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Allieshae Allieshae Jun 13, 2012 01:29PM
I need some question ideas for discussion that would be directed to young adults (high school) about this book. They need to be critical thinking questions, not just find-the-answer-in-the-book type. Any suggestions? I would appreciated any help!

I like the concept that Angels are just another being and it was humans who glorified them into a being of heavens/gods and goodness.

How can misperseption change an outcome?
the humans watching Akiva, his angel brother and sister in a standoff with Karou. Who will the police shoot first just by judging the characters?

What would you wish for? Why does Brimstone chastise Karou for frivolous wishes? Why does Brimstone not make any wishes and what do you think he wants most of all?

If you could open a door to anywhere in the world, where would it open to?

I'd ask a question like, "What makes a person unique?" With all the various incarnations, you'd wonder if they lose a piece of themselves along the way.

J Oct 24, 2012 01:43PM   0 votes
Rebecca and Samantha posed two good topics for writing. I teach writing so I thought of the following writing topics:

Curiosity has gotten to Izil (pg. 85) and I would run a List of quotes on curiosity and have the students choose a quote to write over or there are so many idioms related to curiosity that maybe they could make a colorful idiom poster.

Have the students write about how too much knowledge and the power of knowledge can be burdensome.

Are you overcome by a shadow today over wishing for something that you now regret?

All of these are based on passages given on page 85.

deleted member Jul 22, 2012 04:13PM   0 votes
Who's the real bad guy in this book? Was there one? Were their actions understandable?

I'm not to great with discussion questions, but to me, all of the characters had reasons that justified their actions- at least to a certain degree, which is part of what made the book so awesome. It's probably a good theme to make people think about- that no one was really just evil.

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