of amnesia. He could not remember he was married and Amethyst's mother was heartbroken. Her father then began to drink because he had nothing to do and he started to remember. Her mother began to work much more than necessarily because she did not want to be abused by her husband. Amethyst grew up in a house where her parents hurt each other and she was often hurt too.
When she was 8 her mother took her to an orphanage. 3 months later she picked her up and took her home. This time her father was not allowed since her mother had filed for a restraining order. Soon, things got more normal. Every trace from her father had disappeared and her mother got married to another nicer man. His name was Aaron and her was very nice to Amethyst. He even bought her an iPhone for her 12th birthday because he wanted to show her how much he loved her. The back was engraved, With lots of love. ~Daddy.
But let's back track. When she was 11 her mother became pregnant with her younger sister, Crystal. Crystal was 3 months old when the adults went poof.

Location at Time of Disappearance: She was at her house babysitting her younger sister.

Power: Amethyst is able to use water in whatever form, and anything that is made or has water in it.

»Bars of Power: 3 1/2 bars

Skills: Amethyst is a very good musician and ice skater.

Other: She is her sister's guardian is anything is going to happen to her parents.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 133 comments Mod
There's not really half bars. But that's okay. Sometimes people are uncertain about the bars anyway...

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Lyndsey ☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ wrote: "Dawn: Yaey <3

Elizabeth: Looks good to me.
"Miss Lizzie" from Zach :P

Nikita: Also looks good.
"Smokey" ...lmao...

Tiffany: Her ability, I think it's closer to a bar level of 2 than 3. My way of..."

Hold on, sorry :) Okay so I should change her power to a 2 and describe it more? Thanks!

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
Lyndsey: Looks good! I'll edit my list as soon as I get to a good computer.

JJ#2 (the only symbols that show up on my computer): Lynx is right, there aren't really any "half" bars. I'd put it around a 3, since the other girl with an elemental ability (which is fire) is also a 3.
"Rain" from Zach c:

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Lyndsey Okay! Thanks Lily!

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 60 comments Mod
Haha, no problem XD

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Matthew (phoebus) | 25 comments Name:





Location at Time of Disappearance:

»Bars of Power:



Working on it

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