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message 1: by Heber (new)

Heber (arkad01) | 3 comments Hello fellow fans of "The Great Books of the Western World". There is a Yahoo Groups discussion group on this book collection where everyboy is going though the 10 year plan together. The benefit is that you get excellent discussion and commentary from people all over the world who are reading the same thing.

The whole dynamic of everybody reading the same thing also implies that new people to the group have to jump in with the rest of the group instead of starting from the beginning.

They are reading in year 5 (I will have to get the first 4 years on the second pass).

Here is the link to the website and from there you can learn how to join the email list.

Mark (hendersonhome) | 3 comments I'm a huge fan of Adler and of his perspective on a liberal education. Hutchins said that the Great Books most often appeal to adults who have finished their college years, but have not read the authors or works in the set. I fall into that category. Any thoughts about why this group is so small? Are there other groups like this one that have similar topic but more activity?

message 3: by Heber (new)

Heber (arkad01) | 3 comments I don't know why the Goodreads group is so small. But there is a Yahoo Groups discussion where we are all reading the GBWW at the same time (currently reading Dante's Divine Comedy). This discussion group is fairly active. I recommend you check it out and join.

Mark (hendersonhome) | 3 comments Thx for your response. I like that group, but they're way ahead of my reading progress (with another small, in-person group). Given that little factoid, what advice can you give me?

message 5: by Heber (new)

Heber (arkad01) | 3 comments I would say, you jump in where they are. You can get the first 5 yrs on the second pass through :-).

Mark (hendersonhome) | 3 comments Thanks. I will run that by the rest of my group.

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