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♥Sex Kitten♥ The Victorian Era was a long period of peace and prosperity throughout Britain. It lasted throughtout the rein of Queen Victoria, which was from 1837 to 1901.

This was the Era of grand ball gowns and masqurade parties. Where woman wore dress all the time and men acted to both respect and honor their families. The langues was slightly more advance so if you can help it try and keep as many modern terms out of your RPing.


What part of England are you from?:
(Dutches, Duke, Lord, Knight, Sir, Lady ect.)


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Rin | 313 comments This is awesome! :D

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alli (cross) | 1 comments Name:allison(alli or alice)decayence bathory
Personality:shes shy and a little tomboy.she doesnt trust easily.she loathes her mother.shes suicidal.a tad bit crazy at times.she lovs music and clothing from diffrent cultures.
History:alli is a smart girl she traveled often in her early years and mastered the art of "acting"which is lying. she grew up with her father who was very fond of her but after his "mysterious" death she had to live with her mum.her mum forced her to wear dresses and pin up her the age of 13 she was attending a boarding school to become a "proper" the school she was beaten and scarred until she learned how to become a lady.when she finally escaped due to her acting.she returned home and never said a word to her mother. her mother thinks she has a mental illness because she refuses to talk.she spends her day practicing archery and fencing or attending parties with her mother.she fell in love with a boy from france at theage of 15 her mother murdered him.shes been planning on murdering her mother and if all else fails commiting suicide.
What part of England are you from?:
Status:Alice Duchess of Gloucester
Family: mother
Style:she loves clothes from diffrent cultures.she wears long dresses more often then frilly dresses.
other:((fun fact their was a Princess Alice Duchess of Gloucester in history!!))((another fun fact in transylvania the last name batlory is famous because countess elizabeth bathlory also known as "the blood countess))

♥Sex Kitten♥ Umm since this is the Victorian Era the only Queen I'd Victoria so your character can be a dutchess but not a princess. Sorry

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Jessica | 4 comments Name: Jolanta Ptaszek
Age: 18
Gender: Female
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Personality: Jolanta is actually a shy girl who is scared to be hurt. But too survive she must be fun and outgoing, talk a lot and attend as many balls as she can. She's also a Tom boy and finds it hard to trust people.
History: Jolanta had parents but they both died recently. They lived in a beautiful forest not too far from the town. And this is where Jolanta lives by herself. They weren't a rich family and had to do their best to get into society.
What part of England are you from?: WHERE EVER THE OTHER RP'ers ARE :)
Status: none

Family: Parents died.
Other: She writes stories and poems. And is a beautiful singer. No one knows it yet, (but someone might ask her to sing one day)

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Rin | 313 comments Name: Carson Winchester
Age: 18
Gender: Male
height: 5'11
hair color: dark brown, sometimes looks black
eye color: green, sometimes a dark green

Personality: He's very unhappy with his life at the moment, since he's being given an arranged marriage. His family supposedly needs more money, since they were robbed by pirates. He desperately wants to run off and join them in the sea.
History: He's always been fascinated by pirates and other romanticized legends. He grew up on a fairly nice estate, with servents and all.
What part of England are you from?: London

Family: His parents and many siblings.
Style: very regal

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Isabelle Belle | 1 comments Who's that guy that's Ryder???

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