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Andrea (andrea_b) | 561 comments Hi!
On the Island is a popular book that was initially self-published and is now getting new editions published by Penguin.

I just noticed that the cover from the most popular edition (listed as the original paperback... which is a bit random really, because I'd bet that most people have actually read the Kindle edition) was changed to the cover for the new paperback edition (coming out next month).

I undid the change and instead created a new edition with the new cover / details (new ISBN, etc).
Then I noticed that the cover change was done by the book's author... I get that she wants the default cover to be the one for the new edition... but there isn't a way for her to do that, right? I mean, changing the cover when it doesn't match the ISBN isn't the way about it.

I'm posting this because I think that the cover for the most popular edition will probably be changed to the new cover once again and wanted to ask if there's maybe some way to make things OK for everyone or something.

thanks for your help!

❂ Murder by Death  (murderbydeath) You're perfectly correct in that the cover for the most popular edition should *not* have been changed by the author and your fix was the right way to go about it. I'd add a librarian note to the records, indicating that the covers should not be changed, but chances are, as you suspect, the author will just try to change the covers again. (Although, unless he/she is a librarian as well as an author, they'll need to come here to request the change.)

If it happens again, perhaps a gentle reminder from the GR staff to the author will set things right.

message 3: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42444 comments Mod
Thanks for pointing that out. I have taken care of ensuring that it won't happen again.

❂ Murder by Death  (murderbydeath) Rivka - just curious - can an author also be a librarian? (I'm assuming yes...)

Andrea (andrea_b) | 561 comments As suggested, I've added a note. Thanks for your help!

message 6: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42444 comments Mod
❂ Jennifer wrote: "Rivka - just curious - can an author also be a librarian?"

They can apply for librarians status like any user can, either before or after joining the Author Program.

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