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sydney Spencer lives here with his mother, Rachel, and 2 year old sister, Amanda.

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sydney Spencer walked up the stairs to his house and then set her down on one of the only uncovered couches in the house. He walked into the kitchen and opened a box with glasses, he filled one with water and set it on the floor by her. He pulled the keys she had dropped and set them on the counter. Spencer grabbed the small first aid kit from the cupboard and then walked over to Galina. He looked at her carefully, she had a small cut on her elbow from the fall.
He took out the cleaner and washed off the dead skin and dirt. He then bandaged it up gently.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Galina chewed on her lip as he carried her into the house. It wasn't far from her house, but then again, everything in the town was. She let him bandage her cut, to scared and shy to say otherwise, and looked around the room as he cleaned it. The room was obviously not fully unpacked and set up yet, but she could already tell that it was going to be a nice house. She winced once as he cleaned it, but showed no other emotion.

((I g2g, but I'll be on later!))

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sydney Spencer leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead as he would have down with his baby sister Amanda whenever she got hurt. He then sighed heavily and walked back into the kitchen. He was sure Galina would be hungry when she finally woke all the way. He began making waffles, because that was all he really knew how to make.

((aawwww :( ))

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Galina slowly started to come into full consciousness, and she was no less tense when she saw where she was. An unknown house, barely unpacked, and there was a bandage on her arm. Where had that come from? Galina peered at it curiously, then remembered. Oh, yeah. The library. Fainting...and something about Spencer. Her brain didn't want to give her all the information she wanted to remember. With a slight wince, Galina pushed herself up into a sitting position. Her dress was dusty, and there was a bump forming on her head. Great, one more thing to explain to her parents.

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sydney Spencer looked into the living area when he heard Galina move. He brought out the plate of waffles to her, he had buttered them and covered them in syrup and then pulled one of the boxes over to her like a tray. "How are you feeling?"

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Galina had been so busy thinking of an excuse that she didn't hear Spencer come in. She jumped when he spoke to her, and glanced up before immediatly staring at her lap. Playing with her fingers, she twisted a part of her dress in her hands so she didn't have to look at him. "Good." She said quietly, knowing she had to talk, or else come off as rude. She was assuming he'd been the one to bandage her cut, so he was just being nice.

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sydney Spencer smiled just a little bit and nodded. "Good, I'm glad. Do you need some ice for your head?" He gestured to the small red spot forming on the side of her face.
Without waiting for an answer he set down the fork and went into the kitchen, it took him a minute, but he finally found a hand towel with which he filled with ice. He carried it out to Galina and set it next to her.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) She eyed the ice for a minute, as if it was going to reach out and bite her. Without looking at him, she slowly reached over and picked up the towel, and put it gingerly on the side of her head. She winced as the cold ice touched her throbbing head, but tried not to show it. It hurt, but she didn't want to acknowledge that. She was already way out of her comfort zone, no need to push it farther.

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sydney Spencer went into the kitchen and cleaned off the stove. He then opened one of the boxes so he could begin unpacking, she seemed scared of him. He wanted to make her as comfortable as possible so he decided to stay in the kitchen. It was open into the living room so he could still see her. He wished he could make things less shy for her, especially where he would really like to get to know her.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) The ice pack was cold, and it numbed her head within minutes. When the throbbing died down, Galina saw the plate of waffles on the tapped up box. They looked and smelled good, making her stomach growl at the sight of them. But waffles and syrup were on the list of things never to eat. To many carbs and calories. Galina bit her lip and sat back on the couch, pulling her legs up to her chin. Why did her parents have to be so difficult. Because they're looking out for you, She reminded herself. So instead, she looked out the window, watching the yard outside.

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sydney Spencer stayed his distance making sure he wouldn't seem to push her away. He grabbed his book and then hopped up on to the countertop. He slipped his glasses off and then got into World War II.
He always could put himself in the story, even if he wasn't the main character he could put himself there for sure.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Galina watched the squirrels run across the yard, stopping occasionally to pick up an acorn, stuff it in its mouth, and keep running. She put her arms on the back of the couch, and rested her chin on her arm, watching them. They were so free, only worrying about if they had enough food. And yet, they were so alike, the squirrels and her. The way they would pick their heads up, glance about in both directions, and sprint towards the safety of the tree.
Galina wished she had a tree like them, but the only person she felt safe with, Mariah, was constantly on the move. Galina had never really made any other friends in town, because no one bothered to talk to her, thinking she was a snobby rich kid. But she wasn't. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Galina continued to watch the squirrels. Before to long, her head tilted forward and she fell asleep on the couch, the ice pack still on her head.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) ((Allo?))

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sydney (( D: no notification!!))

Spencer looked up over in Galina's direction, and though she was blurry he could tell she had fallen asleep almost sitting straight up. He chuckled ever so slightly and walked back into the living room, he picked her up and carried her up the stairs into his bedroom, the only room actually made up. He set her down on his bed and the closed the curtains so she could rest.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Galina didn't even register that someone was moving her, she was fast asleep. She didn't move a muscle as Spencer carried her up to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Just after he laid her down, her phone went off, a soft classical ringtone that was barely audible. Galina didn't stir, even thought her pocket was vibrating like crazy.

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sydney Spencer heard the vibrating and the ringtone, he knew it was rude to answer it, but at the same time it could be her parents who were worrying about her. He decided not to answer her phone and just let it ring, he walked out of the bedroom, leaving the door open as he headed back to his book.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Galina's phone stopped ringing, then picked right back up again. After five minutes of ringing and vibrating, Galina woke up, and reached into her pocket. She pulled out her phone, and her eyes widened as she saw who it was. "Hi Mom." She said timidly as she answered the call. "Where have you been?!" Her mom yelled, forcing Galina to hold the phone at an arm's length as she walked down the stairs. "You were supposed to be home an hour ago! Where are you?! Come home right now!" She started going off on a tangent about how worried she and her father were, how Galina was in so much trouble, and she kept going on and on. Galina just winced, but didn't say anything in protest. This was not going to be a pretty night at home.

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sydney Spencer heard some movement, but chose to leave Galina on her own for a moment. He was too into his book right now and he didn't want to bother her anyways. He breathed in the War, taking it into his own life, he was a young general right now, leading a renegade group of men.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) "You come home right now!" Her mother snapped, and hung up the phone. Galina let out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding, and glanced into the living room. Spencer was there, reading a book. He looked pretty involved in the book, like she sometimes got, and so Galina decided it was better to leave him alone. Looking back into the kitchen, she saw what she needed. She grabbed a pen and a scrap of paper, and wrote down a quick note that she left on the table before hurrying out the door towards home.
Thanks for everything. I'm sorry if I wasted your time, but it was nice of you not to just leave me there on the sidewalk. Mariah was right, you are nice guy.

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sydney Spencer jumped a bit when he heard the door shut quickly and quietly. He looked up and then walked to his room, when he didn't see her but a note in her place he read it. She had definitely not been a waste of his time, she had just been immensely shy.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) ((Hmm...should Galina tell Mariah what happened, and then Mariah gets them together again? Or should they just bump into eachother again someplace?))

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sydney ((They can run into each other again. :) ))

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) ((Okay, where should it be?))

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) ((*flails* Sydney!))

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sydney ((Hmm wherever, you pick! :)
Steph, I'm having a mind block, I'm still trying to decide what Artemis is gonna do.. Haha))

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) ((How about Brewed Awakenings? And I'm going to Move Ryan and Mariah to the Hill topic as well.))

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) (((view spoiler)))

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sydney ((Okay. :) that works))

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) ((I was kind of kidding, but okay...))

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sydney ((Haha well I was actually not talking to you, but the comment works for both I guess.))

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