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Matt Wednesday, June 13, 2012Mathias B. Freese Wins an NIEA for 2012, and more…

The sixth annual National Indie Excellence Awards were announced last month. On behalf of Serving House Journal, I'm delighted to share with our readers that a collection of essays by Mathias B. Freese, This Möbius Strip of Ifs, took first place in the general Non-Fiction category.

I'm pleased to add that we listed This Möbius Strip of Ifs on our Bookshelf of recommended reading last fall, in Issue 4.

Work by Freese also appears in Issue 2 (“Soap,” an essay) and Issue 3 (“Sincerely, Max Weber,” a short story). Which leads me to the next item of awesome news:

Freese’s collection of stories, I Truly Lament, has been chosen as a finalist in the 2012 Leapfrog Press Fiction Contest.

From Leapfrog Press: “I Truly Lament is a varied collection of stories, inmates in death camps, survivors of these camps, disenchanted Golems complaining about their tasks, Holocaust deniers and their ravings, and collectors of Hitler curiosa (only recently a few linens from Hitler’s bedroom suite went up for sale!) as well as an imagined interview with Eva Braun during her last days in the bunker. The intent is to perceive the Holocaust from several points of view.”

Congratulations, Matt! And best wishes for many more such accolades!

guiltlessreader Congratulations! :)

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