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Karl Vadaszffy | 3 comments Hi all,

I hope you are well. Thank you for checking out my post.

My crime fiction has received very gratifying reviews from bestselling authors, both in the UK and the US. Here's some information about the books they have reviewed and praised. If you read my work, I'd be thrilled to hear from you ( Full information about both books is on my Goodreads page. There's also more on my website.

Michael Dobbs, bestselling author of House of Cards and Churchill's War, has said this about me:
'Karl Vadaszffy is just the sort of writer we should encourage – young, ambitious and creative.'

John Simmons is en route to London with his girlfriend, Jennie Michaels, whom he intends to propose to that evening. He pulls into the London Gateway Services, leaving Jennie in the car. But when he returns, she has disappeared. Frantic with worry, he turns to the police for help. The police doubt that Jennie exists: there is no trace that she ever existed.

John, convinced Jennie was not a figment of his imagination, sets out in a desperate attempt to find the woman he fell in love with. He has the help of Detective Sergeant Kate Nielsen, herself haunted by a botched undercover operation that led to her being raped four years earlier.

Everything he can remember of Jennie – where she worked, where she lived – turns out to be untrue. Nielsen, following John as he lurches from one lead to another, begins to wonder if Jennie could be the eleventh victim of a serial killer. Their investigation becomes increasingly urgent and threatens to bring back dark and murky images from Nielsen’s past.


'Karl Vadaszffy's The Missing is a terrifying and perplexing debut mystery, spare and fast-paced with a terrific ending. I wouldn't be surprised if it spawns a DS Kate Nielsen series.'
Glenn Cooper, bestselling author of Library of the Dead and The Book of Secrets

'Karl Vadaszffy delivers a real treat in The Missing, a thriller written with the passion and intensity of a master storyteller. Mystery, action, a flawed but determined protagonist, this book has it all. I’m a fan of Karl’s skill.'
Matt Hilton, author of Dead Men's Dust and Judgement and Wrath (Joe Hunter thrillers)

'A mystery that grips, provokes and most definitely causes the spine to tingle. Nothing is as it seems in this suspense-laden tale, the pith darkening on each exquisitely written page. The Missing moves at a relentless pace, taking the reader on a journey into the twisted mind of a very dark soul. A spellbinding thriller.'
C.M. Palov, author of The Templar’s Quest and The Templar's Code.

'A thriller to make your pulse race. Desperation and frustration stain the pages – a cracking good read.'
James Becker, author of The First Apostle and The Moses Stone

'The Missing plunges you into a nightmare scenario worthy of Harlan Coben at his best. However, this is more than a suspense novel, it is a perceptive and intriguing human drama. All the interactions ring true and the characters – even the monsters – are always believable.'
Elly Griffiths, author of The Crossing Places and The Janus Stone

'The Missing is a fast and compelling book, by turns tender and brutal, with a pounding sense of approaching crisis. The author's command of the scenes is impressive.'
Patrick Lennon, author of Steel Witches and Corn Dolls

'The Missing is a nightmare of a book, triggering a reader's darkest fears and keeping him in a state of tension from the first page until the last.'
Thomas Perry, author of Silence and Strip

'Karl Vadaszffy's The Missing is a superior thriller, at once an exercise in vicarious paranoia and a horrifyingly convincing look into the mind of a killer. It's a shame Hitchcock isn't around to film it, it's exactly the kind of story he did best.'
Scott Phillips, author of The Ice Harvest and The Walkaway

Sean, born out of incest, is taken from his drug-addicted prostitute mother at the tender age of eight. But after years of neglect and abuse, all the tenderness has long been beaten out of him, leaving behind only a deformed soul. Foster families can’t handle him, but he meets his match when he is taken in by the Andersons. Life seems normal. But when a passionate tryst with his foster sister ends in violence, the comfortable life Sean has come to see as his own is over and he must learn to fend for himself.

Alone, desperate and fighting for survival, Sean’s urges become uncontrollable and violent. His sins go too far. A broken individual, haunted by the darkest of dreams, he finds solace in the drug world.

It is in the arms of love that Sean’s life finds a new beginning and, for the first time, he learns what happiness is. But he is unaware that his past is preparing to make a surprise reappearance.

'A great study in warped psychology and its roots.'
Sophie Hannah, bestselling author of Little Face and The Other Half Lives

'Sometimes pitch-black, occasionally gut-wrenching, but always exquisitely written, Full of Sin is a whirlwind of emotion, violence and pain - underlaid with a hope for redemption and a cry for forgiveness. Karl Vadaszffy has delivered an extraordinary book with a denouement that comes at you like a sucker-punch to the solar plexus.'
Matt Hilton, author of Dead Men's Dust and Judgement and Wrath (Joe Hunter thrillers)

'Accomplished, challenging writing, which is visceral, dark and raw.'
Karen Campbell, author of The Twilight Time and After the Fire

'A darkly disturbing tale. Karl Vadaszffy paints a compelling picture of violence, betrayal and perhaps ultimate redemption in a world where twisted minds collide. A thought-provoking and unsettlingly good first novel.'
James Becker, author of The First Apostle and The Moses Stone

'A darkly exhilarating book which takes the reader on a switchback of violence and compassion, by a writer who knows how to touch some very raw nerves.'
Patrick Lennon, author of Steel Witches and Corn Dolls

'Full of Sin is one of the best thrillers I’ve read this year. Dark, frightening, twisted, but also a story overflowing with compassion and hope. Vadaszffy’s debut is well told and a remarkable achievement reminiscent of early James Ellroy.'
Robert Ellis, author of City of Fire and The Lost Witness

'An encouraging debut – Karl has a strong, passionate voice as a writer.'
Cathy Kelly, author of Lessons in Heartbreak and Homecoming

'Full of Sin is the narrative of the later life of an abused and neglected child. It is original and perceptive, and while the story is tragic, it illustrates that human resilience can bring about the possibility of redemption.'
Thomas Perry, author of Silence and Strip

'Full Of Sin is a worrying look at a way of life that can be seen in every dark corner of every city in the UK. Putting the soul on the page, describing in vivid and beautifully-realised detail the pain behind every thought and act of our flawed hero, Karl Vadaszffy has created something beautiful, disturbing and genuinely thought-provoking. It's a bold novel and takes a bold reader to cling on until the end... but that reader will be rewarded with one of the most heartbreakingly honest books of the last ten years.'

I hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to post below.

Best wishes to all,
Karl Vadaszffy

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Karl Vadaszffy | 3 comments The Missing has been reduced to £1.99/$3.08 as an eBook on Amazon for a limited time.

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Karl Vadaszffy | 3 comments And now The Missing is FREE to download from Amazon - until Sunday.

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