Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) Mockingjay question

Hunger games or Twilight
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I was a huge fan of Twilight until i picked up the Hunger games i havent been able to put them down at all, i fell as though the Hunger games has a better story line and she is still torn between two boys but she isnt as whinny as Bella and the way Suzanne Collins ends the chapters make you want to move on to the next

what do you choose Hunger Games or Twilight?

and explain i would love to know why

Hunger Games. No contest.


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Hunger games is way better

Hunger Games

Harry Potter. The other two are crap.

Hunger Games trilogy for sure!

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The Hunger Games. You are kidding me, right?
As much as I enjoyed reading twilight at the time, it just doesn't even remotely compare.

Also to that person who said both are shit and only Harry Potter is good, I love Harry Potter too, but you've got to give the hunger games a chance because basically, it's way too awesome for you to miss out on!

its hard to compare the two. the are two totally different kinds of trilogies.

l Twilight is a series, it has four books.
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I've never read Twilight and don't plan on doing so. Not my type of book. Although I know the majority of the storyline from people who have read the books, and I have to say, Hunger Games, although it is so different you can't truly compare it, beats Twilight any day of the week in my book. Stronger characters, actual storyline, absence of nonstop lust, powerful implications that make you think- hunger games has it all, one of the best series ever written (I'm still not fully over Mockingjays ending, but I still really like the book).

The Hunger Games of course

The Hunger Games... i mean no offense to the Twilight lovers but i really just didnt like the Twilight series...

The hunger games. It had more deepth. It wasnt just a romance novel it is scifi and anti goverment and action and love and hate and war. . . I just loved it!

Hunger Games. I couldn't stand the Twilight series. I found that it dragged a TON, and there wasn't really any surprises. The characters didn't speak to me either. I ended up skipping over the really boring, dragging parts and finding the interesting parts.
The Hunger Games was better in writing and I found it more interesting. There wasn't really any parts that dragged. Everything that happened had some sort of meaning, while in Twilight I found many things that could have been taken out.
Twilight I think could have been a good book, but was too long, and the romance was kind of cliché and cheesy. I only really liked Alice and Renesmee... The movies were better I thought, but The Hunger Games wins hands down.
Hunger Games - Four Stars (Whole Series)
Twilight - One and a half Stars (Whole Series)

Hunger Games. Twilight was baaaaaad writing. No offense Stephanie Myers. I think the story was cool but the way things were described... BLAH. However Hunger Games was all around amaaaaaazing and was not solely a love triangle. HUNGER GAMES HANDS DOWN

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Is this question serious?

Hunger Games. All the way.

THe Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games for sure!

Twilight for sure. If you havnt read it because you dont read books about vampires then you should. I said that before and now i love it. Dont get me wrong though. The Hunger Games is still amazing

Twilight wins! The depth of characters and unhurried storytelling stand way above The Hunger Games. I found myself wanting so much more from Katniss and Gale, Peeta was the only character that showed any depth and even then I wanted more.
Bella, Jacob, Edward made me feel like I knew them. Even the lesser characters in Twilight showed more depth than Katniss and Gale. Gale incidently was the biggest disapointment of a main character that I have read about for along time.
Twilight the better book, Hunger Games the better Movie!

Hunger Games without a doubt. The Girl on fire defiantly beats a love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf and especially one that ends with the girl choosing...

F 25x33
Tihitina She picked Peeta because she realized she had enough fire and doesn't need anymore from Gale. Gale left because he knew she would pick Peeta over him. ...more
Jun 22, 2012 07:45AM

The Hunger Games! No Compition!

mocking jay

If I were to answer this question before I read the last book in The Hunger Games series, Hunger Games would have won, without a doubt...

But Mockingjay completely killed the buzz I had for that series. I think the last book was crap. The author ruined everything... There was no emotions, she RUSHED through it. Everything was way too rushed for me. Plus, I was expecting to see a GIRL ON FIRE. Katniss. What a huge let down. This character became pathetic to me, with no backbone whatsoever. She became a puppet and lost all her fire.

So to answer the question, just based on the crappy ending of the Hunger Games... I vote for Twilight.

Best series of all time?! Harry Potter. Hands down.

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Hunger Games.

hunger games!!

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The Hunger Games. We shouldn't even compare the two.

Hmmm . . . I love them both. But, I've been hyped up on The Hunger Games for about 6 months now, and now I'm in love with Twilight . . . So Twilight.

Twilight (Series), though if I had to pick the best single book it would be Catching Fire

TWILIGHT ALL THE WAY!! IT WASNT RUSHED IT WAS JUST ...WOW! ..cant say the exact same for the films but what the heck! am still a TWI_HARD!

maaannn the first two books kept me on my toes and i finally came to the last one and i was like .......OKAY ... It seriously left me distraught in regards to PEETA and KATNISS fate.
It felt rushed and just i dont know sooo wrong.
I could have glady been a fan of both books but mockingjay let me down hard mann. :{

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