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Geoffrey Wakeling | 48 comments Hi everyone,

I thought I'd create a new thread for my debut novel; Inside Evil. Set in a tiny town on the borders of Scotland and England, Inside-Evil is a British paranormal mystery which takes the residents on a tragic and dangerous journey as their town unravels around them.


Ever wondered why the British woods are so wild? Why it's dangerous to be out at night? Why, even on beautiful moonlit nights, it's safer to be nestled up beside a crackling fire? Roberta Arlington and the residents of Ridgewood are about to find out.

Roberta Arlington lives in Ridgewood, a small and sleepy town on the Scottish border, where she is completely content with her life. That is, until she stumbles upon a corpse at the local boarding school and finds that her world starts to unravel into chaos.

As questions begin to emerge as to just how the victim died, Roberta discovers herself caught in a world which she never knew existed. Like a shadow hanging behind Roberta's own life, another world hovers in the background, waiting silently until trying to break through. Roberta soon discovers that she'll have to find all the strength she has to survive the path laid before her.

Inside Evil is a paranormal mystery that will only leave you wanting more.

I'm starting to get some good reviews for this book, and am currently tapping away at getting the sequel out as quickly as possible. I'm also about to launch a new competition on my website (link below) with the winner able to create a new character for Book 2.

I'd love to chat to some readers, discuss the story, so please chip in. :)


You can find the book at Amazon:
My website also has more details:

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Geoffrey Wakeling | 48 comments Lovely new review from Goodreads reviewer Krista. Thanks for the write-up :)

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