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Did any of the movies make you want to cry?
Mimi Mimi Jun 14, 2012 12:58PM
I don't cry at movies. But these ones, especially the last one, made me tear up.

Victoria (last edited Apr 09, 2013 08:57PM ) Apr 09, 2013 08:53PM   3 votes
I cry every time Frodo turns around and smiles at his friends one last time before leaving Middle-Earth. I also cry when Denethor is cruel to Faramir or when he's riding of to Osgiliath with Pippin singing (though I hold back the tears in order to sing along). I also cry at various other points in the films sometimes.

The goodbyes and Frodo's last smile before leaving Middle-Earth get me every time. I always have to force myself to stop crying so it doesn't interfere when I'm singing along with the credits.

I don't want it to end!

Adez Eze i just re-watched again all three, and the return of the so tearful. WHAT A FKN MASTERPIECE
Oct 23, 2017 11:06AM · flag

"My friends! You bow to _no_ one."

Gets me every time.

(But in the books its the scouring of the Shire that gets me.)

Didn't tear up, but I am always moved by camaraderie and devotion to one's monarch.

Therefore, when Boromir died in the movie, it isn't his death that moves me. But when he tells Aragorn, "I would have followed you, my brother, my Captain, my King." I admit I am moved by such devotion.

I haven't cried reading anything since I read "Where the Red Fern Grows" as a young boy. Written words just cannot reach my visceral nature. I am a very stoic reader.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (last edited Jul 08, 2013 05:44PM ) Jul 08, 2013 10:41AM   1 vote
I teared up several times. Boromir's death, a couple of times in TTT but I was sobbing my eyes out for the Return of the King's ending. And I don't cry in movies.
(Eh, very much ;))
Edit: Oh how could I forget!!!!? The little gem of a tearjerker the Rohan Theme. Seriously. One cannot simply not think the soundtrack is epic. the score is just beautiful.

this is an old thread but the parts that I get chocked up at are when Sam tells Frodo on everything he's going to miss and that Rosie was the one he was going to marry, Aragorn telling the Hobbits that they bow to no one then proceeds to bow to them followed by the coronation and last but not least the entire scene of the last evlish ship leaving for the undying lands with Gandalf telling them it's okay to cry because not all tears are evil and Frodo's goodbye

I honestly balled when Aragon tells them they bow for no one, and then everyone bows for them. Also when all four of them say their final goodbyes to frodo, i cried so much

ROTK made me cry more than the other two, especially when Sam picks Frodo up on the mountain. Actually didn't cry in TTT but when Boromir dies, that was a sniffling moment.

The scene in The Fellowship of the Ring movie where Frodo says "I'll take the ring!" and Gandalf closes his eyes and sighs. Makes me cry evertim. Very much emotion

Return of the King made me cry. The perfect story of underdogs finally getting their appreciation. I loved the book and the movies. Can't wait for the Hobbit.

Yes, in pain, they were so long.

James Smethurst 😂
Jun 16, 2018 06:03AM

I got a little choacked up when Frodo went to the undying lands.

I always want to cry when I even THINK about Frodo leaving at the end ;( I can't seem to listen to The Gray Havens or Into the West any more.

I get a little teary-eyed at Boromir's death, but I get angry tears every time I watch Faramir's character assassination by Peter Jackson in the 2nd movie.

Certainly. More than once too, especially The Return of the King.
Gets me everytime, even after seeing it several times.

The you bow to no one bit gets me too
I blubber through most of them first time around by the time it got to
I can't carry it for you. Mr food but I can carry you ... I was inconsolable ...

And needless to say now sitting on my own in the cinema ....

I always start crying when Aragorn says "You bow to no one" and everyone bows to the hobbits. I start bawling when the hobbits start leaving the Shire. ITS SO FRICKING SAD! I hate that Sam and Frodo get separated. I still don't understand why Frodo has to leave! By going to the Undying Lands, he was deprived of having a real life. He never got to see Bag End again. He never got to have a wife or children! Why did Tolkien make the ending so sad?!

Poor old goldberry and her man....

I cry every time I watch the movies. But they are cries have happiness that someone took the LOTR story and finally made it gooood.


Only four scenes make my cry. 4: "I can't carry it for you. But I can carry you." That part makes me burst into tears. I love how much Sam cares for Frodo. The book also makes me cry. In the book, when Sam picks Frodo up, Sam expects Frodo to be heavy with the weight of the ring. But the book says: As Frodo clung upon his back and arms, Sam staggered to his feet; and then to his amazement he felt the burden light. That part makes my cry so much. 3: "You bow to no one" Oh, this scene is a major tear jerker. I always cry when everyone starts bowing to the hobbits. The music doesn't make it any better. 2: Breaking of the Fellowship. For some reason this scene makes me cry. I don't cry when Boromir died. I don't like him. I cry when Sam says: Of course you are! And I'm coming with you! I don't know why, but that line makes my cry. Sam would've done anything for Frodo. I love how much they care for each other. 1: Hands down saddest scene. Grey Havens. I hate that Sam and Frodo get separated after all they have been through together! I think that Sam should have gone with Frodo then, instead of going later. When Frodo kisses Sam on the head, it is impossible to not cry. And then that song at the end! So fricking sad! I'm crying just thinking about that scene😭😭😭

Kyle (last edited Jun 19, 2012 08:40PM ) Jun 19, 2012 08:38PM   0 votes
He-he. I sob without fail each time I watch each movie. I've seen RoTK like 15 times and I just can't stand the sad ending. (I love it, but to me it's much worse than his death would have been.) While re-reading the books I avoid the ending just because I find it so bittersweet. Just looking at the page that it's on is depressing for me. I bawl like a baby when Pippin finds Merry by that Mumak. That was so touching! *sigh* You just made me want to watch them all over again.

"I am a Hobbit in all but size." ~J.R.R. Tolkien


I always tear up a little when Frodo sends Sam away; and when Frodo leaves.

Mimi wrote: "I don't cry at movies. But these ones, especially the last one, made me tear up."

Neither do I! It isn't fair! I'm not supposed to cry in films!! >.< lol.

I don't cry anywhere in the films ... until the very last scene.
The Grey Havens.
I mean, have you seen Merry & Pippin's faces when Frodo says goodbye to them?!?!?
Yeah, I admit, I teared up last time I watched the end of ROTK. I had to blink rather rapidly to clear my eyes, though I can safely say that no one noticed ...

Old but whatever, ROTK, when Aragon sees his lost love once again at his crowning, made me cry my ass off. Seeing them back together after so long and as tho both their hopes of seeing one another was forever gone, but being reunited made the water slide burst. It reminds me of my lost hopes or dreams of getting back my lost love ripped from me by others and circumstances out of our control at the time. I'm happy to know that in the movies Aragon and Arwen are finally back together and raise a family in a new age of peace ;~;

I cried during these movies because the producer/director butchered the characters (except Gollum/Smeagol) and completely mangled the book. The movies made nice eye-candy but otherwise.... AAAARRRGGG.

There's also another part in the book that makes me cry. After Gollum falls into the fires of Mount Doom, Frodo is laying on the ground, clutching his hand. Sam runs over to him and holds him(I think) and Sam says something like: I would've given you one of my hands. That part makes me cry too. I love Sam and Frodo's relationship❤

Make me WANT to cry? I could not control myself at the end of Return of the King, when Aragorn bows to the hobbits - I was a waterfall for the rest of the movie.

I almost cried in Return of the King when Frodo left Sam behind. The movie were spectacular! a lot of books don't turn out well as movies, but Lord of the rings turned out great! I still love the books though

Movies always make me cry -_- especially Boromir's death, Denethor's treatment of Faramir, and everyone's reactions to Gandalf's death. After watching the behind the scenes, where they say the Return of the King scene where everyone bows to the hobbits was actually the last scene they shot, now that makes me cry too.

I don't usually cry, but if there's a movie that makes me sob is the Return of the King. It's so magnificent.

Oh man I sob EVERY time I watch the end!! Just because it ends!!And I've seen all the movies over 15 times...every.single time even though I always know how it ends ...I watch it like three times a year...hehe

Oh my god, everytime. Even tried not to cry but just couldn't hold the tears. Especially 'for Frodo' and 'you bow to no one', these two gets me every single time.

The end of Return of the King usually makes me cry, especially when Aragorn and everyone else bows to the Hobbits. That's just me.

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