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message 1: by Martha (last edited Nov 11, 2012 09:01PM) (new)

Martha  (iread1105) When is ya'lls birthdays?

Mine is July 10!
And I'll be 22.

6- Britt

8- Dale
14- J
19- Catherine
22- Mary
23- Worm

2- Asia

10- April
10- Marlene
23- Hannah
29- Tiffany

14- Ellse

3- Alan
22- Shannon

4- Sara
10- Martha

23- Khairiya
29- Karen

2- Heidi
14- Diane
19- Tera
26- Jared

6- Rabia
9- Teresa
20- Ronald
29- Corinne

17- Susan


message 2: by Hannah (last edited Jun 14, 2012 12:42AM) (new)

Hannah (faize) | 1090 comments Mod
April 23. Which means 23 is my lucky number.

It's so lucky, they even made a movie about it!:P

message 3: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) Haha Hannah!

Daing so far I'm the oldest!

message 4: by Jade (new)

Jade Varden (jadevarden) Mine's in December and it's the lamest month of all to have a birthday, because no one cares.

message 5: by Hannah (last edited Jun 15, 2012 06:48AM) (new)

Hannah (faize) | 1090 comments Mod
I knew someone whose b-day was on Christmas. So she got even less presents than everyone else her age...

message 6: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) Dec what Jade?

message 7: by Catherine (new)

Catherine | 20 comments Feb 19th I will be 24

message 8: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Pickett (supershannon) | 25 comments mine is June 22

message 9: by Asia (new)

Asia | 32 comments Mine is the 2nd of March :D

message 10: by Tera (new)

Tera Jenkins | 19 comments Haha, looks like I'm the oldest now. September 19th - I'll be 26!

message 11: by Susan (new)

Susan Phelps | 6 comments Mine is November 17th & I've got you all beat in the age department! I'll be 56 years young!

message 12: by Khairiya (new)

Khairiya (PeachesR) | 8 comments August 23rd and I'm probably the youngest, going to be 14!

message 13: by Rania (new)

Rania (spatulass) | 4 comments 25 next April 10. =)

message 14: by Rabia (new)

Shah Rabia (rabiashah) | 7 comments 6th oct.

message 15: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) Oops I'm a bit behind on adding the birthdays.
I shall do it now :)

message 16: by Angel (new)

Angel Deruelle (angellynn71) August 1

message 17: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) Updated!

message 18: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) Happy belated birthday Angel!

message 19: by Shannon (new)


message 20: by Heidi (new)

Heidi My birthday is Sept. 2nd. I will be 41 this year :D

message 21: by Diane (new)

Diane Westin | 30 comments My birthday is Sept 14th. My daughter's is Sept 12th. We celebrate out birthdays together and she is my best friend.

message 22: by Jared (new)

Jared Cook | 370 comments September 26 I'll be 29...

message 23: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) Updated!

message 24: by Marlene (new)

Marlene (rivera_bookjunkie) April 10th. ;0)

message 25: by Mary (new)

Mary | 7 comments Feb 22

message 26: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) UPDATED!

message 27: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany McFly (tiffmcfly) April 29 :'D

message 28: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) Updated!

message 29: by J (new)

J (jjtanner) My birthday is Feb. 14th and i turned 30 this year.

Rabia - you share the same birthday with my dad AND my oldest son :-)

message 30: by Sara (new)

Sara July 4th

message 31: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Today September 2nd is my birthday. I am 41.

message 32: by Sara (new)

Sara Happy birthday Heidi!

message 33: by Ellese (last edited Sep 02, 2012 11:30AM) (new)

Ellese (faithfulumbrella) | 54 comments May 14th :)

And Happy Birthday Heidi!!

message 34: by Corinne (new)

Corinne Kennedy (corikenn) | 12 comments October 29

message 35: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Johnson | 1 comments October 9

message 36: by Karen (new)

Karen (seaayre) | 40 comments August 29th. :)

message 37: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) Updated!
For everyone who's birthday has just happened, from all of here at Book Junkies we wish you a Happy Birthday!

message 38: by Dale (new)

Dale Ibitz (goodreadscomdale_ibitz) Feb 8...can anyone say "half century" coming up? Not me!

message 39: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Pickett (supershannon) | 25 comments HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL YOU SEPTEMBER BABIES!!!!!

message 40: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) Happy Birthday Rabia!

message 41: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) UPDATED

message 42: by Britt (new)

Britt Gotay (brittgotay) | 8 comments January 6

message 43: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) UPDATED

message 44: by Ansareen (new)

Ansareen (ahass35) MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)
(NOV. 7)

message 45: by Martha (new)

Martha  (iread1105) Happy Late Birthday Ansareen!!!

message 46: by Ronald (new)

Ronald  (ron410) birthday just past oct 20 iam 38

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) February 12th.

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