I Love My Anythink discussion

I'm interested in your "bad book" philosophy...

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Rene | 5 comments Are you a reader that continues to read a book even though you don't like it, or are you more of a reader that thinks (thanks Jenny) that "life's too short to read bad fiction?" And if you do stop reading it, do you ever go back later to give it another shot?

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Stacie (stacieadelia) | 72 comments Mod
I'm one of those desperate people who can't stop reading a book once they start. It really is a fault of mine.

The most tortuous example of this has to be reading Umberto Eco's the Name of the Rose. I know it's supposed to be a classic, but wow. That was difficult for me to get through. I stopped it about 100 pages in, never thought I could finish. Read something light and easy (Harry Potter, I believe) and went back to it -- like I was driven to make a point to myself. It drove me crazy every step of the way that I couldn't just put it down and read what I really wanted to.

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