The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1) The Iron King question

Is this is a good series?
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I have never tried Faerie books before and I was never interested in the Wicked Lovely series. Then I came across this series and now feel like reading it. But before that I want to know if all the books in it are good or if they went downhill later on?

YES!! So good!

Not the best books ever.

I loved them!!!! Read them all in less than a week!

Yes!!!! You should totally read them

YES!!!! they are so worth reading! But once you read the first, and liked it. Then make sure you get the next 3 fast. Because, it is the worst to wait a week or two until you can get the next...(happened to me) and I was dying to find out what ash would do next!


Definitely! I wasn't all that interested in the fey before I read this series, but now I am! I am really hard to please when it comes to books, but this series really is well-written and interesting (my favourite series!)

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yes u should read it....i love the character grimalkin!!

Yes, I really enjoyed the series.

These series are by far the greatest of all time!You will simply fall in love with this first book. Ash is absolutely to die for, Grimalkin gives me a chuckle whenever I read his words, and Puck eh he isn't really my favorite character because he started to steal Meghan from Ash but i can live with him. The Iron Knight was a bit of a disappointment but the The Iron King, The Iron Daughter, and The Iron Queen were merely exquisite! Completely and utterly to die for! I recommend this to teens willing to be swooned off your feet!

YES they are really good, not my favorite books out there (My favs are all dystopian and medievil) but still really good.

YESSS!! In my Fairy Books catagory, definitely YES! Unless, you are not the romance type, at all.

the best book ever!!!!


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