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Ash or Puck?!?!

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Lady Light Team Puck because Puck is a cities and he makes me laugh out loud of his funny comments. I mean I felt sorry for Puck being rejected but at least he's open for to date. ;)

Elizabeth Ash, Puck got on my nerves CONSTANTLY, he jokes around too much.

Lady Light Elizabeth wrote: "Ash, Puck got on my nerves CONSTANTLY, he jokes around too much."

Yeah you right but you got to give him some credit Puck was funny didn't he made you laugh just a little.

Lady Light Yeah you right ky opinion about Puck being a friend and a boyfriend changed constantly. Puck did lighten up the mood went it almost went moody. Puck and Ash are like the opposite since Ash is always serious which does make him cute but I hated when he was so cruel all of a sudden but Puck gave me hope and happiness.

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Oz I like both Ash and Puck but if forced to chose I think I would say Ash because he risks his life for her. I would say Puck but he's more of the funny prtective best freind not boyfreind.

Charissa Sophia de la Rosa I'm Team Ash. Ash and Meghan's love are a true one and no matter how many obstacles they have to face just to be together, they still ended up together. They finished the race successfully and claimed their award: to be with each other for eternity. Isn't it romantic? XD

message 7: by Kim (new) - rated it 5 stars

also even though Meaghan chouse ASh Puck was always there at ASh's and Meaghan's side when they needed it


Cyndi Goodgame ASH! ASH! ASH! Go TEAM ASH! Serious is better. Goofy is just a guy you know!!!

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message 11: by Mimi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mimi I vote Puck, because Ash is sometimes a jerk. Puck is super supportive, funny, and just amazing all around.

Monica Puck bc he has a sense of humor and a pulse

Natalie Ash because he has a mysterious side to him.

Darlene Puck :)

Cyndi Goodgame Ash- the mysterious bc he always has a mystery for me to sole.

message 16: by Aman (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aman Ash!!! Puck tries to joke about almost everything and i find that kind of annoying!! TEAM ASH ALL THE WAY

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Mara Smith Ash is so amazing, Puck is her best friend, They are well in the friend zone! no way are those to made for each other but her and Ash are sooo good together

Sarah Ann PUCK. I love Puck. Like so much. Ash is ehh..

Im reading the Iron Queen right now,
and I really still don't like Ash. I want her to be with Puck!!

Sabrine Sarah wrote: "PUCK. I love Puck. Like so much. Ash is ehh..

Im reading the Iron Queen right now,
and I really still don't like Ash. I want her to be with Puck!!"

No No No! You've got it all wrong girlfriend Ash yummy and amazing puck eww! Lol:)

Ashley I love Puck!!!! He's just sooooooo sweet!!! And he actually HAS a sense of humor. He is so dedicated to Meghan. And even though he deserved one, he didn't get his own book. So what Ash wanted a stupid soul?? Puck didn't get a happy ending. Final reason: PUCK IS CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

(Please no negative comments, this is just MY opinion and no amount of arguing with Ash fans will change that)

Olumide Puck all the way

message 22: by Cady (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cady ASH! :)

PasoMaddie ASH!! I AM COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH ASH! But Puck is so funny.

Josey ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Kayla we can fight about this till our heads turn purple but we alll know tht puck reins supreme. ;)

message 26: by Nikki (last edited Jul 16, 2012 06:56AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nikki Sojkowski I only read the first book which I literally JUST finished lol. I liked Puck, he was really funny and his comments always Made me laugh. BUT Ash was my favorite since she glimpsed him in the night during her bus ride home with Puck. He was just awesome and I'm really only going to read the rest of the series to read more Ash.

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Kate TEAM ASH!!!!!!! total bad boy alert

Ashley Kayla wrote: "we can fight about this till our heads turn purple but we alll know tht puck reins supreme. ;)"

You got that right! =)

ضحى الحداد I am team puck because he is willing to do everything for her " even come back from the dead " ash is nice but he is too dramatic , I think what a girl need is some humor in her life :)

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B L Jones I liked Puck because funny is attractive to me, always has been, but i also have to say bad boy is my weakness, although its not as if Puck was exactly the 'nice' guy either, i mean he was Robin Goodfellow the famous trickster and he did have his vicious moments too, so, im torn, i think Ash can be with Meghan and i will have Puck... it's only fair ;) xxx

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Majo I can't decide!!! I love both characters: Puck is so funny, carryng and loyal, and such a good friend,he's soooooo sexy and I love his mischievous smile...but Ash is mysterious,also really carryng, romantic, sweet, hot as hell (and ironically he's the Winter Prince). So...I CAN´T DECIDE!!!!!!!! :'(

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Kate ASH FOREVER!!!!!!

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Love Puck but Team Ash all the way:)

QianWen Puck is attractive, funny kinda nice and stuff, but i think that MEGHAN had a strong bond with Ash, not because he's hot or cute or whatever but because Ash had saved Meghan countless times and Puck was just a person sent by the king to protect Meghan.

I feel really happy for Ash and Meghan. They are a great couple and i wish the best for them!!! <3

Chisom gosh why can't i say both at the same time. the exact opposites complete each other and that's exactly what they are and what they did throughout the whole series that's why i not only want both but well.... both!

Arshi I think Ash is awesome....Puck is fine as a best friend but so not good as a boyfriend.he's funny though...

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas Catarina wrote: "Ok this is based on the full series. It was really hard at times to pick, but by the end of the second book I was totally Team Ash. And I can tell you why but I want to discuss this. Who's team wer..."


Kashi12;p Monica wrote: "Puck bc he has a sense of humor and a pulse"

They all have pulses 0_0 The full faeries just dont have souls

Kashi12;p ASH cuz ther's just something about that broody dark and mysterious character!

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas ash though i wish puck a happy ending

Koleen Hansen I don’t like ether one as a couple Ash and Meghan or puck and Meghan I just didn’t like any of them as coupling anyway and I thought it was not going to a love story until I read the second book and I guess I still think of there is no love triangle is the book
I did not came to that thought about it that way in all reality I did like puck so puck I spouse

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Briarwolf  Baby Puck. I liked who Ash was becoming by the end of the third book, but he still doesn't have nearly as much personality. Also, Ash mopes too much whereas Puck can take things in stride. He has a much better sense of humor and is a lot more resilient. Yes, a lot of his tricks go to far but he is awfully old, he needs some way to amuse himself :). And, he is loyal and fun and very smart.

Eriel puck. if you were walking in either territory would you like to run into ash or puck?

liebling_rue <---Puck to the very end lol

Claire Ash.

Cheska ASH!! Puck is fun to be with but i choose Ash!! <333

Anita Ash - no doubt about it

message 48: by Ria (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ria ash for meghan! but i probably would have picked a fight with him in the first 2 minutes after i met him. i personally would have picked puck for me......

Roelien Ash all the way, puck is sweet but ash has an edge and I like that :)

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Maud I don't know! I have a very hard time to pick.
I love Ash for him being so mysterious and he listens and doesn't make a joke about it all, you know he will take you serious.
And I love Puck because he is the happy guy, the comic relief and you can rely on him when you need him.
I have only read the first book so I will wait until I have read the others before I choose my favorite.

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