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Jada {Tired of the Drama} (jadamc1) | 521 comments Mod
Yum what's good to eat?

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Cameron walked in sitting at a table in the corner by himself. He didn't get any food having eaten earlier. He re-tied his shoelace, sighing.

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Rose walks in the cafeteria a bored expression on her face. She walks up to the front of the cafeteria to get her food and sits down at booth with a slice of pizza and a can of soda. "Damn," she mutters.

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Cameron looked up, seeing someone else, but they weren't looking at him, so he didn't say hi.

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Rose got up to get ranch and started crying she knew what I meant. Someone near her was experiencing great pain. A lot of pain. She looked around the room but couldn't find anyone. "Damn," she said again closing her eyes. It was coming from the girls dorm and that meant it could be two things.

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Cameron walked over to her, frowning, "Hey, what's wrong?" He asked concerned. Most fledgelings din't cry

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She shook her head. "Its not me," she said sniffling. "I- I have any affinity for emotions," she whispered still crying trying to stop the flow of tears. "I think someone is Dying," she mumbled.

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Cameron handed her a napkin because there were no tissues. "Hey, sweetie, it's okay." He said softly, still concerned

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Jada {Tired of the Drama} (jadamc1) | 521 comments Mod
She shook her head whole body shaking with sobs. " There sobbing there screaming," she whispered trying to stop the flow of tears. "Nothing is okay to the person there whole world feels Like it's falling apart," she whispered.

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Cameron stared at her for a second, "Let's go get someone from the infirmary and then they'll make her red or something."

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Jada {Tired of the Drama} (jadamc1) | 521 comments Mod
Rose lips trembled. "Yeah if she has a chance to come back," she muttered. "Go to the livingroom between the dorms i'll get the nurse," she said walking out food untouched.

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Cameron walked back in, sitting at a different table than before, but still by himself. He knew the statistics of people dying, bu that didn't make it any easier.

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Jada {Tired of the Drama} (jadamc1) | 521 comments Mod
Rose went back in the cafeteria staring at her by now cold pizza. She wasn't as hungry now. She just felt hurt inside. She didnt wanna feel other peoples emotions she was cursed she thought bitterly. Its gonna be like this forever if you make it through.

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Cameron sighed wondering if he should go talk to Rose. He didn't think she'd seen him, and that couldn't be good. She had to be distracted, thinking about her...friend? He wasn't sure if she'd known Autum

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Rose pursed her lips glaring at the table. She hadn't known autumn but now she felt like she had. She had felt the absence of her when she left felt the pain when she died Luke it was her own. She pushed her pizza away and put her forehead against the cool surface of the table.

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Cameron watched her for a while longer, undecided. He didn't know her, but... she looked so sad

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She breathed in deeply again. She wondered why Nyx hated her enough to give her this power. She chewed on her lip bending her head down again. Her black hair swung down like a curtain hiding her face for which she was grateful.

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Jada {Tired of the Drama} (jadamc1) | 521 comments Mod
Sara walked in the cafeteria and sighed. She needed a date for the dance. She grabbed a Dr.pepper and a sandwhich sitting at a random table she ate quietly by herself. She kept her eyes on the tabletop not saying anything. Just thinking.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch was sitting up in his room starving. Too many people had been in the barn and he didnt like that. He was talking to Sara but all those other people just annoyed him so he had left and stayed up in his room for a couple hours. Finally, his hunger overpowered him and he headed into the cafeteria. Grabbing 3 slices of pizza and a gingerale, he sat at a random table by himself, not realizing it was 2 emtpy tables across from Sara so they were actually facing each other but just 15 feet away

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Sara looked up and rolled her eyes wondering if patch had sat that way in purpose if so he had a strange sense of humorous. She gulped down Dr.pepper heart beating fast. She wanted to ask patch if the go to the dance with her but was kind of afraid he would say something sarcastic and walk away.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch took a big bite of his pizza, what would normally require three bites he did in one, and he chewed to his heart's content. He suddenly felt eyes on him and had a scowl ready on his face as he looked up and came, not exactly, face to face with Sara. He raised his eyebrow at her, the corner of one side of his mouth twitching up slightly into his trademark smirk. Seeing her chug her dr. Pepper, he wanted to laugh but held it in, his face blank besides the smirk. Picking up his own ginger ale, Patch slowly held it up in the air as if toasting to her before bringing it to his lips, painstakingly taking his time to drink his pop, the exact opposite of what Sara had done, while his eyes never leaving hers as he swallowed. It was like he enjoyed getting a rise out of this girl, this little Spitfire. Patch put his ginger ale down on the table, making a satisfied "ahh' sound, unnecessarily loud just to be sure that Sara had heard him

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Sara grimaced looking away from patch. She knew she shouldn't ask him now he was just a guy who liked to make girls want him she decided looking at the table. If patch liked her he would have asked her she decided. She hated how he could get a rise out of her.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch chuckled softly to himself when he saw Sara's face and how quickly she had averted her eyes. Vaguely, he wondered what her fascination with him was. But even more disturbing, he wondered what his fascination with her was. He sighed, finishing one slice and moving on to the other as he thought about his stallion, Keiro. Patch, in all actuality, was completely oblivious to there even being a dance. Extracurriculars and social things like these werent even on his radar most of the time. Though he did notice that girls seemed to be looking at him even moreso now, and that was saying a lot considering how much they already stared

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Sara looked at the huge poster on the wall saying the dark daughters were throwing a dance. She got up and threw her trash away. She sat back down this time at patch's table. "Do you insist on messing with me?" She asked him finally.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch finished his second slice of pizza as his eyes followed Sara's line of sight. He stared at the poster longer than needed as ig he wasnt sure what it said before looking back at Sara who threw away her food. He took a smaller bite of his last slice, wanting to preserve it as much as possible. He chewed extra slow when Sara sat at his table and asked him that. Patch didnt look at her, but closed his eyes as he chewed until there was nothing left and made a big swallowing sound. Finally, he opened his eyes and looked across, directly in Sara's eyes. "Did me simply enjoying my ginger ale piss you off that much?" He asked innocently, tilting his head slightly to the side

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Sara sighed pursing her lips. She inhaled deeply once and exhaled. "I knew it,"she muttered under her breath. She sighed not knowing what to say next. "Stupid patch why wont he ask you to the dance," she said. She gasped realizing she said that aloud she got up. "I uh...." she flushed turning away and started to walk out.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch had taken another bite of his pizza, not bothering with the hteatrics of pissing Sara off, but he nearly choked on it even though he didnt show it. aside from a grimace. She wants me to go to the dance? Patch didnt do that. He didnt go to dances, he didnt do any of those activities actually. Even in his 3rf and 4th former years he didnt go to a single dance. He simply stared at Sara, his eyes flat as she started to walk away. "I don't dance." Patch finally grunted. "And I don't do costumes." He added, nodding at the dance poster. It was indeed a costume party. "Who's dumb idea was that anyway?" He asked, shaking his head and laughing humorlessly

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Sara stopped and clenched her fists. "Me and my friend rose," she said quietly. "You know I just font get why I fall for the jerks," she said harshily. "I deserve more," she said turning to him. "And don't worry Ill find a date," she said shrugging looking at him backing away. "Hopefully next time its a guy who likes me back," she whispered walking out the door a few tears running town her face. She wished she had never met patch but then again there was still her heart that betrayed her everytime she looked in his eyes. She walked away from the cafeteria not looking back.

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Vixen  | 196 comments (wait is Sara's arm still broken anymore?))
Patch eyed her clenched fists, and he looked almost...approving of them? When she said she fell for the jerks, he nodded his head slowly and in a cocky voice said, "It's the body. not your fault." This was how Patch was. Nothing phased him, he didnt react to anything. But when Sara said she deserved more, his jaw clenched shut and he stared at his pizza, not looking at her. That pissed him off. Why? Because it was true. But she and him both knew that he wasn't more. Realxing his posture, he smiled lazily up at Sara. "You do deserve better." He said seriously, his eyes a little too intense. "So don't come looking in a place where you know you're not going to get it." He finished coldly, and shoved the rest of his pizza into his mouth so that he wouldnt have to talk to her anymore even though Sara was already leaving.

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She heard the last sentence and stopped one more time not glancing back this time. "But what if I want you," she said softly avoiding his eyes. She liked patch for reasons unknown to her she did. "And what if you were better?" She asked him. She walked away knowing he wouldn't reply to her. She sighed running to the stables.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch kept silent, his mouth full of pizza, though that wasnt the reason why he didnt answr Sara. When she left, he swallowed hard, this time not on purpose, and sighed. "Well then your shit out of luck, Spitfire." He said to himself softly since she had alrleady left. Patch gulped his ginger ale and threw away his food. "...Because that's a lot of 'ifs'"

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Vinny sat across from Patch. "Hey." He said opening his soda and twisting the pop-top. Lots of people got annoyed by that habit, but for Vinny, it was just...something he did without thinking. He took a bite of pizza, wondering what had happened that Patch seemed even more moody than usual

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch looked up with a scowl on his face but saw the 6th former, Vinny? He didnt really pay attention to people and their names. "Hey." He grunted, staring at him with flat green eyes.

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Vinny kept eating, since Patch probaly wasn't going to say anything else. He looked down at his food, wondering why he'd said hi in the first place. There were plenty of other tables he could have sat at. Shrugging, Vinny drank more soda.

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alli (cross) | 140 comments raven saw sombody drinking soda "sodas not healthy kno"she said walking upto him with a bottle of water in her hand she didnt like to eat so she drank water

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch was clearly confused by this guys action, wondering why he sat down here. He had seen him around before. But he was a 6th former, didn't he have a lot of friends or? Well the guy was almost done his transformation, usually they almost always drink blood now. That though made Patch crave blood. "No blood?" He finally asked, though it came out again sounding like another grunt as he looked at the can Vinny was drinking. But he scowled when he saw another person walk up to his table. Did he have a sign on his forehead that said 'welcome' or something. And this girl looked like a kid, probably third former or something

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Vinny looked up at Raven. "Neither's blood, but I drink that all the time, so don't judge." He turned to Patch, "Not when The person I'm imprented with isn't feeling well. This does taste bad though, but I'll live." Vinny shrugged

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch smirked at his answer and then thought about it. "Maybe they're dying." He said bluntly, if not rudely. Of course, he didnt mean it to be rude, Patch was just a man of truths. He usually tells it like it is, doesnt sugar coat or walk around people's feelings. It was a possibility, it could be true. So why not say it. People hatedhim for his honesty but that was who he was. In a way, Patch was almost asking if they were okay.

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Vinny shook his head, "No. When you're bonded to someone...You'll know." He frowned closing his eyes fro a second. "No. Just hungover." He made a face, "I hate getting secondhand drunk." Vinny sighed drinking more soda, but pushing the rest of the food away.

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alli (cross) | 140 comments "tell them to drink alot of cofee and next time tell them to drink water before bed"she said turning around

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Vinny looked over at Raven again, "Just because I don't like it, doesn't mean they feel the same way." He shrugged, "Besides, I don't really tell my bond-mate what to do." Vinny hated using the word imprint

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alli (cross) | 140 comments "im sorrry i was just trying to help"she turned and walked away

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Vinny sighed, "Great. Made her upset." He ran his fingers through his hair, trashing the rest of the soda. He'd rather wait for blood from someone else, than drink anything else.

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch flashed a quick grin at Vinny and laughed softly. "Hangover huh? So they enjoy the drinks and you pay for it later. Must be nice to be imprinted." He said sarcastically, almost sneering. Patch watched the girl walk away with uninterested eyes. He shrugged and just grunted. "Baby." He hated over-sensitive people. But if it was only that simple to get rid of a few other people.

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Vinny chose to ignore the sarcasm. "Naw. They're usually better, but last night was..." Vinny tilted his head, "You're not with anyone yet?" He asked. Usually, when someone imprinted, they didn't make fun of someone else's blood donater. "Aren't you a fifth former?" He asked, looking away

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Vixen  | 196 comments Patch's face turned neutral again, his eyes green eyes going flat. He didnt get what the big deal was with imprinting. Waste of time. Who would want that extra person to watch over, to add to whatever problems you had at the time. Patch didnt want to rely on anyone and had no interest in having others rely on him as well. "Yeah, and?" He asked, his lips already forming into a scowl.

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Vinny looked him over, "Do you remember the first time you try pot, and at first, it's like, this is kinda lame, and then all the sudden, everything seems to change, and get better?" Vinny leaned back, "That's kinda what it's like. When their with you...It's addicting and hard to stop." He shrugged tapping his fingers against the table

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Rose walked into the cafeteria with a bored expression on her face. She went and sat at a booth headphones still on listening to paramore. She looked around not spotting anything to instresting. She closed her eyes and tapped her hand on the table in sync with the beat.

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Vinny looked up at some other kid. Everyone seemed to be younger than him, and it was a bit annoying.

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Rose saw someone staring and she slipped on her sunglasses. She usually did it when she did t want people to know she was looking at them directly. She looked the guy up and down and from the way he presented himself she automatically thought he was an asshole. She shrugged to herself cranking her music up louder on her ipod.

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