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Folami Morris Folami Jun 15, 2012 01:30PM
Ever since reading demons at deadnight, I've been spoiled and only want original ya fantasy plots that are Hilarious. I don't do middle grade or adult. I've read nearly all the recommendations on the other discussion about funny ya fantasy and I'm wonderin if anyone has anything that even compares to demons at deadnight.

I've read (in order of favorites- in the last two months)

1) Demons at deadnight
2) boyfriend from hell series
3) paralnormalcy series
4) hex hall
5) white cat
7) the false prince
8) Bartimeus

I've already read all the classics ( vampire academy, cassandra clare series, percy jackson series, skull duggery pleasant, maximum ride, demon's lexicon, angelfall)

Is there anything else ya, fantasy humour anyone can think of?

I love skulduggery pleasant! If you like it, there's this site called wattpad where people post stories. So much fan fiction, it's incredible! Check it out!

Folami Morris I just joined wattpad, I've been trying ot use it to promote my book, but I'll have to checkout the fan fiction. I've read skull doggery already, it w ...more
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the convent series is a petty humorous book i think you would love it

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