A Fistful of Charms (The Hollows, #4) A Fistful of Charms question

Trouble with it?
Lauren (aplpeach) Lauren (aplpeach) Jun 15, 2012 10:37AM
I was just wondering if anyone else had trouble getting through A Fistful of Charms? I can't seem to get into it for some reason. Everyone keeps telling me to keep reading the series and that I will love it. i hope the rest of the books aren't like this one. I read like 2 pages and then stop because I am just bored. I started it at the end of May and am only like 150 pages in of 554. Usually I finish a book in 3 days. I hope I am not the only one who felt this book was lacking something. I feel like there isn't much action I guess is what I am trying to say.

This book is my least favourite in the series and I quite often skip it when I do a reread, for me the next ones are so much better but i love them all :)

Suffer through this one one time so you can get to the awesomeness that comes after. I just stalled out on this one in my re-read for Ever After. The later books are worth it, though!

I just had the same problem, I didn't finish but read the end so I'd be prepared for the next one... love the others so far though

It was not the best of them. Though Kat may be right I have not read book seven. I read the first six from my Library and decided I wanted buy them along with some other series. So, I stopped till I can buy all. Through the first six this was not as good yet I think will worth the read.

I loved it!!! I had a problem with book 5....it didn't get good for me till the middle....I am at the ending now, and am hooked!!!!!

I had the same problem, so much in fact I have not continued to read the books following it. Seeing the comments here though may have changed my mind to go ahead and read the next book.

Thats how i was on the first book i normaly read a book in a few days it took me over 3 weeks cuz i just was'nt getting pulled in.. but it gets better...i dont want to give no spoliers away but i just started book 6 and so far book 5 has been my least favorit it just had a realy "sad"thing that gos down. I am also thinking about moving on to another series.. I just wanted to hurry up and power read the hollows before the cw released it on tv.

I thought the book was pretty good, but I understand where you're coming from. I had similar thoughts while trying to get through it. Compared to the rest of the series, this is my least favorite.

My problem was with Book #6, I stopped reading the series after that one. (view spoiler)

This book had some of my favorite scenes from the series so far (I've only read the first four books). I'm reading the series to see what happens to the relationship between Rachel and Ivy. I've glossed over the historical inconsistencies that the world building would have to incorporate to account for everything that has happened as well as the sometimes inexplicable plot points that are thrown in.

And it does seem that the books take a little time to speed up in the beginning. In each book.

I didn't mind it at all. If you think that's bad, wait until book 7. Book 7 SUCKS. But book 8 picks right back up, so it kinda makes up for a lackluster book every now and again.

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