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Would this book work for my husband?

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message 1: by Jessie (new)

Jessie My husband eats NO FRUITS OR VEGGIES except in dessert form or in potato form.

I'm thinking about trying out this book for him. He hates the texture and color of veggies, so hiding them is ideal. Does anyone have an opinion about how this book works for adults who hate veggies?

Annalisa Probably. The concept of the book is to use veggie/fruit purees as substitutes for other ingredients. Some of the recipes are quite good and others taste like you've substituted health food. Try a few out and see which ones he likes. It takes a little more effort than regular recipes, but it's worth a try.

Rhonda Yes and no. Try some, because while taste may not be affected, texture may be. One of my favorites are the chocolate chip cookies with chick peas. You cannot taste the difference, but it makes for a much softer cookie--that was the tip off for my kids. The brownies turned out a little funky (kids turned up noses at that one). It will inspire you to add veggies in different ways.

message 4: by Liv (new)

Liv I think it is a great book! I haven't made much in it. My mom got it for me. Definitively try it

Jocelyn Huang My mom and I made some of the food together, and I liked it. Give it a go! It can't hurt.

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