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Hannah (normalgirl) (Nice.)

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♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments Shane opened the door and walked in with Zarabeth. "I'll see if I can find a movie," he said.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "Okay." She sat down on the couch.

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments He searched the room until he found a movie. "Um... Do you wanna watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? That's all I can find."

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "Yeah, that's fine with me." She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments He put the movie in and sat down beside her, not too close but not too far. "I honestly don't know whose movie this is," he said, "cuz it's not mine." He guessed it was one of his new roommates'.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "At least you found one," she said positively.

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments He shrugged. "Yeah." The movie started.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) ((Want to skip to when it's over?))

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments ((Sure))

Shane looked over at Zara when the movie ended. "How did you like it?" he asked.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) She looked back at him. "It was okay. What about you? What did you think?"

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments He shrugged. "I liked it okay," he said.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) ((Gotta go.))

"Yeah." She sighed. "Well, I better get going."

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments ((Okay, bye! :) ))

He nodded. "Yeah... See you around," he said, smiling.

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Hannah (normalgirl) Tanner walks in on them and stood there with a smirk on his face.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) Zara stood up and smiled. "Hello!"

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Hannah (normalgirl) Tanner nods in her direction and makes his way towards his bed.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) She shrugged. "Thanks for everything," she said quietly to Shane. She waved to him on her way out the door.

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Hannah (normalgirl) Tanner says nothing as he sat on his bed a pained expression on his face.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) Luke strolled in happily, still in his swimming trunks. He knocked on Tanner's door and peered in. "Anybody home?"

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Hannah (normalgirl) Tanner glances up. "Who wants to know."

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments Shane waved bye to Zara and watched Tanner as he entered the room. Shane still sat where he was on the couch. He looked over at the door when he heard someone's voice.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) Luke tilted his head. "Me."

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Hannah (normalgirl) Tanner frowns. "Then yeah."

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) Luke sat down next to him. "You look...pained. What's up?"

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♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments Shane crossed the room and pulled out the DVD. "Who's the person who brought Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close?" he asked, looking between the two. He was still a little amused a guy had a movie like that

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "Not me!" He glanced at Tanner suspiciously.

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Hannah (normalgirl) Tanner laughs. A sound that sounds like mockery. "I don't think we're on Opra buddy. You must be Luke. Its been real." He tries to dismiss the guys subject of choice. He wouldn't understand him. No one could and his energy was making things hard to concentrate.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) Luke shrugged. "Alright." He exited the room and went to go unpack a little.

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Hannah (normalgirl) Tanner glances at the dvd. "Man. I dont even watch tv." He felt the energy escalate and started moving the covrrs on his bed with his mind. Trying to release the anxiety he felt by being near people who couldnt control their emotions.

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments Shane wondered what that was about but didn't say anything. He was about to say the spell he used to hold his luggage but then glanced at the other guy still in the room, and wondered if he should go to a different section of the rooms.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "Maybe the last person here left it by accident!" Luke shouted from his room.

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Hannah (normalgirl) Tanner feels better and opens a drawer in his dresser revealing a deck of cards with strange symbols and started shuffling.

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments "Probably," Shane said, shrugging.

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Hannah (normalgirl) Tanner glances at them and spread the cards out on the bed beside him.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) ((Do they all have seperate bedrooms or do they share one bedroom with like a bunkbeds?))

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments ((Umm... idk))

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Hannah (normalgirl) ( real dorms for three people there is two rooms. One for sleep and the other one for a common room to fit the rest of their stuff.)

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) ((Okay we'll do it that way Hannah. If that's okay with everyone.))

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments ((Sure))

Shane clasped his hands together and muttered something under his breath, slowly releasing the pressure against his hands. As he did so a small fabric spread out the further his hands grew apart until a duffle bag fell to the floor. He picked it up.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) Luke watched Shane. "Let me guess. Wizard?"

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Hannah (normalgirl) (We dont have to. Im just saying how it is in college and boarding school. We could do whatever you guys like.)

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) ((I don't have a prefrence.))

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments Shane glanced up at Luke and nodded slightly. "Yeah. And you are...?"

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "Super strength." He loved talking about his ability.

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Hannah (normalgirl) Tanner rolls his eyes and mumbles. "Egotistical. Check."

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♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) | 2672 comments He bit back a laugh at Tanner's comment. "Hm, interesting," he said. "So, can you like lift a car or something?" He wondered just how strong he was.

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Hannah (normalgirl) Tanner slowly smiles as he played with his wierd cards without touching them.

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) "Yeah, I can lift cars." He tried not to glare at Tanner. "Easily," he added without thinking.

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