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message 1: by Stuart (new)

Stuart Chambers | 4 comments Hello,

I am thinking I might just have found the perfect group for me %-/

I am kind of new to this, so, bear with me ... confident in who I am and what I do but seemingly new to the world of the self publishing and what to do and where to do it and I would therefore so very much welcome your help, support and ideas.
I have been writing for years. Writing has always been my first love. I wrote my first screenplay when I was seventeen and sold it to the BBC. I have written numerous scripts for documentaries and films and have just published my first novel, ‘The Far Out Café’ and it is now available on Amazon.

To be honest I wrote two novels prior to this one but see this as a learning curve. The first novel was called ‘The Dance of the Daemon Clowns’ and about a time traveling Russian called Nietsky - (It means - ‘No’) and please feel - free to use it as an idea. A friend of mine was a character actor and he had a friend who was a literary agent. The literary agent really liked the book but thought I would be compared to Douglas Adams (Hitchhikers guide) and Terry Pratchett (Disc world) … even though at no time had I sought to emulate either one of them. So, I wrote my second novel, ‘The Last Big Valley’ about a group of people I had actually met who had effectively dropped out of the real world and created their own at the base of a remote mountain. The idea appealed, the literary agent liked my style and my writing but not the idea - Not mainstream enough!! What is main stream I thought, not me! So, I wrote The Far Out Café solely and completely for myself and as such see this as my best work.

I would really welcome your support in finding people who would be interested to review the book or set up any kind of interview that you think may or may not help. The book is not for everyone but its real and I personally like it and its about finding light in dark places and the reviews that have so far gone on Amazon and Barnes and Noble suggest that I may not be alone. I would be so very happy to answer any questions you may have and it goes without saying that I look forward to hearing from one or all of you and will always respond.

Thank you very much indeed for reading so far

With love and light and all best wishes


message 2: by Emma Rose, relief mod (new)

Emma Rose | 751 comments Mod
wow you are a real author!!! i have only met two in my life that i can remember, and one was just as a book signing!! i know i don't officially know you but still, that is cool!!! what sort of age group is it aimed at? if it near my age i will read it!!!

message 3: by Stuart (new)

Stuart Chambers | 4 comments Hi Emma - It's really good to hear from you, I wrote the book for everybody but I tend to think you might appreciate it more if you were over eighteen though I don't know quite why I say that! The story is good and uplifting but the hell bit is quite descriptive - Basically I wanted to put a man through hell and with a little bit of love and faith show him Paradise. How old are you? I would love it if you did read the book : )

message 4: by Emma Rose, relief mod (new)

Emma Rose | 751 comments Mod
i am under 18, but i cant say my age because i promised my mum i would not say. but once i have less books to read i will try to read it!!! :)

message 5: by Stuart (new)

Stuart Chambers | 4 comments Thank you, do please let me know what you think, I would be happy if you liked it. Good luck in all that you do okay : )

message 6: by lafon حمزة, Which comes first: Thought or action? (new)

lafon حمزة نوفل (lafon) | 549 comments Mod
I'd actually like to take a look at your book.

message 7: by Stuart (new)

Stuart Chambers | 4 comments Thank you : ) I would be a very happy man if you did. I read with interest your article titled ‘Ramadan Reading’ and have to say that I had a similar problem with Karen Armstrong’s book, The Bible; a biography, written in 2007. (I have always been more interested in what man decided should be taken out of the Bible rather than what man decided should be left in) Either way, I wrote the ‘The Far Out Café,’ completely for myself and hope that you do take a look and so hope that you like it. Thanks again for your comment, all best wishes, Stuart

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