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Tristan? or Gabriel?

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Cecilia Tristan! He loved Scarlet first and it was just circumstances that tore them apart. I loved him in his original life so so much.

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K Tristan :) (view spoiler)

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S. Agree with Kala

and I know Gabriel's a nice guy and all... but TRISTAN is all consuming! the guy is one bad-ass, sexy-as-sin, vulnerable and loving guy. And if you haven't read Awry, then you haven't seen Tristan's and Scarlet's love yet.. it's beautiful.

Kiersten Tristan! no questions asked. The way the fell in love and then where torn he is bad ass and has a consuming love for Scarlet. Gabriel is nice but can hold a candle to Tristan.

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Stormy Tristan Archer! No competition.

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Tristan is so selfless and amazing. I am in love with his immortal hotness. I loved the flashbacks of him when he was a lighter, freer spirit. One flashbacks in particular is my favorite and that's the one that reveals just how close Scarlet and Tristan got in the last life. Boy, that was hot. I also loved the flash back that explains his hot tattoo. So freaking sweet.

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Is this even a fair question? Tristan is Scarlet's and she is his...just like it was in the beginning. Those two were made for each other damnit. This whole staying away from each other for the good of it is killing me...

Rachael Jade Annear Tristan.
Enough said.


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Rachael wrote: "Tristan.
Enough said.


Yep pretty much.

Jennifer Tristen . I wish he was realll :)

Cindy I dont even know how someone could consider gabriel over tristan....

Lindsay Tristan and I agree with Kala's spoiler too. :) At least that is what I hope happens.

Valerie Z Tristan. But I kind of hate if Gabriel end up with Heather :\

Sharon Gabriel would have never pursued her like Tristan did; going to her house and bringing her food. He truly has a kind soul.
Tristan is the one and ONLY.
Once their curse is broken Gabriel's heart can move on.

Kings Daily Delights Tristan she belonged to him first and gabriel just expects tristan to get over it like it never happened. whatever the only reason you even got a chance to love her was because of tristan

Melanie I agree as well. But clearly there is more to the story as it unfolds. My gut tells me that since Tristan's sheer proximity to her is what has decided their current fate. He gets it, if he gives in and gets close, she dies, if Gabriel gets close, she is okay. They both love her and want her to live so they can end the curse, but it is a no win for either Archer in this case. My hope is that once they stop the curse Gabriel will realize he is free to find someone to love so that Tristan and Scar can be together finally!

Natasha everyone for team Tristan!

Afiya Tristan

Bookzlove Tristan duh and once the curse is broken i think Gabriel and Heather are going to get together.

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M. Tristan, of course. At a certain point in the book I was ready to start hating Gabriel, but after reading what happened to him and Scarlet I totally started to see him under a different light. I want him to be free to love whomever he wants. And I think Chelsea is pointing him towards Heather. To be honest, I don't mind. I like Heather and her over the top ways. I think they would make a cute couple.

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Christina Tristan! It's obvious how much he loves her, that's he is willing to suffer so much and continue to try to stay away from her when it's literally killing him proves that. I've been
wondering why Gabriel has no idea about the history of the tattoo. Makes me think he may not know a lot about how much Tristan really loves Scar. ( I also love that Tristan is the only one that calls her by that nickname)

♥ Sarah If Tristan and Scar doesn't have a happy ending, I'm going to be REALLY upset!! I'm team Tristan ALL the way! I <3 our hunter!!

Sarah Ann Tristan, obviously. Everything he does is for Scarlet. I was team Tristan from the beginning. Hunter, MMM. Swoon.

I honestly think Gabriel and Heather are going to end up together. They'd be cute.

But Tristan and Scar, should be together. Totally.

Tarni TRISTAN!!!
he deserves Scarlet way more than Gabriel. they are like, soul mates. they just work together and they are perfect. in oringinal life, they were so cute together!!

Casey Tristan, hands down! I can see Gabriel and Heather together once the curse is broken. Also, I screamed at Tristan and Scar the whole book. Seriously, if they wanted to talk without risking the chances of getting too close, why didn't they pick up a damn cell phone. At least that way they could talk without risking anything. Idk, just my little piece of neglected advice.

Christina Casey wrote: "Tristan, hands down! I can see Gabriel and Heather together once the curse is broken. Also, I screamed at Tristan and Scar the whole book. Seriously, if they wanted to talk without risking the chan..."

I kind of got the feeling Tristan didn't want to talk to Scar all that much. Like talking to her and not being able to be with her was too painful for him.

Meredith Tristan all the way!!!!

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Hi Catarina: Reading and Things wrote: "Team Tristan all the way, especially since the second book. The things he endured and faced for Scarlett is amazing. And after reading Awry Gabriel has some serious makin up to do. The way he acted..."

HE so have to make it up to Tristan for raging on him when he thought Scarlet had died !!!! It obviously isn't Tristan's fault that Scarlet got in the way when the arrow was intended for TRISTAN to freaking sacrifice himself for her life. Ugh Gabriel is so unreasonable and annoying.

Medha Tristan all the way....Hey!!!


June Ramsey Tristan!!! I mean from the moment of the kiss festival in Anew when Scarlet saw the guy in black I was head over heals in love with how amazing he was described and then during the other books the things he does for her you just want to scream and ask if you can pluck him right out of the book ugh. Anyway I'm not finished book three but if they don't get together I might just write to the author and demand the book to be changed. Yes I feel bad for Gabriel but COME ON TEAM TRISTAN!!!

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