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message 1: by Athena, The Leader :) #1 patch fan (new)

Athena | 202 comments Mod
talk about rixon!

message 2: by shre ♡ (new)

shre ♡ (shreshre) RIXON CAAN GO TO HELL. OH WAIT...He's already there >:) *witch cackle*

message 3: by Lucy Qhuay (new)

Lucy Qhuay First, I thought that he was a nice guy but with all that he did I couldn't do anything but hate him. :S
Hope he rots in hell and suffers terribly xD

message 4: by shre ♡ (new)

shre ♡ (shreshre) I know, he's Irish some I'm like "OMG NO WAY! HE MUST HAVE THE COOLEST ACCENT EVER!!! AND VEE LIKES HIM TOO!!! OMG NO WAY!!!! EEEP!!!!" and from there onwards, insta-love and all that snazz. but i was NOT expecting what happened AT ALL O_O

message 5: by Lucy Qhuay (new)

Lucy Qhuay Totally! -.-'
He fooled us pretty well...

message 6: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (dragonbee13) | 72 comments Especially when he helped Nora when Scott was in the bathroom! Seemed sweet but wasn't! Like the opposite of a sour patch kid. "First he's sweet. Then he's sour. Now he's in Hell."

message 7: by Lucy Qhuay (new)

Lucy Qhuay Indeed!

message 8: by Amber (new)

Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) I absolutely loved Rixon so I almost threw the book across the room when I realized he fooled everyone and turned on them!!

message 9: by shre ♡ (new)

shre ♡ (shreshre) I was hoping he'd be the Robin to Patch's Batman, but guess not *pout* >.>

message 10: by Lila (new)

Lila | 38 comments yeah I loved him at first! which is why it made me so mad when I found out what he was really like. :'(

message 11: by Nightmagic (new)

Nightmagic  Magic (nightmagic) | 7 comments i was really shocked rixon turned out to be bad .i also liked him at first

message 12: by Athena, The Leader :) #1 patch fan (new)

Athena | 202 comments Mod
i hope he rots in hell.

message 13: by Lila (new)

Lila | 38 comments ☠Athena (Dimitri Belikov's Girl)☠ wrote: "i hope he rots in hell."

Haha! He already is!

message 14: by Lila (new)

Lila | 38 comments :)

message 15: by Reem (new)

Reem | 1 comments Well Rixon was all hot material n OMG , but he betrayed Patch , i almost cried for Patch when he chained him in hell , he was his brother , n yeah he may rot in hell for what he did for Patch n Nora

message 16: by Mary (new)

Mary hallow (hinatasama5) | 23 comments I knew he was weird from the first book!!
And I really didnt like him with VEE..they got on my nerves!!

message 17: by xrysa (new)

xrysa | 7 comments rixon totally disappointed me! at 1st I thought he was a good guy a good friend of patch but no I was wrong!he was acting in a way that only benefited him!

message 18: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti Oh my god i didn't see it coming! I didn't suspect that Rixon was the one doing all those things to brea them up, i lost all respect for him in the second book

message 19: by April (new)

April Hernandez | 5 comments I can't believe that he would do that but I mean he's like really hot so I kinda forgive him just a tiny bit.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

I hate rixon I mean like how freaking could he? At first I absolutely loved him(not as much as patch though) I mean patches best friend. He was like super awesome with nora and vee. And then bam rixon all like "ha ha ha I'm gonna kill you now cause like I'm jealous" I threw the book across the room when I found out he was all evil. Let him rot in hell for all of freaking eternity. Wait he is going to. Take that rixon.

message 21: by Maddie (new)

Maddie | 5 comments To be honest, I love any guy from hush, hush! All though not Patch, Rixon is pretty sexy in other ways. And I don't really care if he tried to kill Nora, it's not like he did it in cold blood, he did it so he could get a human body. Plus that accent of his is... SO SEXY!!!!

message 22: by Lily (new)

Lily | 6 comments Rixon is a jerk

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