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What Happened to Clara's Little Brother?
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HELLO PEOPLE!?!? I absolutely love the Unearthly series too and the love triangle, but did anyone ever think about Jeffrey? If i do remember he was mad at Clara for ruining his purpose and left without a word. He could ruin or make everything better! Like really everything. What if he kills tucker for revenge!?! (yes, I am tucker team) I would jump into that cruel book and murder him!!! Get Samjeeza to help me too. Like really people, he could have a big part in this next book.
Anyways, now that I'm done ranting I will try to guess what happens. He will mostly likely go dark and try to get revenge on someone! But if he doesn't then at the least he's a train-wreck of emotions because his mom died. Who knows, what if he invades the school? So just sayin'. It's a thought.Cynthia Hand

This is just another reason why I need this book RIGHT NOW!

Janelle heh, me too
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I don't know. Jeffrey was never really important, and he was always mad at Clara. After his almost arrest and his running away, the only thing Jeffrey will probably do is something small, like trying to hide with Clara.

if jeffery doesn't come back what will happen to clara and billy and their father? plez tell me!!!!!!!!!!

I just hope he doesn't go over to the other side. :'( I'm fine with anything but him becoming a black wing.

Oh yeah, what did happen to him, if he doesn't come back I'll be upset with the author because that would just ruin the plot line... Hmm..?

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