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Meryl Landau (meryldavidslandau) | 808 comments Mod
Thanks for your great comments on part one of the book!

I accidentally thought there were three parts to the book (there are actually four), so I only read through the second part. Here are some prompts for part two only, which is a bit less than the next third. We'll do parts three and four and the whole book next week. Again, answer any, all, or none, and feel free to comment about anything else in this section.

1) In this section, Stephanie both admits to her lesbian love affair and finds out her beloved mentor, Sybille, has cancer. How did you think both of these were handled by Mitchell?

2) Much of this section is taken up with Graciela's story: her affair with baseball player Jacob Lander and her subsequent reuniting--and, ultimately, beating--by her L.A. boyfriend, Daryl. Well done, or too much? And what do you think about the ending of this section: that Daryl went out the bathroom window, despite there being no fire escapes there.

3) In this chapter, Lee gives Graham a chance--or does she? Despite having dinner with him, she seems to have decided David Todd is for her all along. Any change in who you're rooting for?

4) Katherine befriends and teaches Imani's niece how to sew, after Imani fires her for her incompetence. How do you feel about Renay? Think she deserved to be fired? Are you rooting for her to find herself through Katherine's affection, or does she irritate you enough that you wish she was sent home?

5) What do you think about this Flo & Glow festival? Remind you of any yoga festivals you've been to or heard about?

Anything else you want to say about this section?


Ticia | 6 comments Daryl jumping out the window was a little too over the top. It just didn't seem plausible. I am feeling like Rain should commit to writing an 800 page book in stead of a 400 page book. The number of characters and the complex issues they are dealing with require more time to develop. The fact that this book is so short, Rain has to do crazy things like have people jump out windows to bring a little closure.
All of that aside, I still love this book. Reading it has become a guilty pleasure.

Lisa | 40 comments I personally thought that Daryl would have been more confrontational vs. jumping out a window in that situation. I can't wait until the next book to see how Graciela is doing after all that has happened.

I don't think that Lee was giving Graham a chance at all, she seemed like it was a "chore" to go to dinner with him. Hope she gives him a real chance someday.

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