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The Alphae Magic School is the only magic school known in The MainLand. All five villages study here.
The start age of students at Alphae are 13. There are 7 years of study for students. The subjects are WandWork, Defence Against Black Magic, Care for Magie (Magical Animals), Jardinale(Plants), Futureology(Divination), MudEd(Muddle Education), Astrology, Calculi, and Sculptry & Art. There are five Houses: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon.

Are ambitious and smart. They are hardworking but sometimes cold. They are great in extra-curricular activities but not in MudEd. Their dorms are located in one of the highest towers.

Are loyal and brave. They have great determination but sometimes easily pissed off. They are great in academics but are just good on extra-curricular activities. Their dorms are located somewhere behind a painting in the second floor.

Are selfless but wild. They are sometimes a troop of rule-breakers when they feel victory. They are great in self-defence although not at all times using it because it is considered 'for self'. Their dorms are somewhere near a group of knights paintings.

Are brave and bold. They are nature-loving people. They love Magies and Jardinaes. They are sometimes secretive. Their dorms are located 2 floors under the basement.

Are true and just. They are trustworthy people and mostly pompous. They are a bit fussy about school rules. Their dorms are located somewhere near the Entrance Hall.

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What are they called,Erylla?Are they like species or houses?

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It is said above: Houses.

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Got it!

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Sherri (fabledhattress) Where's the description for Deltas?? O.o

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OH I FORGOT! Thanks for reminding XD

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Sherri (fabledhattress) Lol! No problem :D

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I thinkbill be a beta

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