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Tracey 1. My Sister's Keeper
2. The Organized Life: Secrets of an Expert Organizers
3. Steve Jobs
4. The Homeschooling Father
5. 1421: The Year China Discovered America
6. 501 Tips for Teachers
7. My Folks Don't Want Me To Talk About Slavery
8. Insider's Guide to St. Louis

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Tracey 9. Annie Oakley

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Tracey 10. Before the Buddha Came
11. How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, and Listen so Kids will talk

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Tracey 12. End of Racism
13. Stupid American History
14. (In January) Lead Like Jesus

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Tracey 15. Maria Mitchell: The Soul of an Astronomer

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Tracey 16. The Children's Story

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Tracey 17. Don't Know Much about Geography

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Tracey 18. Learning Targets - great resource for teachers!

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Tracey Making Meaning Grade 5 Resource Kit:
19. Earthquakes - Seymour Simon
20. Big Cats - Seymour Simon
21. Harry Houdini - Robert Kraske
22. Letting Swift River Go - Jane Yolen
23. Uncle Jed's Barbershop - Margaree King Mitchell
24. Something to Remember Me By - Susan Bosak
25. The Lotus Seed - Tatsuro Kiuchi
26. Life in the Rainforests - Lucy Baker
27. The Summer My Father was Ten - Pat Brisson
28. Wildfires - Seymour Simon
29. Survival and Loss - Native American Boarding Schools
30. A River Ran Wild - Lynne Cherry
31. Richard Wright and the Library Card
32. Chinese Americans - Tristan Boyer Binns
33. Everybody Cooks Rice - Norah Dooley
34. Star of Fear, Star of Hope - Jo Hoestlandt

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Tracey 35. Hey World, Here I am
36. Heroes by Paul Dowswell

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Tracey I have read a total of 96 children's books in the last three weeks for our new reading program. These 96 books include books 19-36 above.

The reading levels are from first to 9th grade. I am too lazy to type them here!

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Tracey 114. Mary Lou Retton: Creating an Olympic Champion by Mary Lou Retton
115. Story of Islam by Rob Lloyd Jones
116. How to Differentiate in Mixed-Ability Classrooms by Carol Ann Tomlinson

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Tracey 117. What my sister remembered
118. A Stolen Life: Jaycee Duggard
119. Anne Frank: 10 Days that shook the world
120. 100 Words every Middle schooler should know
121. The Happiness Project
122. The Culture of Corruption
123. Growing Up Too Fast: The secret world of America's middle schoolers
124. Why America's Children Can't Think

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Tracey 125. Textbook Fatigue

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