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Ashlyn(Liz)'s Story

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Lizzie (lizlikes) I think it's best if we do separate topics for each character. Really really sorry if you don't approve of this.

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Lizzie (lizlikes) June 15, 2012

He's gone. He'll never see my face agin. I'll never see his. His smile. His laugh. I was so in love. I think he loved me. I'll never know. You know, unless I run into him in college or in adulthood. But we're only 12. By 6 years, it'll end up like, "Who are you?" Our faces won't be our faces. Our voices wont be our voices. Our hearts will be taken by another. Not in my case. He stole my heart. And he won't give it back. Never.

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♥Manaswi♥ (firepr00flarry) | 47 comments Mod
((LIZ!!!!!! Wait, then how will we rp with each other?? I think its best not to create seperate topics for each character. ))

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♥Manaswi♥ (firepr00flarry) | 47 comments Mod
((just copy the comments into the RP ((sunshine Shores)) section))

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Lizzie (lizlikes) Great. Well I think we should all make a topic for ourselves to create an inner story. In our sunshine shores folder or topic thingy can be where everyone collides. How bout that?

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Lizzie (lizlikes) Plus it's an rp. We dot all have to interact. It's just writing.

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♥Manaswi♥ (firepr00flarry) | 47 comments Mod

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Lizzie (lizlikes) So...

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Nunu-chan | 44 comments Mod

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Lizzie (lizlikes) Hey

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Nunu-chan | 44 comments Mod
You seem sad...:(

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