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message 1: by Brigitta (last edited Jun 14, 2012 04:49PM) (new)

Brigitta  (gittakaiser22) Did you guys hear that they have a screenwriter for the movie!!! She is the person who wrote the Vampire Diaries show. I hope it is going to be good!!!!

Amy ~Lover of Books~ I heard they were going to make a movie, but I didn't know they already have a screenwriter already.

message 3: by Juliann (new)

Juliann Whicker | 47 comments I heard that the movie deal came before she got the publishing deal.

message 4: by Imasha (new)

Imasha The vampire diaries is quite good. Each episode gets more and more interesting.
I wonder who the characters will be played by...
Especially Ren,Kishan and Kelsey.

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