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The ending
Sam Sam Jun 14, 2012 11:51AM
I totally loved this book, except for the ending, who els hated the ending of the book?

OMG the ending was everything I could have hoped for! I already the next book is going to be Sydney trying to avoid Adrian and rationalize her feelings for him. I'm so glad Richelle Mead continued another series in favor of Adrian because I love his character so much. I agree with the people above saying her reaction was perfect. Sage is logical. In her head she can't understand why'd he kiss her knowing her feelings about the Vampire race. Yes, it's clear she loves him, but she also knows it's wrong and never wants to cross that line no matter what. But I'm hoping she will:)

I liked it plus she can't have them start dating yet or she would have to break them up in a later book! There are supposed to be 6 books in the series if they start dating to early the author would have to break them to have something interesting happen! Example Rose and Dimitri in the vampire academy series!

I thought her reaction was pretty natural. She still has a long way to go before she's completely okay around vampires and magic.

As much as I would have love for her to cling on Adrian and never let go, that just is NOT her style. Honestly, as far as endings go, I think that it was perfect. Sydney shouldn't accept Adrian right away, even if she does have a crush (sort of) on him. For now I feel like if she does get together with him, she's going to overlook the fact that he's a vampire. Like go into denial, and I don't want Adrian hurt like that. He deserves better.

So I think that she has to accept he's a moroi, and yes I know she knows he's a vampire, but I think she's going to overlook it if they do start dating.

Like Brittany though, I just hate waiting for so long for the next book.

I loved the ending. If Adrian and Sydney got together right away it would make the following books not as exciting. The wait is half of the fun.

Loved it!!!!!

I loved the book but the ending was not great. I didn't like the one kiss per book rule. I wanted so much between Sydney and Adrian and can't wait to read book 3

The Ending:..... Waaa. i bawled my eyes out and then at school i was listening to One Direction and it reminded me of Sydney and Adrian and i started feeling a liitle sad, my friend was like whats wrong and i just lost it and started crying, then another friend came and then it turns out they were filming me blubbering and trying to explain to them what happened. I am still not over it and will most likely cry in the shower.

I liked the end of the book, until Sydney rejected Adrian :(
I was like, "What!?!?!??!!!! Can't you see he's in love with you? Like totally head over heels!" I was soooo disappointed. and i was right about Trey-I always thought he was a vampire Hunter-I was right:) but that still doesn't make me feel better about the Sydrian situation....
If the Alchemests send her to the Re-education centre-Then i will definitely stop reading the series, it would so upsetting.

I do know that both come together, so soon or later that isn´t important. make the relationship more fascinating:D

deleted member Jun 14, 2012 12:48PM   0 votes
i hated it!!!grr stoud sydeny!!has to be responsible (view spoiler) i rly can't wait for the next bok!

Sam thats exactly what i mean.
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I agree with S.L.J. I liked Sydney's reaction. If she was like "OMG I love you Adrian!" I would have been like "WTF did I just read." That's not her character. Her reaction was perfect for her. The only thing I don't like is that the next one is so far away.

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