Crossed (Matched, #2) Crossed question

Ally Condie Faltering?
Aidra Aidra Jun 13, 2012 08:09PM
Crossed wasn't as good as Matched, is Ally lacking some creativity?

i loved the this second book XD

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Definitely! I was really disappointed. I think i liked the setting a little better in Matched than in Crossed. It seemed like she was being lazy in Crossed by showing settings that the characters didnt know well so they couldn't explain and she didnt have to. She is definitely slacking i would say!

I found it boring at times but I still can't wait to see what happens!

I am beginning to wonder if these authors have these fantastic ideas for stand alone or maybe two-parter, and publishers lean on them to drag the story line out through three books to fit a 'trend' and make more money. I've read a number of first books (of three) where can clearly see that it would've made an excellent story had the plot not been dragged out. It's really a shame - if this is what's happening, it's damaging the quality of the writing.

Well when I read it it was pretty good. Same thing happened to Stephanie Meyer's New Moon: it went on and on but at the same time it was a really important part of the series. So when there's a series like this you have to read it to understand the next book.

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Crossed was a lat down! I had to force myself to finish it!

I couldn't finish crossed, it was really just boring

With a title like "Crossed" I wasn't really expecting Ky and Cassia to stay in contact for very long. Just having them each narrate the chapters reinforced that.

I do agree that it wasn't a strong "middle" trilogy book.

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I liked it. It's not one of those books you would read like you read THG or Divergent, it's an in-between sort of series :) But, as for the initial question, I kind of agree that it was a little less creative; she strayed from the world she'd created (i.e. the Society) and put them in a desert. I found a similar sort of issue happened in THG. Once Collins took the story away from the actual games, the story became a little fragmented and...grrr, don't you hate it when you just can't find the words to explain what you mean??? Haha, anyways... Yea, I found it a common thing in authors that if they stray from their invented world, the story becomes somewhat weaker.
But I still enjoyed this book!
(And THG!)

Faith (last edited Sep 22, 2012 12:43PM ) Sep 22, 2012 12:42PM   0 votes
I was totally annoyed with the book. I thought Matched was pretty good but Crossed was boring. It just going and I was wondering if it would ever finish. I'm probably not reading the next book because of the 2nd book. Me and dystopian novels haven't been working together lately.

Most middle books suck/are the weakest of the trilogy

Agreed with you.. Crossed was kind of quite a drag to read.. I hope she does better with Reached (not sure if i got the name right..) And is it just me, or is Cassia wanting to cling onto both Xander and Ky at the same time, really annoying? For most of Crossed, I felt myself getting really irritated with her. Most of the time I was like, "Dude! Make up your mind already! Xander has suffered enough because of you -.-" Yeah...along the lines of that.

I liked the 2nd book too...not as great as Matched, but still lovely....

I agree, Crossed really dragged. I skimmed a lot after the halfway point. What Condi seems to have missed is that the story is most exciting when Cassia and Ky are interacting. Keeping them apart doesn't heighten the tension, it removes it.

Maybe it's just a slump in the series. There's always one book that's just not as good as the rest.

Ugh, I really did not enjoy this book, I had high hopes, considering the hype...

Victoria, that is the basic formula for most YA series/trilogies.

I agree with Jessica, the middle books always seem to be the weakest. The first sets 'em up, the third knocks 'em down, the middle is just filler.

Lindsay Yeah, I don't thinks it's true that middle books are always the most boring. If anything, they have the greatest responsibility out of the series to k ...more
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I went into this book with high standards. I thought Matched was really good, and all of the 2nd books (in trilogies) have been my absolute favorties, so Crossed had a lot to live up to. It didn't meet my standards. I didn't enjoy it, but I didn't hate it. . . Does that even make any sense?

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I think Crossed was better than matched.

YES!!!!!!!!! come on it was like the same story line.... over, and over again though the whole book.

End of book 1 & start of the book, Ky and Cassia are not together.

Middle of Crossed, Then they find each other.

And the end of crossed ends with them not being together! again!

It is like the book started the same... and ended the same..

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