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Scarlet walked in and sat next to a girl

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She sits there watching the movie

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She bumps into her

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Jake walks in, wondering what movies are playing.

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"Oh sorry," Jake said. He looked at the girl, and she was pretty. "Hi."

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Jake smiled. "Would you like to go to a movie?"

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"what would you like to see?" Jake asked.

((nope. i will right now. ))

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"how about death of kitten?" JAke asked.

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"Let's go then," Jake said. "The reviews are horrible so it has to be good!!"

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((sometimes he cant get on))

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((yea hes a friend of mine from school))

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((yea its kinda cool i wouldnt know about this site if it wasnt for him))

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"Im jake," Jake said.

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((good to know))

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"are you scared?" Jake whispered at the halfway point in the movie.

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((answer you girlie friend :) Trey ))

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Hannah (i heart photography) wrote: "Kerry eyes were wide. She nodded. Suddenly a scary cat popped put and she screamed. Without thinking she burried her face in his shoulder. "is it gone?" She whispered."

"yes it's gone," jake said, his hands on his face.

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Mariah wrote: "((answer you girlie friend :) Trey ))"

(( no comment ))

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Treyson (Basketball and Scouts) wrote: "Hannah (i heart photography) wrote: "Kerry eyes were wide. She nodded. Suddenly a scary cat popped put and she screamed. Without thinking she burried her face in his shoulder. "is it gone?" She wh..."

(( are you there hannah? ))

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Leslie walked into the theater> She sat down to watch the movie Death Of Kitten.

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Isaac Ivy glanced up from the spot she stood at, picking under her thumbnail. Sighing to herself, she went to the concession stands, staring hungrily at the food.

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((hes at scout camp he'll be home Saturday))

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((any time!! :) ))

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Isaac Shrugging it off, she left the theater.

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((He's home he just hasn't gotten on.))

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 992 comments Alden looked at the different movies on the walls. He read and looked them up and down. He waited for Tessa's opinion.

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Tessa shrugged and looked at him "You pick."

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 992 comments Alden's eyes lingered around a horror movie that had scared off most of the people, so he'd heard, and an action movie. He glanced at one of the romantic comedies, but ignored it. He'd never seen one. He didn't think it would a good time to try then.
"Which one you think is worse?" he pointed at the horror movie and the action one for Tessa to see.

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Tessa looked at them. "I personally think a horror movie would best fit our personality's." She sat there for a moment then shrugged "Either or."

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 992 comments Alden nodded.
"Horror movie it is" he said with a grin. The he pulled from his pocket a wad of cash.
"And" he held it up, "it's my turn this time."
He walked over to the ticket lady and had a short conversation about his age. In the end, Alden just made the machine pop up the tickets. He handed the lady the wad of cash without waiting for change.

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Tessa smiled shaking her head and chuckling under her breath. "You can be unbelievable."

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 992 comments Alden smiled, handing over her ticket.
"Yes. I can" he said shortly.

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Tessa rolled her eyes taking the ticket with a smile "I pay next."

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 992 comments Alden sighed, but said nothing.
He walked in and towards the snack bar. He had an idea...

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"Get what you want." Tessa said motioning towards.....everything.

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 992 comments Alden decided on a the biggest bucket of popcorn available. Then he got ready for his inside joke.

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"Ok." Tessa said raising an eyebrow. Tessa ordered a drink then started pulling out her money.

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 992 comments The money suddenly froze, not allowing Tessa to take it out. It might have felt like pulling on a statue made from the ground. Alden munched on his popcorn normally, watching her struggle as if it was what happened every time she pulled out her money.

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Violent Vi (violetk) | 156 comments Kylee got a ticket for whatever movie and got a small popcorn and Milk Duds. She entered the movie theatre too depressed to care where she sat. She poured the box of Milk Duds in the popcorn and sighed as she watched the commercials.

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Tessa glared up at Alden Stop it! she thought to him a smile on her face.

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((I'm alive))

"what did you think?" jake asked carrie.

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((Yay it lives!!))

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(( I'm not an it))

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 992 comments (( BACK! ))

Alden shook his head and continued his little prank.
She looked pretty weird. The lady behind the counter was leaning back and looking at her as if Tessa was a psycho. Alden wasn't laughing... yet.

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((Yay You're back!!!!))

Alden stop it! she was smiling and trying not to laugh.

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 992 comments (( Ehehe! ))

Alden hesitated. But instead of stopping his prank all together, he made the money burst out so fast, it smacked the lady in the counter.
She blinked, confused.
Then Alden laughed, dropping bits of popcorn as he held his side in laughter.

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"Ah so you can laugh." Tessa said giggling like a fool making it seem she didn't know what happened

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 992 comments Alden nodded, almost choking on nothing.
"That... is wha-what happens... when you don't let me pay from stuff..." he laughed, straightening himself.

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