Tempted (House of Night, #6) Tempted question

Heath, Eric, Loren, Stark?
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which one do u think zoey should choose? im really not sure. but i really like heath. he's like so adorable. but Eric is real nice and stark is just soo cocky its funnny :L

I love Stark! At first I was head over heels in love with Eric. Than he turned into this selfish jerk (i mean, she did cheat on him, but i mean to everyone) and Stark helped her through that hard time, so he is her soul mate!

stark all the way, we all want to find that one person that would risk their own life just so you keep yours. love is every thing and in everyone. they have a very strong connection from the start.

I Love Stark but Heath is so lovable <3


STARK! always and forever!!!

First of all, I wish she would understand the difference between love and lust. Like Loren, she thought she loved him and vice versa, but all they had was seduced moments. Eric couldve but then he became a jerk so whatever. Idk about Stark because that just kind of happened. Now Heath I would choose. THAT was love.

Heather Moore I really do love Heath and wished they could have lasted forever but the way the story goes it makes sense that shes with stark and he loves her if no ...more
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Areaian I love stark. Even his cocky attitude. He really cares for Zoey and will protect her with his life.
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Erik, because Loren's dead and never loved her in the first place, Stark is mine, and Heath is annoying.

I down with Stark

Loren... Hot! Erik... ehh. Heath... Yes. Stark.. Definitely!

Stark for me 'cause they already have a connection with Zoey before he dies and I'm saying that because they barely have enough time to know each other a lot.
And Stark had done everything to return Zoey's soul he didn't leave by her side. He's contented with what Zoey has to offer to him :D
But if Loren didn't die I'll also root for him even though he betrayed her, I could tell that what he felt for Zoey was real because he run for her because he though she was in danger and it cause him his life just for worrying for her. So yeah, i also like lauren blake :)

Eric, but in the end it turns out that Eric is an asshole.

Stark <3


heathhh....soul mates!!!childhhhod loverzzz......!!!its soo rong of zzzoeyy to evn gt attractedd to other guyzzz...love heath!!!he iz perfect forrr her!!!!

Stark definitely

Stark all the way

Stark. Definitely. He has been there for Zoey all the time!

Eric was a tool, Loren got what he deserved, Heath treated Z like crap until she was a fledgling and Stark stood by her side through everything. I like Stark the best. :)

STARK because in later books he chooses her over everything else because he loves her. He does everything possible in order to protect her and keep her safe at any cost. TRUE LOVE


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I hated Loren. I loved Heath and Stark.

Here is how i would score them
1. Heath
2. Stark (close and almost tieing with Heath)
3. Loren (even though he tricks her)
4. Erik (because he is such a possessive jerk and doesnt deserve her)

Isn't Loren out of the running now since he's idk DEAD??????!!!!!!!


I'd personally say Stark.
-I don't like nor approve of student/teachers
-Never really really liked Heath, I mean I just felt that either he becona a Vampire or just stay friends.
-Eric's an asshole so....
So, I'm definitely tean Stark, plus I love his name.

Definetely Stark. Eric is an asshole, Loren too. Heath is mine. I want Z/ark!

My goodness. Heath, Eric, Loren, Stark...why not just go on the Bachelorette, Zoey?

definitely stark!!!

But I do agree with you in liking Heath.

Stark all the way. He just loves her so much and he's her Guardian/ Warrior thingo!!! I'm really sorry to the people that like Heath so much but I just absolutely cannot stand him. Sorry :/

Heath is dead anyways so she can't really pick him.
Loren dies so she can't pick him either...

Just pick one chick...even tho I like the series..

Like Eric. Really like Heath and love stark

Stark ofc!

Heath, he was her first love and has always tried to be there for her in any way, shape or form.

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He's really cute, can kick butt and he's her Guardian/ Warrior anyway.

Stark definitely

I liked Eric from the start.

I say Stark...he's been by her side through it all...no matter what>

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