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message 1: by Alex, MAKE THE BEACH TOWN! ~Hannah ♥ (new)

Alex | 101 comments Mod
This is the postcard beach: white sand, turquoise water, and LOTS of tourists.

Andromeda (Jenna) (hufflepuffsheirloveslee) Jade walked onto the crowded beach. She was in her work uniform, and had a group of tourists waddling behind her. She told them a little about Hawaii's history. When she was done, the tourists walked off on their own, and she hopped into her car and drove home.

Andromeda (Jenna) (hufflepuffsheirloveslee) ((So are we allowed to make homes for the characters, or...?))

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sydney Maia walked out onto the beach from her cherry red VW Bug, she laid down her towel on the white sand and then laid down. She put a bit of tanning lotion on and then closed her baby blue eyes. She closed out the noise so she could relax, this trip was for her to get better and maybe even get a bit of a back bone.

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Gabe texted Laney wondering where she ran off to. He held his long board and threw his towel over his shoulder before leaving the hotel. He headed down to South beach on his board, and before he knew it he was there. He put his towel down next to a cute girl and smiled at her wondering what she was thinking about.

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sydney Maia realized after a second that a shadow had covered her face, she propped herself upon her elbows and turned to Gabe.
"Excuse me, but would y'all like me to move? It's not a problem for me." Maia asked him in her sweet Southern accent.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) Isabelle sighed and walked in and smiled knowing she was going to have fun even if she didn't do sufring compared to all the other people who loved to surf there. She walked to the beach with her tote bag and wearing her bikini and a top over it. SHe had a book with her. She didn't really care much for swimming. She liked it and all but loved to sit in the sun and just chill. She took her towel out and relaxed. Wondering where her brother was but she didn't mind. She sat down on the towel.

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Sydney :) wrote: "Maia realized after a second that a shadow had covered her face, she propped herself upon her elbows and turned to Gabe.
"Excuse me, but would y'all like me to move? It's not a problem for me." Ma..."

"Oh no, your fine right here. I was just admiring your beauty." Gabe smiled. "Your accent is really cute by the way."

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sydney "Oh Lord," She blushed and looked away as she sat up. "You didn't have to say it that way, now you got me blushin'."
Maia smiled up at him despite her heart racing, this was just the beginning. She knew in the back of her mind he'd just hurt her too, use her for sex and then leave her, and terrible enough, she'd be okay with it.
Maia held out a hand. "Maia Diamond, it's a pleasure to meet you."

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"I'm Gabe Conkin, and it's nice to meet you too. What are you doing here all alone?" He smiled and laid down on his towel. He thought that Maia was really pretty and wanted to see where things would go. But he wasn't going to rush into a relationship.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) Isabelle sighed and looked around the beach seeing a girl and a guy talking to each other. She looked around where she was siting of course and took her book out and sat up reading it now with interest. She coudl care less if they were talking or flirting but she wanted to read maybe or find a guy to talk to actucally.

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sydney ~ Lexii ♡ wrote: ""I'm Gabe Conkin, and it's nice to meet you too. What are you doing here all alone?" He smiled and laid down on his towel. He thought that Maia was really pretty and wanted to see where things woul..."

Maia smiled and laid on her side so she could face Gabe. "It's sorta 'Become Your Own Person' adventure, I guess I'm tryin' to find myself." She sighed. "Sorry that sounds like a bunch of chickensh*t."
Maia laughed a bit and then looked Gabe over once, she had been completely captivated by his eyes that she didn't look at the rest of him.

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Gabe chuckled and looked at the sky. "I'm here with my little sister. But I honestly don't have a clue where she is right now." He sighed. "She's always running off."

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sydney "Sounds about right, my twin brothers are always off doing something to get them in trouble.." Maia rolled her eyes and laughed. "So do you live here or are you a tourist like me?"

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"Tourist, but I'd love to move. Everything is so peaceful here. The clear water, white sands, and blue skies." Gabe smiled at her. "I feel like sleeping outside some nights." he joked.

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sydney "Sleepin' outside isn't even that bad." Maia laughed. "My first night here the condo I was supposed to stay in over booked so I came here and had to sleep on the beach."
She sat up for a bit and adjusted her hot pink halter bikini, she pointed to an area on the beach. "I slept right over there."

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Gabe smiled "I like a girl who's a bit outdoorsy." He said placing a hand on his chest. "So Maia, tell me about yourself." He said in his deep voice.

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sydney Maia sighed happily at the sound of his voice, it was one of those that melted her heart to the core. She scrunched her nose just a bit and thought. "Hmm, I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, so this is a huge change for me." She laughed a bit. "My daddy's name is Leroy and my mama's name is Sariah. I have twin brothers, Michael and Matthew."
"Umm, I absolutely love singing. I usually just do it all the time, I'm 17 and will be a Senior this coming year."
She looked at him curiously. "Sorry, you are just so darn distracting I can't get my thoughts together."

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Gabe laughed "How? I'm nothing special." He smiled and locked eyes with her. "But you sing? I'd love to hear your voice, I know your great." He said sweetly and moved a bit closer to her.

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sydney Maia's eyes flicked to his lips quickly and then back to his eyes. "I bet you are definitely something special, besides you never told me about you."
She smiled and moved closer when she noticed he did. Get out now before you get hurt! Oh, screw it.. He's cute and seems so nice, I'm gonna get to know him for sure..

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"Well I'm from L.A, my mom and dad own a computer business. I love basketball, my sister and I get along pretty well. Uh I do pretty good in school and I don't wanna leave Hawaii. Oh, and I think your gorgeous." Gabe smiled.

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sydney "Oh, L.A." Maia replied slightly sadly, she knew summer romances never worked out, but it still hurt to know that distance would be the cause for heartbreak.
She quickly put a smile on her face and winked at him. "Hey, you aren't too bad yourself honey."

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Gabe blushed "Thanks so you wanna go for a swim?" He asked pointing toward the water.

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sydney Maia pulled up her long blonde hair into a messy bun and then stood up, she held out a hand to him. "Come on slow poke, I can't swim well so I'm afraid to say you may have to hold onto me."

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Gabe smiled and grabbed her hand. "I won't let you go, don't worry." He said and pulled her towards the water. The sun light hit her skin perfectly and she looked even more gorgeous.

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sydney Maia had to walk a bit faster to keep up with Gabe's longer legs, she smiled as he pulled her along. A part of her still screamed at her, but the rest of her was loudest and encouraged her to keep it up. She ignored all her thoughts and got closer to Gabe as soon as the crystal blue water covered her ankles.

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"Okay so let's start off with something slow." He smiled and stood on the side of her. "Hold on to my hand" He said floating in the water.

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sydney Maia laced her fingers through Gabe's and then stepped a bit further into the water. "I don't mind this, then it's out there where I get scared."

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Gabe nodded "Okay well we can stay close to the shore." He started to swim and held her close.

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sydney Maia could feel the warmth radiating off of his body in the cold ocean water, she could hardly float so she stayed touching Gabe, one hand holding his the other on his bicep. She smiled at him. "Sorry if I'm drowning you."

Lucy ~Graphite Wizard~ Quinn came out of the sand bar to go and swim, when she saw douglas. She yelled "Douglas! You haven't came in for your daily Chiken salad!"

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Gabe laughed. "Your doing fine, trust me. I've seen worse swimmers, I used to be a life guard."

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sydney "I swear all you Cali boys have been life guards at some point." Maia teased playfully. "Lord knows I'd be with a life guard and still drown."

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"Well you won't with this one." He laughed and continued to swim.

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sydney Maia laughed. "I don't know, if I was drowning I'd have to get mouth-to-mouth.. And there is a particular boy I wouldn't mind gettin' that from." She winked again wondering where this comfortably flirtatious side was coming from.

Lucy ~Graphite Wizard~ Douglas replied "Ha, ha, I wet to the one resurant in Santa Barbra," Quinn rolled her eyes and said "Do you wanna surf?"

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Gabe laughed. "Well I'd love to give it to you." He smiled.

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sydney Maia smiled once more, she didn't know that some guy she just met could make her this happy. "Oh really?" She swam in front of him and faced him. "You would kiss a little Southerner like me?"

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"Yeah, your a cute Southern belle." Gabe smiled, and moved closer to her in the water.

Lucy ~Graphite Wizard~ "Yeah, can I borrow a bord?" Douglas replied scratching his head.
"Sure, here" and handed him one of her bords. "Thanks,"

Lucy ~Graphite Wizard~ "Whats the matter?" Quinn looked at him concernd.
"Nothing," He replied trying to sound confident.

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sydney ~ Lexii ♡ wrote: ""Yeah, your a cute Southern belle." Gabe smiled, and moved closer to her in the water."

She blushed at his cute comment and infatuating smile. "So, there is a party tonight on this beach I think. I was wonderin' if you'd like to be my date." Maia replied as she rested a gentle hand on his chest.

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Gabe loved her gentle touch. "I'd love to, what time should I come?" he asked.

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sydney "Hmm whenever you start to miss me." Maia replied smiling, she slid her hand around to the back on his neck, making her body float ever closer to his.

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Gabe couldn't take it any longer. He pressed his lips against hers.

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sydney Maia smiled into the kiss, she pulled herself closer while he kept them afloat. After what seemed like forever, Maia gently broke the kiss. "Well, I never knew how good Cali boys kissed before this."

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Gabe laughed "Well you know now. I hope that wasn't to fast." He said.

message 48: by sydney (new)

sydney "Maybe a little fast, but I was kinda pushing you to do it." Maia smiled and kissed his cheek. "Wanna know what else? I am totally okay with that, and you can kiss me anytime."

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Gabe smiled and took her hand. "Are you thirsty? I could by us smoothies if you want." He asked wanting to hang out with her a little longer before the party.

message 50: by sydney (new)

sydney Maia nodded. "That sounds amazing."
They walked out of the water together and back to their towels. Maia let her blonde now slightly wavy hair cascade down her shoulders. She blushed, now suddenly self conscious about her tiny frame, sure it was nice but she had been told by so many guys that it just wasn't enough.

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