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Never Ending Story 2
Elizabeth Elizabeth Jun 13, 2012 07:21PM
Let's actually let this one make sense. NO EXTREMLY RANDOM STUFF.

write a senctence or two and make a story

Lena sat looking out the window at the dark clouds gathering in the sky, knowing that something horrible was going to happen.

*This story is not IN ORDER!!!! Jut thought id let ya know :)*

She realized he was carrying the pizzas she ordered, so she paid him and started to eat her dinner alone.

Meet me in the dark ally behind king soopers i have something important to give you

She tried to run away but.....

...? Why not...

I woke up in a start in my bed this dream has been haunting her since she met Derek which is pretty weird to calm herself down she went to check on her big brother it always comes her knowing a big brother army & navy trained brother was in the Same house when she was down she went back to the room and looked from the window and there was Derekk walking on the street which isnt surprising since he live next door?!

i tell a tale that once starred few, i ate the others now im coming for you, im sure you will run, i know you will hide, but i can see your demise, ill find you, whatever it takes.
She backed up suddenly with a gasp,....

"you'll mever be safe"

"Meet me in the Courtyard at midnight. I'll be waiting for you."
Lena felt her heart sink. At midnight she would be 16..

It doesn't work doing a story when it's in the format of a question... The responses aren't placed in order.

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