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Carolina And the only think that she could said was, "Hi Tucker" (i'm really creative, i know)

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Kat He looked at her questioningly, raised eyebrow and all. "You'd think we'd gotten past the normal pleasantries by now." He says with a smirk.

Carolina And then, they both start laughing, enjoying the moment like it was their last one together.

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Kat "It's funny, but I have this strange feeling that everything's going to change soon." Clara said, with mysteriously misty eyes.

Bryan After Clara said that, there's an uncomfortable silence that happened between them.
Breaking the silence Clara said "I probably should leave now."

Emmie Tucker grabbed her wrist quickly and said, "Don't leave please because I feel that if you leave I wont see you again."

Bryan "No, We can't continue this anymore. I can't be the one you wish me to, I'm not normal Tucker and it's too dangerous for me to be near you..." Clara said. It took all of her effort to turn her back to him and started to run as far as possible from him. She could hear Tucker calling her name but she paid it no attention because it will only make things complicated.

Jenny Running through the woods,she thought she saw a figure up ahead.

Pauline She tried to blink back a few tears that swelled in her eyes to get a clearer view, but as they kept flowing down, her sight just seemed to get worse, yet she kept running, hearing the crunching of leaves under Tuckers boots as he chased after her.

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Kat She couldn't let him catch up to her, if you love something you have to let it go right? she thought before she uncurled her wings and started flying.

Erica she went back home and on her doorsteep was christen.

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Shamika "Hey, I've been waiting here for..." he stops himself as he sees clara's face as a tear falls down her face against her will. "You've been crying," he rushes to his feet and in two long strides he is standing only a breathe away from her as his hands reach to wipe the tears away...

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Pauline ...she launches herself into his arms.

Shamika Christian was extremely taken by surprise, and was tense at first...but soon he relaxed and ran his hand through her hair, while repeating the same sentence over and over again. "It's going to be ok..." All clara could think about was how if he knew what IT was he wouldn't be saying this...

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Clara pulled back staring into Christians eyes. His delicate softness of his face made her want to reach out, but with all her strength she withdrew wiping her tears away. (Sorry first time) -.-

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Kat "I should probably go. It's been a long day." She heads for the door, but stops when Christian gently pulls her arm back.

Emmie Christian looked into her eyes in a way nobody ever looked a her. Like he wanted her.

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Zuko He cupped her face pulling closer. "Clara" he kept on whispering. Clara closed her eyes feeling his warm fingertips against her face - then she felt his lips on her forehead moving down to her nose...

Shamika When they finally reached her lips clara knew she should pull back but she didnt want to...she kissed him back

Emmie This was the best kiss she ever had. She was sorry to say it was even better than any kiss she had with Tucker.

Shamika And while christian was gone this summer she thought she had fallen in love with tucker...but now this kiss with christian just threw evrything out of balance...she didnt know what to do

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Emmie When she pulled back Christian was breathing hard, but smiling. Clara was smiling to and she hated her self for that. It wasn't right. But she loved the way his lips felt on hers.

Shamika At that very moment with her eyes locked with christian's, they were so close to each other, she was oblivious to the rest of the world...she didn't even hear the door open until her mother yelled for her to come inside

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Emmie Clara turned around. Her mother saw Christian and said, "Oh,...I'm so sorry." "Oh no it's okay I was just leaving" said Christian.

Shamika Clara said hopefully, "I'll see you tomorrow?" "Definitely," he said with a smile and walked back to his truck. Clara went back in the house trying to hide her emotions from her mother, but her smile betrayed her

Emmie "So how did that go?" asked Clara's mom. Clara turned a pink and red all at once.

Shamika "oh...its ok i understand" she said smirking

Shamika "It's ok, i know that you will tell if i need to know." her mom said. And clara made her way to her room still smiling. When she was extremely startled by a deafining ring of the phone. She picks it and hears the familiar voice of Tucker...

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Emmie "Clara?" he asks. "Tucker I'm so sorry but we're done." she said crying."No Clara wait I think we can make this work," he said desperately. "I'm sorry Tuck it's over." and then Clara hung up.

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Clara forced the tears out as they had been held in for far too long, feeling guilty about what had happened with Christian, remembering all those times with Tucker. Suddenly her phone rang. Tucker.

Shamika This time she let it go to voicemail. And she cried harder than she already was.

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Jeffrey walked past seeing Clara crying, this made him uncomfortable. He walked over to her patting her back awkwardly. She raised her head seeing Jeffrey, she hugged him apologizing for everything she had done.

Emmie Jeffrey said,"you don't have to apologize it's okay." He pulled back. "By the way I saw that," he said with a smirk. "Saw what Jeffrey?" Asked Clara. He walked away but before he walked out the door he said,"your kiss with Christian."

Shamika For the next couple minutes she just sat there in awe, thinking how could Jefferey possibly know whats really going on, hes just a kid. And soon she drifted in to sleep where she fell into a dream...

Emmie ...She was with Tucker. For some reason she felt sad and then it changed and she was with Christian and she felt happy, but then something went wrong she was just about to find out, when Clara was wakened by a familiar tap on the window... it was Christian.

Pauline She walked to the window and let the cool night air flow into her room.
"I hope I didn't get you in trouble with your mom." he said, the ends of his lips slightly rising.

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Clara raised her eyebrows "You getting into trouble by my mom is highly unlikely." Christian laughed. He looked around her room remembering every detail as he had not had the chance before.

Shamika "You could have told me that ovr the phone" clara said, get christians attention. He replied, "maybe i wanted to see you." his smile got even larger than before.

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Emmie Clara can't help but to smile too. Christian takes two log strides and pulls her to his arms. "I've missed you" christian says. "It's only been one night" She replies. "It's been the longest night of my life thats what it's been" But Clara is distracted by his soft lips getting closer to hers.

Erica then they kissed. christen deepened the kissed.clara pulled him closer to her as possible. christen's hand was now pulling behind her shirt.and clara tried to take his shirt off too.clara had to breathe so she broke off,but christen wasnt dont yet. he kissed her neck which clara groned but that's what encourage him.christen took her shirt off and his. before ANYTHING got Too serious the phone rang and it was from tucker,but clara decied to ignore.this was christen and clara's moment.

Erica but they stoped and put on their shirt.now they have self-control.

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Emmie "Um sorry, I can't help it" said Christian. "Oh no it's okay." replied Clara "but," She said getting closer to him "I never told you to stop"

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Erica christen smiled. "maybe we can do this another time" he said. "yes,antoher time" clara agreed.

Emmie "So do you want to go skiing with me?" asked Christian "Is that a date?" asked Clara.

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Kat "I should hope it's a date." A voice nastily replied.
They looked up to find Jeffery watching over them with a sneer. "Otherwise I'll have to move out to finally sleep in peace."

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Emmie "What are you doing here?" asked Clara "Well I do live here" He answered. "No what are you doing in my room?" she asked. "Well not to be rude or anything but you guys are so noisy." he replied. "So I'll pick you up at 7:30" Christian said.

Bryan "Ok, I'm looking forward to it! See you tomorrow!" Clara said. "Sure. Bye Clara" said Christian and he gave Jeffrey a nod.

Emmie When Christian left Clara turned to "Jeffery What the hell was that?" "What?" Jeffrey said. "Just get out of my room." Cara demanded "Ah my sister is mad at me for messing up her moment with Christian" Jeffrey said. "Just get out." Said Clara.

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Kat And off Jeffery went.
"It's not my fault she's always having her bloody soap operas where everyone can hear them." He mumbled grumpily.
Although, looking back, he was happy that his life would never be half as dramatic as hers.

Emmie Clara drifted off to sleep thinking about Christian. Then she was woken up by her phone ringing. Clara picked up and said....

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