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Johns ((Woo! But a drumset is in the corner.))

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Alex walked in dragging her suitcase behind her and looked around, she was alone in the room.

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Johns Jayne, laying on the bed with a book in her hand and her iPod in her ears, raised an eyebrow to the girl that walked in to the room. She turned it off and set her book on the table beside her. "Uh, who're you?" she asked, sitting up.

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Alex jumped, she hadn't seen the girl, "I'm Alex, this is my dorm, it seems like we're sharing."

message 5: by Johns (new)

Johns Jayne jumped up and walked over to Alex. "Well Alex, I'm Jayne. Nice to meet you, Roomie," she said, smirking. This'll be fun, since she didn't get along well with others.

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"Great to meet you to, roomie," she returned the smirk with an evil glint in her eyes.

message 7: by Johns (new)

Johns "Oh, this'll be fun," muttered Jayne, walking over to her drum set. "So Alex, I want to lay down my one and only rule: Don't touch my drums," she said, grabbing her drumsticks.

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"No worries, I can't play drums, just as long as you don't touch my guitars," she put down the huge guitar case that she had in one hand, it was specially made to hold two guitars and inside was here acoustic which her dad had given her and her dark purple electric that she had won.

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Johns Jayne's eyes widdened and she smiled. "No way. You're a guitarist?" she asked Alex. She thought she'd be another one of those obbsessed with themselves kind of girls, but Alex seemed.... fun.

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"Yeah, my dad thought me how to play years ago," she opened the guitar case and stood back so that Jayne could see the guitars.

message 11: by Johns (new)

Johns "Whoa," said Jayne, staring at them. The dark purple one really caught her attention. Anything grey or purple always caught her attention. "My dad bannished me to Hell when I turned 19. I taught myself how to play. It was super hard."

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"I'm still learning, but my parents died last year so I'm stuck here unless I want to meet the same fate they did," she shrugged lightly.

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Johns Jayne, with her detective like curiosity, had to ask. "How did they die?" she blurted out.

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Alex bit her sit then sighed, "killed by a vampire slayer," she said quietly staring at her guitars as memories of that dreadful night flashed in her mind, she was lucky to be alive.

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Johns ((GTG....))

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((See ya))

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Johns ((I tis back!))

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Johns ((You know what? I just realized that the room looks like it's from the Sims 2. :P))

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((Oh yeah! Should we carry on with the roleplay?))

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Johns ((Dang! You caught me at a bad time. I gotta go to my grandma's for 3 days. D: It's boring.....))

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((What, right now?))

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Johns ((I do tommorrow. I just visited for a few hours. Now I"m back till around 1pm Central Time Zone.))

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((Okay, it's your turn to say something if you have the time))

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Johns ((Okay!))

Jayne stiffened, her eyes snapping up and her back straightening. "Vampire hunters? Are there any demon hunters here?" she asked nervously.

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"I'm not sure, there aren't any Vampire hunters here are there?" Her eyes widened and her pulse quickened, this might not end well for her if there were Vampire Hunters roaming around the school.

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Johns Jayne shrugged. "I don't know! That's why I was asking you!" she said, nervous again. Hunters were not good. Demon hunters always won against a demon. She'd watched Supernatural. She knew. Same with vampires. Jayne clenched and unclenched her hand, what she always did when she was nervous. "Would you mind calling me Jay?"

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"Okay, but Jay, why are you so worried about the demon hunters? They can't do anything to you at school," she frowned with confusion, her panic was starting to wear off at the idea of the Vampire hunters not being allowed to hurt her while she was in school.

message 29: by Johns (new)

Johns Jay gestured to herself, from her head to her toe. "Uh, HELLO! Demon? Demon hunters? It's kinda a natural thing! Duh!" she said, sounding panicy. Demon hunters, just the name, gave her the jitters.

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"Figured," she gave Jay one of her easy, lop-sided smiles, "well, you can probably guess why my parents were killed by Vampire hunters."

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Johns Jay shrugged. "They were bloodsuckers?" she offered lamely. She may have been smart music wise, but she was kinda stupid when it came to ready people.

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"Pretty much, and so am I."

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Johns Jay nodded. "I kinda figured. Mine were humans."

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Alex laughed slightly, "born a bloodthristy monster, that sums me up."

message 35: by Johns (new)

Johns Jay nodded distractedly. She was spacing out in her thoughts. Again. Her eyes went blank and enexpressionless, her face still. She just sat on the edge of her bed, looking forward.

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"What's up? Are you still worried about the demon hunters? There must be a rule against them hurting you in school."

message 37: by Johns (new)

Johns When Alex spoke up, Jay snapped out of it. She had no idea what she just said. "Huh? What'd you say?" she asked.

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"I said, are you still worried about the demon hunters? There must be a rule against them hurting you," she chose her words carefully, she really didn't want to be dealing with an angry demon because that probably wouldn't go very well on her part.

message 39: by Johns (new)

Johns Jay shook her head and grinned. "Nah. Demon hunters are scary, yes, but I'm alright here," she said, barely believing it herself. She looked at Alex. "What about you? Worried?"

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"I guess, but if one theatens me then I'll get them before they can get me," her eyes narrowed as she thought about hurting one of them.

message 41: by Johns (new)

Johns Jayne nodded and laughed. "Same here," she said to Alex.

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"So, how long have you been playing the drums?" She was desperate to get away from the subject of demon and vampire hunters.

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Johns Jay thought for a minute. "I'm not sure," she said, confused. She scrunched up her eyebrows, looking confused. "I don't remember."

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Johns ((Gtg... Need to sleep. Night.))

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((Sorry, I had to go to school))

Alex thought about when her dad had first taught her to play guitar, on the old acoustic that was now hers, he had used it to play in so many bands and it carried so many memories of him.

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Johns ((It's ok. I've been at my G-mas.))

Jay just sat on the edge of the bed, trying to remember. Then it hit her. "It seems that went I went six feet under, my memory wiped out kinda," she said.

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"What?" Alex looked at Jay confused.

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Johns "When I was bannished. It's like some of my memory went out the window," said Jayne again. She could only remember bits and pieces.

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"Oh," Alex didn't really know what to say, she really hoped that Jayne would change the subject.

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Johns Jayne nodded. "Yeah, it sucks," she said. She glanced at her drums. "So, what bands do you like, Alex?" she asked, changing the subject.

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