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Eh bien?

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message 1: by Rozzer (new)

Rozzer New publisher? What books? Authors? Titles? People? Anybody home?

message 2: by Christian (new)

Christian Adam (christianrib) | 4 comments Apparemment l'idee etait bonne, mais la motivation n'etait pas au RV... Dommage.

message 3: by Christian (new)

Christian Adam (christianrib) | 4 comments Here's a new book. Actually the French Translation of The Rise of the Destroyer, by A.R. Voss and M.D. Busnell. The French Title is: L'Emergence de L'Aneantisseur", Published on 9/13/13. I am currently working on the translation of the second volume of the series: "Voyage a Khodara".

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