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๖ۣۜƧilverlight A forest that goes on for miles, surrounding the Spring Forest Town. Though creatures live here...things like unicorns, griffens and dragons.

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Niran Midnight wondered the forest , walking slowly , making sure the twigs on the ground didn't snap . She hid behind a bush to see a dear , that was her target . She had to keep training , so she could win , so the world of Shadows could over come the good . She got her knife out but thought that it wouldnt make it . Then she got her bow and arrow from her waist and shut one of her eyes .

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Sara walked around the forest carefully.

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Niran Midnight was ready to shoot . But she just couldn't . She might kill people but she couldn't kill animals , she dropped her bow and arrow , but then sensed something. She knew she wasn't alone .

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Sara got out her dagger and she carved on a tree trunk. S wuz here.

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Ethan snuck up behind Midnight, "Boo." he whispered in her ear.

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Sara heard a noise. She smirked and looked up. It was probably a human that she could make friends with who was evil like her or someone who she could cause pain to.

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Niran Midnight jumped lightly And turned around . She glared at him and said " What is wrong with you !?!" .

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Sara carefully walked through the forest and she saw a boy and a girl. Smirking she watched them to see if they were goody goodies.

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Ethan sneered, "What's wrong with YOU? SOMEONE's jumpy..."

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Sara nodded, the boy seemed like a teaser, but she didnt see any sign of him being a dark boy.

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Niran Midnight glared and gritted her teeth ," well I was trying to hunt ! And get some peace and quiet ! But you - you just had to ruin it ".

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"Anyways," he said to Midnight, "I was going to head to the royal ball, check out the scene," he winked, "but i need a date."

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Niran Midnight smirked , " Hmm , so you need my help ?" . Oh she could get used to this .

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Ethan knew this was the only way he could get her to come, and he had to admit it was partially true. "I don't need you specifically, I need a girl just as evil as me, and youre the only one I know who fits the bill."

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Sara smirked and nodded. Good enough. "Hmm!" She walked out from behing th tree and looked at them smiling evily.

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Niran Midnight smiled evilly and put a hand on her hip , " I'm going to take that as a compliment , and fine , I'll go with you . But only and I mean not for the purpose of the Shadows , understood ?" .

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Ethan spun around at the sound of a snapping twig and in one swift movement had his hand around the girl's neck and her pressed up agaisnt a tree.

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Sara quickly twisted his arm and kicked his stomach causing him to fly back." NO need for fighting!"

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Niran Midnight looked at the girl , walked to her slowly and said ," who are you ?". She didn't answer so she twisted the girls wrist .

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Ethan quickly lept to his feet but didn;t attack her again.

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Sara let the girl twist her wrists, because she was not emotional. "Why should I tell you who I am? All i'll tell you is that i'm one of the dark ones in the society."

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Niran Midnight twisted the girls hand behind her back , she quickly got her knife and held it to her throat ," I said who are you ?!"

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Ethan glanced at Midnight, "Let her go, Midnight."

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Niran Midnight breathed out and pushed the girl away , she believed her .

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Sara frowned. "Fine. You tell me 'bout you then I will tell you about me. Its not fair if you know who I am but I dont know who you guys are." Sara snorted in her head and thought,'That came out wrong..i dont care about fair..'

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Ethan tilted his chin up, looking down at her, "You first."

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"Fine. What about you first. Then me then the other girl so it's fair..." Sara said.

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Niran Midnight scoffed , and crossed her arms "someone just start , I'm getting annoyed ".

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Ethan scowled, "For someone who doesn't care about fair you sure you it as an excuse a lot."

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Sara smiled. "How did you know that I didnt care?"

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Ethan shrugged, "I just figured."

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Niran Midnight rolled her eyes .

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((oh no no no...she THOUGHT that))

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((ooooh okay well I'll just have it that he read her mind! lol))

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((lol ok))

Sara sighed,"You mean you read my mind?"

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Ethan smirked, "You should guard your thought better." was his only reply.

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Niran Midnight shook her head and laughed ," If non of you will make the first move then I will ! Im Midnight Smith-" She smiled dangerously ,"- And I joined the Shadows when I was thirteen . And you seriously dont want to fuck with me . So far thats all you need to know".

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Sara smiled. "Ok! I'm Sara, I'm actually part of the Shadows too and i'm dangerous."

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Ethan looked between the two girls, "I'm Ethan, and I'm also part of the shadows. And as Midnight knows, I'm very dangerous." he winked at her

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Niran Midnight smiled , she felt like she could get along with Sara .

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Sara actully gave them a real smiled. "Well, finally I met a couple of chill people that dont go around saying,'OMG my skirt is too long!'."

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Ethan smirked, "I'd like to meet these girls."

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"Oh you will see them all around. So caring and thinking that the animals are so precious. Oh please..." Sara rolled her eyes.

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Niran Midnight folded her arms and smirked ," Im so sick and tired of those innocent , brainless girls . I just want to cut all their hair off , or maybe their fingers , one by one " .

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Ethan shrugged, "They're fun toys." he said, chuckling to himself

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"Oh..Thats a little easy dont you think? I would want to rip their organs out!"

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Niran Midnight laughed " Oh im sure they are ".
Suddenly a black panther popped down from the tree .

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Sara was glad there was actually people to talk to now.

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Niran Midnight walked to the black panther , stroked it on the head and said ," Hello , my beautiful Skyler ".

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