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Jada {Tired of the Drama} (jadamc1) | 521 comments Mod
Giddy-up! Lol

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Jada {Tired of the Drama} (jadamc1) | 521 comments Mod
Sara walks over and opens brownies gate. She looks around and gives brownie a carrot.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch was sitting in the back of the stables, hidden from view and just thinking. He loved to do most of his thinking here because it was quiet and peaceful and he took comfort with all the horses. His head perked up when he heard one of the gates opening up. He recognized the girl as the leader of the dark daughters. Everyone in school knew who they were. Sara. he though to himself. She was a sixth former. At least she knows how to take care of her horse by now. Patch couldnt say the same for others. He was already a prized pupil in equestrians and was probably going to teach the class eventually and take over the stables. "Hey." He finally said standing in the back, though it sounded like a grunt. He realized he was still obstructed from her view and walked towards her.

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She turned seeing patch. "Hey," she murmered nervously brushing brownie. She was the leader of the dark daughters but was still a little nervous around people sometimes. She thought when they asked her it would build her confidence more but she was still working on it. "Ah patch right?" She asked him then cursed herself out In her mind. Of course his name is patch stupid.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch smirked, she sounded a lttle nervous or jumpy or something. "Yeah, something like that." He walked into the the stall and went to the other side of her horse. When he put his hand on Brownie's back, he closed his eyes, welcoming the familiar images flooding his mind. Patch could communicate with horses only, though he loved other animals. He saw Brownie's mind and it was filled with images of Sara sneaking her treats, brushing her even in th winter. Patch smiled softly but then realized Sara was still there. He patted Brownie once and walked back out of the stall. "She loves ya." He finally said, "You take good care of her, Sara."

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She grinned happily petting brownie softly. Brownie was absolutely beautiful but not many people encouraged the old horse they even thought she she would die soon. Sara shivered at the unthinkable thought. She had lost a lot of people and she was afraid old brownie would be the last straw. Brownie was still nibbling slowly at the second carrot. "Thanks for telling me that," she said to patch. She kissed brownie nose softly with adoring eyes. "I love you too brownie," she whispered.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch smiled genuinely when Sara kissed Brownie's nose but it was only for an instant. He crossed his arms, the little white scars sticking out on his tanned skin, and the sapphire markings only seemed to accent them in a way. "So, what's it like to control fire?" He asked as he leaned against the next stall, sticking his hand in to pet Apache, another brown mare, though a lot younger than Brownie. Patch had seen Sara cast circles during the full moon rituals and always wondered what it felt like.

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Sara's eye's lit up with excitement. "Its like absolutely nothing you would believe it wonderful," she said grinning thinking of how it she always felt closer to the elements and nyx while being filled with a soft warmth. "I- its just I'm really grateful that Nyx gave me this gift I could never thank her enough its been....... magic," she said her whole face lighting up like a Christmas tree.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch watched her eyes brighten, her whole face lighting up. And he chuckled softly. "Similar to my gift then." He glanced at Apache, scowling when he saw his stall wasn't cleaned. He opened his stall and got the shovel and rake out. "Some people shouldnt be allowed to ride horses." he muttered under his breath as he started shovelling up some of the dirt and feces out of Apache's stall.

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Sara was shocked at the state of Apache's stall. She got down on her knees sliding on gloves to help patch clean it out. "I always say if you ride a horse you should be prepared for whatever it leaves behind," she muttered angrily wondering who had left horse's stall like this. "I mean really you think people would know better," she muttered.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch paused, a little shocked that Sara was as angry as him and even went down on the ground to help him. "A girl who likes to get down and dirty. No bad, Blondie." His face went back to scowling as he continued to shovel up the feces into a pile. "Third formers." He grunted, shaking his head. Patch grabbed a pair of gloves and scooped the pile into a bin. He then raked the hay into a pile, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. It was already a very hot day in tulsa. ((theyre in tulsa right, takes same place as the books?))

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alli (cross) | 140 comments ((umm when can i come in??))

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She pulled off her long sleeved shirt to reveal a tank top underneath. She was glad she'd decided to wear two tank tops underneath today because it was getting hot, summer in Tulsa was not a pretty thing. She took of her gloves real quick to put her hair in a high ponytail. Slipping on gloves again she put the pile in the bin. "I don't like getting dirty I just love the horses," she murmered.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch stopped raking the hay to allow Sara to scoop up the pile. He was wearing a white tshirt which was now dirtied and stained and sticking to his muscular chest with sweat. His eyes lingered on the girl when she took off her shirt but he quickly looked away, his face revealing nothing. "Whatever, just shut up and take the compliment." Patch was a blunt guy, often crude and sometimes even cold to people. Basically a bit of a jerk. Only those who really knew him, which was only one person, knew his soft side. And the horses of course. Seeing the bin fill up, he picked it up, his biceps flexing with the effort, and carried it out and around to the back of the stable.

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alli (cross) | 140 comments raven walked into the stabels seeing sarah and patch her eyes widened and she ran into her horses stabel

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She took off the gloves. "Look I dont know where you get off telling me to shut up but i do know I dont take anyone's crap let alone yours so take your own advise thank you very much," she said standing up and stretching her tanktop riding up a bit so you could see a strip of her flat pale stomach. She stopped stretching and walked out of the stall. Grabbing her shirt.

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alli (cross) | 140 comments raven looked at her horse thankful they didnt see her she started patting her horse who seemed spooked by sara and patch she mumbled things to the horse,rosebud.she didnt have alot of frieends so she told rosebud everything

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch raised an eyebrow as Sara chewed him out, making no effort to hide the fact that he was staring at the exposed skin of her stomach. He smirked, his eyes traveling slowly back up to her face. "Feisty one, aren't you, Spitfire." He said, not caring if the nickname would piss her off or not. He leaned over the stall to look at Brownie. "You sure no how to pick 'em, dontcha girl?" He said with a soft laugh but then furrowed his brow, sensing one of the horses were feeling uneasy. Patch grimaced, "And you might wanna keep your voice down, eh Spitfire. Try not to spook my horses." He said with a smirk before turning around to walk to the end of the stall where Rosebud was and...some girl he didnt know. Patch raised his eyebrow at the girl. "Brush her, it'll calm her down." He stated abruptly

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Sara rolled her eyes at the nickname before going to calm brownie.she called to patch. "You know I don't particularly like you but I think were gonna be friends," she said laughing. She didn't know why but she knew she was supposed to be friends with patch even if he annoyed the hell outta her. She brushed brownie calming her horse down while feeding her the last carrot. She smiled at brownie's neigh and took it to mean her horse forgave her. She kissed the top of brownies head affectionately.

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alli (cross) | 140 comments ((ravens nickname is starfire))
raven sighed when she was caught"umm ok"she mumbled she knew how to take care and groom horses because her sister loved everything horse related.she started to brush rosebud and murmer sweet things to her

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alli (cross) | 140 comments ((i g2g 2 a funeral))

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patched looked back down the stable towards Sara, his lips qurking up slightly, though he was far enough away that she wouldnt be able to tell that he was amused. "Didn't I tell ya to keep your voice down." He called back, ignoring his own advice. He looked at the girl and Rosebud. He gently placed his hand on the mare's back, smiling slightly when he felt that she was okay now. Patch nodded to the girl and walked back to Sara, "And didn't your mama ever tell you it's not nice to lie. You definitely like me. All the ladies fall for my charm."

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Sara laughed at that one. "Yes my mother taught me not to lie that's why I'm telling you the truth," she said raising her eyebrows amused. "And for the liking you part I'm not sure your even a friend yet so we shall see," she said mysteriously. "Besides bad boys aren't on my general list of guys I'm attracted to," she said giggling. "Oh and one more thing get better lick up lines," she said.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch smirked and filled up Apache and Brownie's water bins. Not liking the itchy feeling of his shirt sticking to him, he took it off in one swift motion, revealing his tanned muscular body. Again, he was scarred, little white lines here and there. He was toned and definitely had a six pack but not that outrageous body builder type. Patch was just...definitely fit and in shape and strong. "How do you know I'm a bad boy?" He asked with a laugh before leaning in to whisper in her ear. "I could be verrryy good given the right sort of persuasion." Patch smirked and pulled away, turning around to watch Apache drink up his water. "Oh and I dont need pick up lines, usually just have to take off my shirt." He said with a shrug, his voice nonchalant, though it was unclear if he was joking or not

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Sara gaze went over him up and down and she bit her lip raising her eyebrows trying not to laugh. "If this is hour way of trying to get me attracted to you its not working," she said in a bored tone keeping her gaze away from his bare chest. She staightened up. "Look as your friend its my job tell you this stuff because not all girls want in a guy is how hot he looks without his shirt," she says shrugging.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch glanced sideways at her, his lips quirking up slightly when he saw that she was trying not to laugh. He didnt really care if she laughed or not or found him attractive. "Oh don't worry, sweetheart. If I'm trying to win your love, you'll know." He said cockily before turning his gaze back to Apache. "Oh, so you're my friend now, huh?" He asked, smirking. "Doesn't that sort of thing require a mutual agreement?" Patch sighed dramatically and put the back of his hand to his forehead, looking up at the ceiling. "Oh unrequited friendship! Why must you be so cruel!"

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She rolls her eyes laughing. "I will be friends with you wether you like it or not," she said strapping a sattle on brownie. "And friends are honest with each other," she said climbing on top of brownie. "And i think your just a little too sarcastic sometimes," she said laughing looking down at him.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch merely watched Sara hop on top of Brownie, his face unreadable. He didnt need friends. He didnt want them. Friends leave, family leaves, everyone leaves. "And I think you don't know when you're actually lying." He finally said seriously, though he was still smirking

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Sara looked down at patch disbelief in her eyes. "I think your scared of having friends," she said finally face blank. She kept it blank on purpose so not to show him what she was truly thinking at that moment. Her friend kenzie used to say she wore her heart on her sleeve and her face was like an open book.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch didnt react, but still kept that same smirk on his face. Though he was wondering why Sara seemed so determined to be his friend. "And I think you're scared of not having friends." With that, right after he said that, he made a clicking sound with his mouth and smacked Brownie lightly on the butt. He watched the mare take of, taking Sara and whatever she was going to say with her.

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She grabbed hold of brownie's hands wondering why he was so determined not to have friends. She sighed as brownie went faster and faster until sara had to wrap her arms around brownie's neck.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patched watched Sara ride off, staying there until he couldnt see her anymore. Finally he walked out of the stable and headed for the dorms with one random thought on his mind. The little Spitfire has good form.

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Keeli (lalalandito) Autumn was walking towards the stables, humming a song she made up. She ran into patch, falling on her butt on the ground. "watch it will ya?" she said, rubbing her head.

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Sara turned brownie around come on brownie she whispered as brownie raced forward. "Okay slow down," please she said. "But brownie sped up. "Brownie stop!" Sara yelled looking scared. But brownie kept running towards the stables she started to slip off the sattle.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch felt someone bump into him, though he had barely moved even though the girl fell backwards. He peered down at her, a scowl on his face. Would he get no peace of mind today? "You fell on your butt and you're rubbing your head." He shook his head, taking in her tiny figure but not making a move to help her up. Third former. He mentally grunted. "Have you ridden Apache?" He asked abruptly

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"Brownie stop!" She yelled brownie stopped but she fell off landing on her side. She felt a sudden throbbing in her arm and she cried out in pain.

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Vixen  | 196 comments ((sorry i already posted. i wanted to go edit it to make him save her before she fell!!))

Patch didnt wait for a response, whipping around when he heard someone yelling. Brownie? His eyes widened. "Shit." Sara was heading straight for the stable but Brownie had stopped just before they hit it. "Sara!!" Patch yelled, seeing her fall off the horse. Forgetting about the third former, he ran towards Sara and knelt down beside her. "Are you hurt?" He asked sternly as he looked over her body, not wanting to move her yet in case something was broken.

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"My arm," she said pain in her voice. Sara cussed in her mind. She couldn't believe brownie had went that fast. She sat up cradling her arm gently to her body. It hurt like hell. She could tell it was broken it was also bruised and had scratched all over. She groaned her arm throbbing with pain.

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Keeli (lalalandito) Autumn looked over, running to brownie. "STOP!" she yelled out, her hands turning bright blue. She didn't make a move to step aside from the running horse. She reached forward and touched the horses neck, closing her eyes. Brownie suddenly stopped, letting out a horse breath.

She had her hands planted firmly on his neck, happy memories distracted him from running. She led him into the stall, closing it before she let go.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch swore under his breath when he saw the shape of her arm. It was swelling up and it looked definitely broken. "Come on. I'll take you to the infirmary." Since she needed to support her arm with her other hand, she couldnt exactly get up. Sowling once, he picked Sara up bridal style, not even realizing he still didnt have his shirt on but left it somewhere on the ground near the stable, and with a grunt began walking towards the infirmary.

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Vixen  | 196 comments ((@keelie, does autumn have a horse affinity too?))

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((Hold on I have to make the infirmary))

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Keeli (lalalandito) Autumn looked after it, "I know brownie, I know." she said, patting his nose. She decided to go and sit in the hayloft after giving him a treat. She took off his reins and saddle first. Putting them away, then she climbed up the ladder. She found one of her stashed guitars, this one was her Martin acoustic. She strummed it, smirking and leaning against the wall and strumming it. She liked music, it was her passion. She put the guitar back and got out the keyboard. She sighed, pulling out some sheet music.

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Keeli (lalalandito) Vixen wrote: "((@keelie, does autumn have a horse affinity too?))"

(@vixen, she has spirit for a affinity, She was jut trying to calm down brownie,)

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((Infirmary made))

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alli (cross) | 140 comments raven looked over to sara and looked worried then returned to rosebud who was paniking or anxious she was trying to calm her and rosebud knocked her down she hurt her wrist but tried not to cry she didnt want attention.she sang softly to rosebud and started brushing her with her uninjured hand

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Keeli (lalalandito) Autumn stopped playing her keyboard, she looked up and saw raven. She sighed, leaning back and lowering the volume as her fingers gracefully flew over the keys. She sighed, stashing it away and climbing down.she waved to raven and walked out.

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alli (cross) | 140 comments she saw autumn and waved she was scared someone had heard her

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When Sara got there she heard loud neighing from the barn. Brownie was ramming himself against his the door trying to get out. She tried to think calming thoughts to herself but it wasn't working.she was still upset inside she tried to distract herself thinking of something else but the same pictures of autumn dying kept running through her head.

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