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message 1: by Jewelz (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:23AM) (new)

Jewelz (galijewelz) | 2 comments Hi girls!!

Looking for new friends! I love to read and love the book by John Saul called the Darkness. But, anyways, I am guilia and i am 26...i just joined this cool site tonight!! I am from mass!

message 2: by Eliana (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:06PM) (new)

Eliana | 1 comments i'm new as well!! i just joined last night. i'm 14 and love any and all books. looking for new friends as well oh i'm eliana and i live in nm

message 3: by Logain2000 (new)

Logain2000 | 1 comments انا كمان عضوة جديدة واحب اكتسب صداقلت بس انا ملاحظة ان الكتابة دائما بالانجليزية لية احنا لازم نتعلم انجليزى والاجانب مش هما كمان يتعلموا عربى؟. احب اعرف الرد لو فية اى حد مهتم بالموضوع

message 4: by Shemo (new)

Shemo | 7 comments اهلا بيكى واكيد احنا لازم نتكلم عربي بس عشان في ناس معانا مش بيعرفوا عربي فاحنا كنا بنتكلم انجليزى

message 5: by Sara (new)

Sara (saraahmed) | 1 comments hey.. I am a new member in this from egypt and im 14..I am very happy to join this group;D;D

message 6: by Alaa (new)

Alaa (alaaelnagdi) | 3 comments للي عايزين يتكلموا عربي أنا آلاء و عندي 18 سنة و بحب القراية و واضح من انضمامي للموقع ده.
So in English too, my name is Alaa and I'm 18. I love books and reading everything and to anyone.

message 7: by Sama (new)

Sama | 1 comments hi girls,
I'm sama from egypt and I'm 21.

I love reading and intresting in goining this grop

message 8: by Dawlat (new)

Dawlat | 1 comments hi girls i am so happy cause i found this amazing site and joining this lovely group,looking for friends to share opinions about books and discuss it with each other either in english or arabic..

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