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The Serpent's Shadow > will zia fall for carter? dun dun dah

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message 1: by Basketball44 (new)

Basketball44 | 15 comments Do u think zia will fall for carter? Give me some reasons why or why not!

message 2: by Maryam (new)

Maryam (maryamg) | 3 comments I finished the Serpent's Shadow a few days ago and Zia does fall for Carter! They finally go on that date of their's to the mall! I mean I guess it was obvious the way they stood by each other that they were gonna fall for each other from the very beginning and this is fictional there's always the "happy ever after"!

message 3: by Kaleb (new)

Kaleb Miller (percyfan01) | 10 comments yep!

message 4: by Kaity (new)

Kaity (i-love-books-because-reasons) | 1 comments I ship Carter and Zia so hard!!! Their scenes were some of the best parts of the book.

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