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Andria (AndriaRD) | 25 comments After an hour Cody was finally able to snag away from his friends. He made his way to the library, a few books stuffed into his bag that he had slung over one shoulder, sighing to himself that he would only have two hours to work on homework and practice some charms before Quidditch practice.
Cody pulled his wand out and began on simple charms, "Lumos, Nox, Incendio, Lumos..." he quietly said, and his wand put forth light, put it out, then conjured a little ball of fire at the tip of his wand, which was then put out by light again. Just as he cast Lumos, the light poured out making him aware of Eza at a table nearby. Cody stood there for a moment, watching her buried in a book, the light from his wand still illuminating the section of the library and he hummed, "Hmmm..."

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian ((wonder who he'll choose...))

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Andria (AndriaRD) | 25 comments Cody giggled to himself, feeling a little bad that he had startled her. "Nox," he said, flicking the light out from his wand and sliding it back in his robes. He considered how Ariana described her, and walked up calmly to Eza, sliding his bag off his shoulder.
"You know, hit your head too many times like that and you'll end up like me," he said to her as he pulled the chair next to her out and laid his bag on the table.

((We shall see, it will probably take him some time to really choose and begin developing something.))

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Andria (AndriaRD) | 25 comments Cody smiled. "Don't get me wrong," he knocked on his skull with his knuckles, "It'll give you a nice hard head like mine, but from what I've heard people usually don't like that."
He sat in the chair next to her and pulled the stack of books she had over so he could read the spines. "Anyways, sorry to startle you. You always seem to be here when I pass by. What classes are you in?"

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Andria (AndriaRD) | 25 comments Cody raised an eyebrow at Eza. Wow, I didn't think any Gryffindor could be this shy.
"Such as?" he tilted his head to try and see the title of the book she was reading without invading her space, but she was buried in it so completely nearly hunched over the desk that the writing was too warped.

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Andria (AndriaRD) | 25 comments Cody sat there for a moment, startled at the sudden splurge of information. Eza had a soft voice, and for the first time he really heard her speak. He took a moment to realize everything she had said, feeling a little foolish now for talking to her. She was taking better classes than he was. Ariana wasn't kidding about her reputation.
"Wow. Well hell if I need help on any of these books with your knowledge I'll just come to you. Heh," he grinned, his smile off kilter, a little unsure what to say now.

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Raven went into the library carrying her school bag and went to a shelf.

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Raven walked past Eza and Cody on her way to a seat smiling to herself.

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Andria (AndriaRD) | 25 comments Cody chuckled. "Well," he said quietly, looking down at the stack of books and picking at the corner of one of them, "Not to make you more embarrassed, but everyone knows of your reputation. So don't sell yourself short! Although," he laughed leaning back in his chair, his moment of quiet over. "It's good you're humble, and I don't mind the talking, then again I talk enough to cover multiple people's quota for conversation!"

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian ((i like her!!!))

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Alex set her bag full of books on a table with a soft thud! The book that she pulled out was old and dusty- something that most people wouldn't touch. She smiled softly as the smell of parchment floated up from the old, thick book, and opened it carefully.

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Elisa | 119 comments Maria walked in, taking awareness of her surroundings. There were a few older students looking through books, a couple browsing the shelves... At a corner table there was a pretty good-looking guy clearly flirting with the super shy girl she knew was from Gryffindor. It felt as though her friendship efforts were in vain. Anthony (her brother( had teasingly told her to stay away from guys, but at how she felt now, it was if no guy would ever talk to her, let alone date her. still, the Gryffindor girl put on a smile and walked torward the adventure bookshelf.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian ((I love Abigale!!!! she is awesome!!!))

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Elisa | 119 comments ((yeah she's totally cool))

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Elisa | 119 comments Maria scoured through the various books, looking but not really seeing anything.

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Elisa | 119 comments Maria noticed another Gryffindor in her year sitting and reading. 'what was her name..? oh yes! Raven!'
Maria was a little apprehensive but decided that if she wanted friends she needed to be bolder, just like her brother.
"Uh, Hi! Er Raven.. So.. What's up..?"
she attempted communication.

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Andria (AndriaRD) | 25 comments Cody could tell Eza was getting more uncomfortable. Even he was feeling a little odd with all these people around. It was why he usually came through the library when no one had entered yet to study in his secret corner; so he didn't have to deal with so many people. shaking off his discomfort, Cody smiled at Eza.
"Naw, its good you're smart, no one ever said it's bad to be smart. And let people talk, just means you're extra good for people to agree on your good reputation," he winked at her. Before more people came in Cody stood from the chair, tossing his bag over his shoulder. "Well, I should let you get back to studying. But I'll be back if I need help," he smiled at Eza.

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Elisa | 119 comments After a quick chat with a few people, maria decided it would be best to head back to the common room to catch up with her friends and studies.

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Elisar (ehlihr) Nicolette walked up to the librarian,

[I forgot her name, can someone remind me?]

and smiled.

“Hello, Nicollete! What do you need?” she asked Nicolette.

“I just wanted to return these books,” Nicolette reached into her bag and pulled out five books.

“Oh! Alright, dear. I hope you find something else you will enjoy. You’ve nearly clear out the whole library!”

“Not at all, Ms. I still have… about thirteen more sections to complete,” Nicolette laughed.

“Hush! We must not disturb the readers!” she whispered. “Alright, have a nice day. You have Transfiguration in a few minutes, yes?”

“Oh! Dear, I nearly forgot!” Nicolette whispered. “Bye, Ms. See you after classes are finished!”

“Bye, dear!"

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian ((Madam Pince, right?))

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Elisa | 119 comments ((Yes))
Jake rounded the turn and finally arrived at the library practically breathless. 'Oh god, why do I run everywhere!?' he thought to himself as he began to walk toward the counter. He looked down at his watch--still a little time before his next lesson-- he hoped he'd remembered the right class and had taken the right book....wait.. The third year did a facepalm. He left his bag back at the common room and had only brought two books (the textbook for Transfiguration and the one of which he was to return).
At the counter Madame Pince was talking to a girl in his year...she would know what class was next-! That way if he was wrong he could borrow a book or something. He had neer spoken with her before though, but decided she seemed as good a person as any.
"Um, Hey there.!" Jake started, but then decided it better not to bother her. He waited a moment, returned his book with a smile and darted back down the hallway to his class

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Elisar (ehlihr) [Yup, thanks :)]

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Raven jumped when Maria "Oh hello, Maria right?" Raven asked wiping a strand of pale blue hair out of her face

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Alex stood up and walked out, carrying her big bag of books with her.

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Elisa | 119 comments "Yes, good to meet you!" Maria replied. " we're in the same year, correct?"

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 153 comments Danielle stood in the door of the library, staring at the inside. Compared to her own library back home, this room seemed to hold an eternity of knowledge. Danielle would turn it all to wisdom, like her parents told her to, like they wanted. After the shock of all the books, all the people in the library also became noticeable. Slightly intimidated, Danielle set her gaze on one aisle and headed straight towards it.

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