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message 1: by Tania (new)

Tania | 644 comments Hi guys and gals of the RRRC,

I've been absent for the last few months due to some health issues that I'm slowly getting sorted out. Turns out that when I'm sick I don't read... who knew! Seriously, my doctor now has it listed as one of his questions to ask me to judge how my energy levels etc are.

So you see - reading is good for you... I now have proof :)

It'll probably take me a little while longer to get into challenges etc. I'm just starting to revisit my blog and check out what books I've missed out on. Which I guess means my book budget is going to sky-rocket the more time I spend on this site.


message 2: by Yz the Whyz, Moderator (new)

Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 9327 comments Hey Tania! Welcome back. Hope everything is okay now.


message 3: by Jane (PS), Moderator (last edited Jun 15, 2012 01:46AM) (new)

Jane (PS) | 19628 comments Hi Tania!! We've missed you!

Hope you are feeling better now - take things slowly... :) And we'll be able to monitor your health by your reading diet as well, now that we know *hehehe*

message 4: by PepperP0t (new)

PepperP0t welcome back Tania, glad you're better.

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