The Wounded Land (The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, #1) The Wounded Land discussion

Do you read paperback, Kindle ebook iBooks ebook or all of the above?

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Peter West This relates to Sci-Fi / Fantasy books in general
or any other genre if you prefer.

Do you read books as paperback, Kindle ebook, iBooks ebook, or Kobo ebook or all of the above?

Which do you prefer and why?
If you don't read ebooks now do you plan to within the next 5 years?

Scott (Ozziespur) I have over 100 books on my smartphone. 100 books in your pocket to read at any time, life is good !

Tabbycatz I now pretty much read everything using my kindle app either on my phone, tablet or on my actual kindle. I love being able to have a 1000 books in my hand and being able to read whatever I want where ever I am. They kindle library is amazing and with 1000's of free books I have discovered many great authors I never heard of and went on to get more of their books. Kindle release's new books daily, a great website/newsletter to join is kindle nation daily. I would suggest with the price being so low now start reading on any of your devices for free (smart phone, Pc, Tablet) The kindle App is Free to download from amazon for all types of devices and you don't even have to own a kindle. No I do not work for Amazon I just love reading Ebooks using this app!

Allen Stroud Here was me hoping for a popular discussion on Donaldson! ;)

Tabbycatz Allen wrote: "Here was me hoping for a popular discussion on Donaldson! ;)"

oops sorry. He is one of my all time authors, I discovered Thomas Covenant when I was 15 or so (just turned 45) and I read and re-read those books so many times they where falling apart. I like the first set of books best, what about you? I still have not finished the last one I read 1/2 of it and did not finish it. I think I need to re-read them all again because I kind of forget the Linden Avery books. Who where your favorite characters? Mine was Banner the blood guard and Salt Heart Foam Follower and I also loved Lord Mhoram.

Allen Stroud Not your fault at all Tabby.

Donaldson was a writer I cited in my Masters thesis. I was very fortunate to get to put a couple of questions to him. I read his first trilogy of Thomas Covenant books when I was perhaps too young for some of the content and they are an example to me of how children edit out content they don't understand.

Donaldson wrote a fantastic academic paper on the topic of epic fantasy and how he saw the conflict of a quest as both an internal character struggle as an external battle.

I really feel he went off the rails a bit with the Gap series, but the return to Covenant has been very good indeed. I don't think he''s reached the same standard as the first trilogy (particularly the Illearth War), but finding out what some of the Land's ancient magical artefacts are and how things work is fascinating.

Tabbycatz I agree I think I was too young when I first read the series as there was some pretty heavy stuff in there for a young teen. I always loved Thomas as he was sort of the anti-hero. I do agree I believe the first set of books where the best. Again I never finished the latest book I will have to go back from it. Maybe I will have to start again and read them all....that will keep me busy for a while :)

Michael Mcqueen To answer both topics on this thread, I read most of my books now on the Kindle, thanks to failing eyesight, adjustible font, and the built in dictionary feature, which will come in handy as I start re-reading the Covenant novels. I too read the first two trilogies in high school, far too young to understand all the vocabulary and the word play Donaldson employs. Looking forward to rediscovering, then tackling the last tetraology.

David I read on iPad if I'm at home, Kindle if I'm traveling, and paper if it's a textbook or something in my older library. I haven't purchased a paper-based novel since 2007, and I buy a book a week on average.

Danielle Just like Wally said, I read like a wolf hunts, whatever format I can get the book in and the cheapest way possible. I prefer ebooks because of the convenience of reading on my iphone anywhere,anytime and any lighting, and I love the dictionary function and the fact that I cant jump to google and research things.
I have a love/hate relationship with Thomas Covenant, one of the few series that I've read twice. I've thrown out my stinky old paperback set but I do have them as ebooks, I don't know if I would read them again, there are so many other books to read, I never even bothered with Mordant's Need.

Chris Edmonds Yep, the first trilogy was the best by far - and I kept the stinky old paperbacks!

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