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message 1: by ♥ Rachel♥, Hey, whoa, I'm a mod! (new)

♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) | 767 comments Mod
A survey in Time Magazine (probably an old one, it was just at the dentist's, but the point still stands :P) said that 29% of teens admit to texting while driving. Of course, most people who do it probably didn't admit.

Do you think too much of a fuss is being made over it?
What do you think is an appropriate punishment?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Personally, I can't stand when people do anything that is distracting (except maybe music) while driving. That's how accidents happen. People seem to think that once they get good at driving, they can being multitasking. There was one morning I was driving my sister to school when I woman doing her makeup in the lane next to me and was drifting into my lane. I couldn't move into the next lane, nor could I honk at her, since my horn doesn't work.

As far as texting, I do think it is the worst form of distraction, because not only do you have one or more hands off the wheel, you're also looking down, even if for a few seconds. You could also potentially run a red light if you're looking at your phone, or rear end someone if you're not at the front. If you are at the front, you'll hold up the line, and if the person behind you doesn't see you not move, they could end up rear ending you.

I also don't even like it when people are talking on the phone, bluetooth or not. Mythbusters proved that even if you are more hands free with talking than texting, you're still distracted by the conversation. I think there should be a bigger penalty for people or text or talk while driving. I don't think a ticket or fine is really all that effective, unless the person realizes they can't always afford to pay for a ticket ot fine. Of course, that's not always the case. Some people don't care because they always get bailed out. I personally think they should receive a fine and have their license suspended. It might seem excessive, but the penalty now isn't effective. Also, more should be done to reinforce that texting while driving is extremely dangerous and could injur or kill someone if you get in an accident (not to mention ruin your car and theirs).

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay, I guess that's more reasonable. I just feel really strongly about this subject. Funny thing is, I've never been in an accident, and I don't know too many people who have. I guess it's because I've only been driving for a little over a year, so it's still a little scary to see people be so reckless while driving.

message 4: by Kirby (new)

Kirby | 132 comments Wednesday wrote: ". Mythbusters proved that even if you are more hands free with talking than texting, you're still distracted by the conversation."

do you have any idea if they compared that level of distraction to that of a conversation with a passenger in the car?

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

There was someone in the car, and they occasionally conversed, but it was mostly drinking and talking on the phone. The phone wasn't as bad, but it still caused them to make mistakes.

message 6: by James (last edited Sep 16, 2012 07:45AM) (new)

James | 8 comments Well for one thing there are people who CAN text and drive. (I can ride by bike home high down a busy road.) It's still ill advised, obviously. Going beyond all of that crap though, you really have to ask yourself two questions. One, will this law work? (As in be effectively enforced and prevent accidents and what not) Two, does this pose any threat to liberty? Unfortunetly, the answer's are no and yes. People will still continue to text and drive regardless of it's legality. (I'll admit though that the rate would go down pretty substanially, of course.) Then there's the issue of all the loop holes. I've seen a thousand forms of distracted driveing ranging from eating to reading to getting way to deep into conversations to a thousand other things. Obviously, have things like hands free phone calls and what not. This leads to the second predicament. What will the government ban next? They can already track every purchase you have with a credit and they're trying to ban smoking in public ,and once they start having laws like these people are actually not going to be able to take away freedom instead makeing annoying laws that can't be inforved effectively. This could just down the short high speed road to tyranny. Anyway, is some bratty little bitch with a cell phone really poseing a major threat to you every time you start you're car? No. Texting and driveing should be legal.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah, you know, because some who is doing 35 - 55 mph in a car or suv should be allowed to take their eyes off the road at anytime to read and reply to, "OMG, Kevin is my BFF."

message 8: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ Do you think too much of a fuss is being made over it?

No, I don't think there's too much of a fuss over it. Honestly, I can't even understand why someone would text and drive at the same time. Obviously, it's a distraction and you can't keep your eyes on the road as you're doing it. It just has "hazardous" written all over it ... You put your own life and the lives of people around you at risk, just so you can have a conversation––a conversation that could most likely wait a few minutes.

What do you think is an appropriate punishment?"

I think fines are a proper punishment. I wouldn't put someone in jail over it, but I think a heavy fine for texting while driving is justifiable.

However, I also find texting/driving laws a bit "agist" (if that's a word). For example, where I live, there's a higher fine for texting while driving if you're under a certain age. While I think teens most likely text more while driving, I see a lot of adults doing it as well and I think it would make sense for them to pay the same fine.

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