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The Dargonesti (Dragonlance: Lost Histories, #3)
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Jackie (thelastwolf) Blue paperback cover. Series of 5 novels about elves. This is the one that stands out to me the most because they were violent elves living underwater. Capturing others and holding them as prisoners/slaves. They made explosives that work in water and they march to the mainland of the land elves and try to take over.
If anyone know the name of the series, or the title of this one, I'd be very grateful.

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Diana Welsch | 529 comments Might it be the Forgotten Realms: The Threat from the Sea books? Rising Tide looks like a promising title.

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Diana Welsch | 529 comments Oops, I missed where you already knew it was Dragonlance. I think your title is The Dargonesti.

From Amazon:

In a time of war, a princess of Qualinost and an elite band of warriors sail forth to rescue their contrymen from the collapsing Ergoth Empire. Their journey goes awry when a strange mist engulfs Princess Vixa's ship and transports them to a phantom island.

Who are the mysterious masters who imprison them in their undersea city?

No soul has encountered the fabled Dargonesti or visited the city of pearl marble that rises from the sea floor -- and lived to tell the tale. Princess Vixa and her companions meet the race of sea elves, experience a fantastical underwater world, face a foe counted among the legends of Krynn, and accept an impossible mission that will bring them back to the land they call home.

Jackie (thelastwolf) That's it!
I am so bad at remembering titles.
Thank you, Diana!

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