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John John Jun 14, 2012 09:34AM
Ray Bradbury recently cashed in his chips. RIP, Ray. I thought almost all of his novels and short stories were pretty great -- later ones less so, but he was a giant of creative writing. His short story Fever Dream was one of the scariest stories I ever read. If you can find it, check it out. Whoever gets this, I'd like to hear your favorite Ray Bradbury books or stories.

My love affair with Mr. Bradbury began with Something Wicked This Way Comes. Throughout the years, I have tried to get my hands on as much by Ray Bradbury as I possibly can, but it is that book that I find myself always returning to. Of his short stories I have read, The Whole Town's Sleeping is one of my favorites.

I don't know what it is about Bradbury. Either it clicks with you or it doesn't, but I love the humanity he gives to his story. No matter how supernatural or futuristic the setting may be, I can always connect with his characters.

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I have read his stories from time to time and they always resonated with me and I could recall them years later but for most of my life, I never associated them with Bradbury. Now in my waning years, I realize that it was he that wrote those fantastic tales and I put him up there with the greats. Now I avidly seek out Bradbury.

For those who enjoy Bradbury I would strongly recommend Ursula LeGuin as well. What a combo! I wonder what each thought about the other´s writings.

I wish I had read Martian Chronicles in my salad days. I finally read it during Easter break, and wow, did I feel cheated. Why didn`t any of my friends ever tell me how great it is?

I read this as part of a book club. I was dreading it since I am not a fan Bradbury. There was one story in my edition titled "Way in the Middle of the Air" which was not published in other versions. It was the greatest read of the book in my opinion.

Something Wicked This Way Comes was great, and I really enjoyed The Martian Chronicles as well. There were so many wonderful short stories. He was a master with those. He was a nice man too. Years ago I wrote him a fan letter, and he replied with a nice postcard. Very sweet. :)

Fahrenheit 451 is my favorite. It's just got such a compelling premise, and it has more heart than the average dystopian novel.

I just love Bradbury period. His writing is so elegant. From the Dust Returned I have fond memories of reading. And I really loved Something Wicked This Way Comes. Death is a Lonely Business was great too. There was something about it... Can't quite say, but it struck me as slightly different from his other works... Though I might just be crazy and tired. I think that's what's true. Hm...

I Sing the Body Electric! & Other Stories by Ray Bradbury these stories are haunting and gorgeous!

I read Something Wicked This Way Comes when I was a teenage boy about the same age as the two protagonists. Bradbury really captured the pathos of young men, the world they live in, the worries and burdens they carry. After that I read everything Bradbury I could get my hands on. Now that I am writing my own novels, I've toyed with the idea of taking some of his short stories and expanding it into a novel. Any thoughts on a good one to start with?

Jacob Whaler How about turning "The Veldt" into a full-length novel? ...more
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I started reading Ray Bradbury novels/short stories as a young teenager. All his stories captivated me emotionally at that age. Since then I have reread them at different stages in my life and each time they bring me back to a time in in my youth that I can feel like it was yesterday. Youth, old age, and all life emotions in between.

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John wrote: "Ray Bradbury recently cashed in his chips. RIP, Ray. I thought almost all of his novels and short stories were pretty great -- later ones less so, but he was a giant of creative writing. His short ..."
I have loved Bradbury since my early teens. My favorite collection is The Martian Chronicles. I have read it a number of times, and I am due for a re-reading. One of his most beautiful Martian stories (although I don't believe it is part of the Chronicles collection) is "Dark They Were, and Golden-eyed". This story resonates with me on many levels. It may be his best example of our human potential to fully transform ourselves.

Marjorie DeLuca This is also one of my all-time favourite books. So-o beautifully written, wryly humorous, and a great predictor of human behaviour. A hot dog stand o ...more
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